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Top 20 Outfits From Ambani’s Son’s Wedding: A Fashion Extravaganza

Top 20 Outfits From Ambani’s Son’s Wedding: A Fashion Extravaganza

  • The Ambani wedding dresses were nothing less than magnificent, reflecting the event's grandeur and opulence. Each visitor brought their own flair to the party, displaying a variety of exquisite Ambani wedding clothes ranging from traditional lehengas to contemporary suits.
Ambani wedding outfits

Showing the perfect balance of technology and heritage among the wide variety of clothes, several gowns for Ambani’s wedding stood out. Ambani’s wedding was a big event, and the guests were satisfied with their extravagant and beautiful outfits. The wearer’s style is expressed by each dress while remaining true to the event’s extravagance and grandeur. The Ambani wedding gowns demonstrated the amazing talent and dedication to craftsmanship that went into producing these marvels, from delicate embroidery to soft and stylish fabrics. 

This blog looks into the best 20 Ambani wedding outfits. It focuses on their style, class and refinement. As we all are aware that the wedding took place at Ambani’s house was not only a love celebration but a stylish fashion show. The choices made by the visitors and Ambani loved ones themselves contributed to the overall magnificence of the party, making it a memorable moment for everybody. Each Ambani wedding gown presented a story of history, elegance, and flawless style, establishing a high bar to follow for subsequent ceremonies and style enthusiasts alike.

1. Radhika Merchant

Ambani wedding outfits
Top Outfits from the Ambani Wedding

Ambani’s wedding outfit of Radhika Merchant’s gown was nothing short of style. She wore a flashy golden traditional lehenga inspired by a crystal chandelier, which made her glow throughout the evening. The off-the-shoulder crystal statement blouse modernised the conventional look. Her multi-paneled lehenga skirt, embellished with Swarovski crystals, exemplified careful construction and attention to detail. This Ambani wedding outfit was the ideal blend of elegance and beauty, grabbing everyone’s attention. Radhika’s pick emphasised both heritage and current flair, making it one of the evening’s unforgettable Ambani wedding looks. 

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2. Anant Ambani

The groom’s Ambani wedding outfit was a royal-blue embroidered bandhgala suit that exudes luxury. Anant Ambani’s attire included elaborate zari threading crafted from real gold, emphasising his regal appearance. This costume enhanced the grandeur of the occasion. The rich, deep blue colour represents royalty, and the gold embroidery adds a touch of elegance. Anant’s Ambani wedding gown was a tribute to traditional workmanship and grandeur, making him look like a royal on his big day. It was an excellent choice for such a grandiose party.

3. Nita Ambani

Nita Ambani wore a custom-made bright pink lehenga by Falguni Shane Peacock, adorned with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds for her Ambani wedding. Her outfit was embellished with exquisite stones, conveying grandeur and beauty. She combined this exquisite lehenga with a diamond-studded matha patti, massive necklace, cascading jewellery, rings, and a stack of bangles to complete her elegant outfit. Nita’s Ambani wedding gown was the ideal combination of traditional and modern features, highlighting her immaculate taste plus the lavish lifestyle of the Ambani family & Wedding Gifts To Celebrate.

4. Isha Ambani Piramal

Isha Ambani Piramal wore a Schiaparelli royal blue handcrafted couture saree for her Ambani wedding. The deep blue colour, coupled with a silver blouse, made her look especially royal. She accessorised with gorgeous polki jewellery, giving her trendy saree a classic look. This Ambani wedding outfit was an excellent example of combining heritage with high elegance, letting Isha stand out. The complex design and sumptuous fabric emphasised the opulence of the event as well as Isha’s sophisticated style.

5. Deepika Padukone

Ambani wedding outfits
Most Elegant Groomswear at the Ambani Wedding

Deepika Padukone wore Torani’s custom-made organza purple saree at the Ambani wedding. Deepika’s gown is the best example of elegance and class combining it with sleek bun hairstyle. Deepika’s pick highlighted her timeless beauty and refined fashion sense, making her one of the most memorable attendees. The delicate cloth of saree and deep colour were complemented with unique golden jewellery. This Ambani wedding outfit was an excellent blend of history and innovation, reflecting the essence of the great occasion.

6. Alia Bhatt

Stylish Black outfit worn by Alia Bhatt in Ambani’s wedding was perfect for her function as a bridesmaid. Combine your outfit with a set of gorgeous earrings that adds a bit of style to the outfit, which was otherwise simple. Alia’s appearance was the perfect combination of sophistication and current flair, making it an excellent pick for the major occasion. This Ambani wedding gown showed her capability to transform a simple outfit into something gorgeous with the appropriate accessories, demonstrating her great fashion sense.

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7. Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor looked stunning at the Ambani wedding in a Manish Malhotra-designed blue mermaid-style lehenga. Combining her Ambani wedding outfit with a matching shiny blouse, enhances the splendour and glamour. The complex design and sparkling fabric distinguished her from the crowd. Janhvi’s outfit creates her face like an official fashion star. The outfit was the perfect combination of traditional and modern designs. This Ambani wedding dress displayed her youthful and lively taste.

8. Khushi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor wore a white Manish Malhotra lehenga set to the Ambani wedding, which exudes elegance and grace. She wore it with a dramatic diamond collar necklace, hoop earrings, and a white pearl handbag. The wedding outfit worn by Khushi at Ambani ‘s wedding was both modern and traditional, showing her ability to pull off elaborate patterns with ease.

9. Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan’s first Ambani wedding gown was a magnificent gold ensemble that exuded imperial glamour. The glistening silk and ancient design gave her the impression of royalty. Sara’s pick was a wonderful blend of luxury and elegance for the grand event. This Ambani wedding outfit demonstrated her ability to make a dramatic statement with her clothing, emphasising her fearless and elegant personality. The gold costume was the event’s centrepiece. 

10. Madhuri Dixit

Ambani wedding outfits
Stunning Bridal Outfits at the Ambani Wedding

Madhuri Dixit looked magnificent in her gold Ambani wedding outfit, which was the perfect combination of timeless beauty and grace. The dazzling gold cloth emphasised her graceful demeanour, letting her come out during the gathering. Madhuri’s selection highlighted her timeless style, demonstrating that conventional styles are never going out of style. This Ambani wedding dress demonstrated her great taste and ability to look stunning in any gown. The gold ensemble enhanced the occasion’s grandeur.

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11. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni wore a typical Ambani wedding suit, a white floral kurta and jacket, to the spectacular celebration. This suit showcased his elegant and refined style, which flawlessly blended tradition and contemporary. The intricate floral designs added an air of luxury to an otherwise plain attire. Dhoni’s Ambani wedding suit demonstrated his modest yet impactful design sense, making him a prominent guest at the event. The use of white emphasised purity and grace, which fit wonderfully with the spectacular celebration.

12. Sakshi Dhoni

Sakshi Dhoni wore an ivory lehenga that radiated beauty and grace during her Ambani wedding. The beautiful embroidery and understated hue made her appear otherworldly. She wore basic jewellery, enabling the ensemble to take centre stage. Sakshi’s Ambani wedding gown was an excellent mix of vintage and modern variables, emphasising her refined taste. Her white lehenga was both subtle and expensive, making her one of the best-dressed attendees at the event. Her pick complemented the luxury of the event while being gracefully simple. 

13. Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya made a dramatic statement at the Ambani wedding, wearing a black and white gradient sherwani gown featuring complex embellishments. This one-of-a-kind and fashionable suit emphasised his fashion-forward attitude and meticulous attention to detail. The ombre technique gave the classic sherwani a modern edge, making it an ideal choice for the great celebration. Hardik’s Ambani wedding suit was both distinctive and exquisite, demonstrating the capacity to stand out from the throng. His pick represented both his lively temperament and the splendour of the occasion.

14. Kunal Pandya

Kunal Pandya’s Ambani wedding attire was a classic sherwani in colours similar to his brother Hardik’s. The black and white suit included beautiful embroidery, which added beauty to the traditional design. Kunal’s costume fitted the overall tone of the event, demonstrating an ideal balance of heritage and contemporary. His Ambani wedding attire was fashionable and refined, making him a prominent guest. The synchronised outfit with his brother gave a distinct element to their entire appearance, indicating the magnitude of the occasion & Wedding Shoes Ideas For Brides.

15. Salman Khan

Ambani wedding outfits
Celebrities’ Best Dressed at the Ambani Wedding

Salman Khan looked sharp in an all-black Ambani wedding suit. An elegant lapel pin matched the classic suit, adding a touch of sophistication to his appearance. Salman’s pick demonstrated his timeless fashion sense, establishing him as one of the best-dressed men at the event. The all-black costume was classy and fashionable, making it ideal for the major occasion. His Ambani wedding outfit demonstrated its capacity to make a classic look jump toward by using little embellishments, maintaining his signature style.

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16. Orry

Orry distinguished himself in his Ambani wedding suit, which had an exquisitely embroidered jacket and ivory trousers. The exquisite needlework brought a sense of elegance to the modern outfit, which made it ideal for the lavish occasion. Orry’s clothing was a mix of old craftsmanship and contemporary flair, highlighting his distinct fashion sense. His Ambani wedding gown was both exquisite and unique, making him a standout attendee. The blend of elaborate design and modern features represented the magnitude of the event. 

17. Jaaved Jaaferi

Jaaved Jaaferi wore an orange and black Ambani wedding gown that flawlessly blended bold colours and traditional style. The outfit emphasised his distinct flair and confident demeanour. The deep maroon colour added a hint of luxury, whereas the black accents provided a classy backdrop. Jaaved’s Ambani wedding attire was both bold and exquisite, making him a prominent attendee at the event. His use of strong colours and conventional layout demonstrated his great aesthetic sense, highlighting the magnificence of the occasion.

18. Neetu Kapoor

Ambani wedding outfits
Best Traditional Attire at the Ambani Wedding

Neetu Kapoor wore a royal purple and green suit with platinum embellishments for her Ambani wedding, exhibiting beauty and grace. She paired it with gemstone, gold, and sapphire jewellery to elevate her outfit. Neetu’s outfit highlighted her refined elegance and meticulous attention to detail. Her Ambani wedding attire was a wonderful combination of contemporary and conventional elements, making her a single of the ceremony’s best-dressed attendees. The rich hues and beautiful needlework complemented the richness of the occasion, displaying her impeccable taste. 

19. Shloka Mehta

Shloka Mehta looked lovely in her Ambani wedding dress, an elaborate Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla lehenga. Her ornate design and sumptuous materials made her appear like royalty. Shloka’s gown was a great blend of traditional workmanship and modern elegance, fitting for such a grand occasion. Her Ambani wedding gown highlighted her impeccable taste along with her capacity to pull off complicated patterns with elegance. The intricate needlework and rich hues accentuated the luxury of the occasion, making her a prominent attendee & Wedding Bridal Colors.

20. Sara Ali Khan (Second Outfit)

Sara Ali Khan wore Manish Malhotra’s off-white sharara set for her second Ambani wedding. The beautiful stitching and sophisticated pattern making her appear ethereal. Sara’s choice of modest jewellery let the outfit shine, highlighting her refined taste. This Ambani wedding gown was an excellent combination of history and contemporary, portraying the majestic nature of the occasion. Her off-white gown exuded delicacy and compassion, leaving her one of the wedding’s most memorable guests. Her dress demonstrated her ability to look great in both flashy and subtle outfits & fun facts about wedding gowns.


Finally, the Ambani wedding dresses were nothing less than magnificent, reflecting the event’s grandeur and opulence. Each visitor brought their own flair to the party, displaying a variety of exquisite Ambani wedding clothes ranging from traditional lehengas to contemporary suits. Every Ambani wedding garment showcased precise craftsmanship, expensive fabrics, and sophisticated designs, transforming the event into a veritable fashion spectacular.  

Looking back at these top 20 costumes, it’s apparent that the Ambani wedding redefined beauty and refinement in wedding wear. Each Ambani wedding costume was a beauty in its own right, thanks to the combination of heritage and modernism, the use of gemstones and beautiful needlework, and the enormous diversity of styles available. This lavish event not only showcased the Ambani family’s love and joy, but also became a beacon of hope to fashion fans all around the world. The Ambani wedding costumes will be regarded for their beauty, grace, and ability to capture the soul of this wonderful event.


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