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The 5 Best Iconic Looks Of Aamir Khan To Recall

The 5 Best Iconic Looks Of Aamir Khan To Recall

Aamir Khan fashion

Why is Aamir Khan said to as the perfectionist of Bollywood? He is a master of all trades and completely commits to whatever part he plays on screen, which is why.

The Best 5 iconic looks of Aamir khan

Along with his performance, he constantly changes up his appearance in each movie, which frequently sticks in the audience’s memory and is imitated by large numbers of people even years later.

1. The Popular PK Look

His appearance speaks for the roles he portrays, whether it be in Mangal Pandey with his magnificent mustache or in PK with his alien-like attire.

Aamir Khan fashion
Aamir Khan fashion images

Many Indian guys have copied certain styles from his films, which have since become significant trends. On the occasion of the actor’s 57th birthday, here is a look back at some of the most iconic looks from his motion pictures that became major fads.

2. Dil Chahata hai look

We could finance Aamir Khan’s upcoming film if we had a penny for each time we spotted a man walking down the street sporting the same goatee that he sported in Dil Chahta Hai. Many of the movie’s fashion choices were excellent, but Aamir’s goatee and short, spiky hair really stuck out.

3. The Raghu look

Currently, nautical fashion is huge, but Aamir adopted it before it was fashionable. Raghu, the character he played in Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, had a distinct sense of style. His trademark look included a navy cap, which at the time became so common in the neighborhood shops. It was desired by all.

Men flocked to the barbershops in droves after seeing the movie poster to obtain buzz cuts similar to Aamir’s. Funny since he wasn’t trying to fit in with a hairdo fad. After suffering head injuries in the movie, the character develops this appearance. Aamir launched it by accident, but it quickly became huge!

4. The simple look of Fanna

Aamir is the only person who can make an ordinary stole appear fashionable, as evidenced by his appearance in the movie Fanaa. He is a tour guide and is dressed in a shirt, a denim jacket, and an eccentric stole over his neck. This style became recognizable and brought back the stole in menswear.

Aamir Khan fashion
Aamir Khan fashion images

He played a carefree, witty, and stylish character in the movie, and as a result, his appearance fit that of a young college student. He once again changed up his hairstyle and sported untidy, curly, a little longer hair that was too cool for school and quickly became the style that college-bound boys most often imitated.

5. Aamir Khan Fashion- Lal Singh Chadha

Aamir Khan always does the role he plays on screen full justice if there is one thing that has been constant about him. Not only that, but he also knows how to play the game when it comes to fashion. He always dresses to impress in timeless silhouettes.

Aamir Khan fashion
Aamir Khan fashion images

In Chandigarh, Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are hard at work filming scenes for their upcoming movie Laal Singh Chaddha. The movie still has been leaked, and fans are going crazy over it despite the fact that the film is scheduled to be out in 2020.

With his long, thick beard, Aamir is making a statement. Additionally, the lilac Pagdi gives him more oomph in terms of appearance. But did you see his attire? He is wearing a checkered shirt and high-waisted jeans, giving off the perfect “uncle Ji” impression. Isn’t this exactly how our fathers would dress in their ensemble? We agree with this.

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Summing up:

Furthermore, he is receiving praise from his followers throughout the internet, who are astonished that he managed to pull off this appearance with such style.

It’s clear from this image that he truly changed for the film. It’s a remake of the Hollywood film Forrest Gump, if you’re wondering what Laal Singh Chaddha is about. As in the 1994 Hollywood version, the first trailer for the film featured a feather in the sky.

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