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Big Boss 16 Fame Abdu Rozik Best Looks Ruling The Internet

Big Boss 16 Fame Abdu Rozik Best Looks Ruling The Internet

  • Abdu Rozik is one of the most popular names across the globe. This young talent has earned a great name and reputation and is currently winning hearts by being a apart of Big Boss 16.
Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozik, a singer based in Tajikistan, has an insane fan base all over the world. He recently traveled to India for the first time and performed at the wedding reception of AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija.

And joining the list of this 18-year-old artist’s followers are not just ordinary people like you and me but also an unending roster of famous people, including Virat Kohli, Salman Khan, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Best Abdu Rozik Outfits trending on internet 

Abdu Rozik, the smallest vocalist in the world, is charismatic and adds to the allure of the situation with his sharp sense of style. Here are 5 instances where Abdu Rozik demonstrated that style is not confined to a person’s height or physically distorted features.

1. How to Suit Up in Style

Abdu Rozik
Abdu Rozik pictures

Rozik just won the Midday Celebrity Influencer of The Year 2022 award, and for the big event, he wore a timeless navy blue striped suit. Along with the suit, he accessorized with a pastel pink shirt and tassel-adorned shoes.

2. Jackets & Jumpers FTW

The social media celebrity frequently appears wearing zany jackets and sweaters when out and about. We think this zipper jacket with a large word design in a pleasing beige color has a killer style fit.

3. Never Has Denim on Denim Looked So Cool

Abdu Rozik
Abdu Rozik pictures

Abdu Rozik recently visited India and met the famous duo Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. He dressed casually in denim on denim for the meeting. He styled the ensemble by pairing his slip-on shoes with a plain cream T-shirt.

4. Some Bling, Please, Yes!

The singer looked stunning in a sparkling jacket for another appearance in India, which was an award ceremony. In order to add a degree of drama to his classic costumes, he is frequently seen accessorizing with hats.

5. Coordination Sets: You Can Never Have Too Many

Abdu Rozik
Abdu Rozik pictures

Abdu is as crazy about co-ord settings as every other star. He has a wide variety of co-ord sets in his casual wardrobe, from those with solid-colored pants to those with shorts in hip designs.

Abdu Rozik, who stands 3 feet, 3.37 inches tall, is the world’s shortest vocalist and arguably the most trendy. The title role of Bhaijaan, formerly known as Kabhie Eid Kabhie Diwali, starring Salman Khan, has also been cast with Abdu. On December 30, 2022, the film will make its debut.

6. Best look of Abdu Rozik

Want something to brighten your day? Check out Tajik singer and online phenomenon Abdu Rozik’s Instagram account. Whether it’s a video to make us laugh or a happy snapshot with a celebrity, the musician, writer, and boxer never fails to make us smile.

Abdu Rozik, 18, living in Dubai with a UAE Golden Visa and has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram. It was nice to see Abdu when he dropped the office on March 22 to talk about a project that was important to him and the World Boxing Council belt he recently acquired.

What makes Abdu happy, considering how many people he makes happy with his posts and videos? He answers in a second, “My family.” They live in Tajikistan and depend on Abdu for income. Abdu had rickets as a child, which affected his growth, and he is now well-known on social media as allegedly the smallest professional vocalist in the entire world.

7. A vibrant personality

His charismatic presence made it impossible to avoid being influenced and to avoid grinning as you left the interview. Abdu’s sensitivity was also readily apparent as he urged people to be compassionate to those who were different and looked different. He emphasized his desire for those who resemble him to be accepted in the world of sport, particularly boxing.

Abdu has a soft spot for boxing. He entered our office wearing his World Boxing Council belt with pride, which the organization’s president, Mauricio Sulaimán, had just given to him.

Abdu is appreciative and delighted to have won such a renowned belt, despite the fact that he acknowledges that some people think his girth prevents him from playing sports seriously. In addition to fostering togetherness and mental health, he hopes to motivate others with his condition to take up boxing by using the honour to increase sport for hard-working individuals.

Abdu has a diverse personality, which is shown through both his social media posts and interactions with others. He sang a lovely performance of Dil Deewana for us after being asked to sing (from the 1989 Bollywood film Maine Pyar Kiya). His performance of the same music impressed actress Nora Fatehi when they met in Dubai. Abdu enjoys both Hindi music and Bollywood movies, and when asked who was his favorite Bollywood actor, he immediately said “Shah Rukh Khan.”

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Abdu started singing at a young age because of his beautiful voice. He clearly enjoys singing and delights in using his gift to make people happy.

Summing Up:

Abdu’s four siblings are now pursuing education, something he was unable to achieve, because of his success in overcoming all obstacles. In the end, he hopes to purchase a home for his family, raise awareness of his disease, and demonstrate that it is still possible to lead a regular life even in such circumstances.

The “UAE Flag of Hope” is Abdu’s most recent endeavor, and its goal is to surpass all other laser-printed flags as the largest in the world. The flag is a symbol of hope in the midst of the difficult times that people went through during the Covid pandemic, according to the singer’s management business,, which has invested in it.

Abdu hopes the flag, which has 6000 cubes and can fit an equivalent number of words, stimulates people to share their messages of optimism, the proceeds of which will be donated to charitable causes, because mental health was brought to light during this period. At Uptown Mirdif, it is currently on display.


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