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Anjali Arora Lifestyle: A Glimpse Of Her Quick Success Story  

Anjali Arora Lifestyle: A Glimpse Of Her Quick Success Story  

  • Anjali Arora is one of the famous Tik Tokers who gained immense fame after her "Kacha Badam" video went viral. Here we are going to talk about her lifestyle
anjali arora lifestyle

Celebrated as the ‘Kacha Badam’ girl, Anjali Arora is currently experiencing immense success. Anjali has turned 24 years old and started a fresh chapter in her professional career by purchasing a home in the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai.The “Kaccha Badam” phenomenon recently held a customary groundbreaking celebration with her relatives to commemorate her achievement after investing in a sumptuous Mumbai home. Dressed in an acceptable pink salwar suit, she carries herself gracefully during the wedding ceremony.

In addition to signifying her accomplishments, Anjali Arora’s decision to buy a house in Mumbai also demonstrates her rising stardom in the entertainment business. As she makes this important move, the ‘Kaccha Badam’ girl maintains her position in the ever-changing Bollywood environment by captivating audiences with her charm and success.

Anjali Arora is an actor and model by profession who has appeared in quite a lot of famous Punjabi albums. Being only twenty-three years old now, Anjali Arora rose to fame after a video of hers went viral over the internet and this made her an overnight sensation. In the video, she was seen dancing on the viral track Kaccha Badam and apparently.

Anjali Lifestyle: A glimpse of her quick success story  

Anjali gained ten million followers on Instagram after releasing this video. Now let us take a look at Anjali Arora’s lifestyle.

1. The Tiktok sensation in India

 Anjali arora lifestyle
Anjali Arora look

It’s been quite a while now since TikTok got banned in India. This app had everyone grooving over every song that would get viral on the internet and it would also encourage influencers to come forward and gain fame. One such person was Anjali herself.

She was a TikTok sensation in the year 2020 in India who made videos based on comedy or videos based on lip sync. With a cute child-like face and an innocent smile and personality, Anjali gained quite a lot of followers on TikTok. She is also a good dancer and she enjoys dancing.

Being a viral TikTok sensation and influencer in India, Anjali had over three million followers on TikTok. It is said that she was always inspired to be an actress and a model since her childhood and dreamt of becoming very successful in this field. One of her greatest achievements was having over a hundred and four million likes on TikTok.

2. The collaborations

anjali arora lifestyle
Anjali arora Blue dress

Since Anjali has been so successful since a very young age, she has worked with a handful of very famous and renowned personalities in the Punjabi as well as the Hindi industry. She has been a part of video albums starring singers like Such Yaar, Karan Randhawa,  Kaka, Akaal, Rahul Vaidya and many more.

Leaving that aside, Anjal Arora has also been a part of television series, web series and short films that were truly enjoyed by her fans and were loved by the audience. If reports are to be believed, Anjali is all set to make her acting debut through a Punjabi movie that is set to release by the end of this year, that is, 2022.

3. The YouTube channel

anjali arora lifestyle
Anjali arora looks

Anjali has a lot of followers on her various social media accounts but did you know that after TikTok got banned in India, she started her own YouTube channel related to her lifestyle?

She has over one lakh subscribers on her channel and keeps giving glimpses and updates related to her life on the channel. Well, she really seems to know how to keep her fans connected to her and engaged with the content that she provides.

4. Anjali Arora Fashion

anjali arora lifestyle
Anjali Arora saree look

Well since almost all the things related to Anjali Arora’s lifestyle have been covered, let us now discuss her fashion. Being a model and an influencer, her job is the one responsible for keeping her updated with the latest trends in fashion. By scrolling through her social media posts, one can find that Anjali Arora has very good taste in fashion.

When it comes to vacationing in a tropical and humid kind of environment, what is perfect other than visiting the smallest state of India, that is, Goa? Considered the living paradise of India, most influences and celebrities are very much attracted to Goa when it comes to a relaxing and calming stay, away from home and also on a budget.

Flexing her toned abs and body in a picture from Goa, Anjali Arora is seen wearing a white sports bra and black jogger pants. With a black jacket and white strapped block heels, Anjali looks ready for a fresh start in these sun-kissed lovely pictures. Well, let’s just say that this outfit seems best on Anjali and she is carrying it well. She even shared a reel on Instagram wearing this stylish outfit that currently has over five million likes.

5. The Ten Million Celebration

anjali arora lifestyle
Anjali Arora backless dress

Upon reaching the mark of ten million followers on her Instagram account, Anjali Arora celebrated this success by throwing a party. With a two-tier huge cake, a very pretty-looking dress with a very classic gold and silver-themed background is just the best way to celebrate.

Anjali Arora is seen wearing a burgundy colored dress with a slit over the knee, white stockings and similar-coloured heels. A diamond necklace and a few accessories with her hair open make her look like a princess in this look. Her cute smile just says how happy she is upon reaching the ten million followers mark on Instagram.

6. The Princess in Paradise

anjali arora lifestyle
Anjali Arora summer look

Kashmir is considered the heaven or the paradise on earth that God has created for human beings. It is one of the most beautiful places in India and has the best views from its mountainous tops.

While on her trip to Kashmir,  Anjali posed in a light sky-blue coloured gown with a thigh-high slit over it and brown velvet-like high heels. With a low neckline and a floral pattern on the top part of the dress, Anjali looks stunning in it and looks like the human version of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin but with a modern twist to it.


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Blue earrings and dark lip color with heavy base makeup, wavy hair, and a few minimal accessories, it seems like Anjali really wanted her dress to be the star and so tried to avoid wearing a lot of accessories and also tried to avoid overdressing.

7. Anjali Arora’s Luxurious and Elegant New Mumbai Haven: A Sneak Peek

Right in the middle of Mumbai, the city of dreams, sits the newest hot topic in town: Anjali Arora’s new residence. The stylish celebrity and successful businessman recently bought a gorgeous home that radiates sophistication and opulence. Let’s explore the splendor and opulence of Anjali Arora’s new Mumbai home virtually.

Position, Position, Position

Anjali’s new home is tucked away in one of Mumbai’s most affluent areas and offers stunning cityscape views in addition to a great location. It’s well-positioned to offer the ideal balance of accessibility and peace of mind, enabling her to escape the bustle of the city without losing contact with its lively vitality.

Marvel of Architecture

The instant you lay eyes on Anjali’s new home, you can see its architectural genius. The building is a tribute to opulent life, combining modern architecture with traditional beauty. Huge windows cover the facade, letting natural light flood the interiors and providing expansive vistas of the city below.

Magnificent Interiors

The grand foyer greets guests as they enter and sets the tone for the entire home.

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The interior design seamlessly combines classic elegance with contemporary features. A polished, luxurious ambiance is created by the high ceilings, custom furniture, and carefully chosen artwork. Every room is a work of art unto itself, thoughtfully created to showcase Anjali’s exquisite taste.

Cutting Edge Facilities

With its cutting-edge features, Anjali Arora’s new Mumbai home redefines modern life. Comfort and utility are catered to with a gourmet kitchen including top-of-the-line equipment, a private gymnasium, and a spa-like bathroom.

The home offers features related to smart homes that make living easier in every way and effortlessly connect technology.

Personalized Touch

Anjali’s new home is more than simply a house; it’s an expression of who she is and how she lives. Her world excursions are meticulously incorporated into the decor, which includes unique furniture and unusual objects. Every space has a distinct tale to tell, resulting in a warm and exclusive atmosphere.

Fun Spot

Having people over is important to someone with Anjali’s active social life. A separate entertainment area with a home theater system and a chic lounge area is part of the property. The large patio, which faces the city lights, is the ideal setting for opulent events.

The Verdant Sanctuary

Anjali has made her home a verdant haven amidst the bustle of cities. Within the city limits, lush interior plants and a well-kept terrace garden offer a tranquil haven in stark contrast to the surrounding metropolitan landscape.

Mumbai Mansion of Anjali Arora: A Symphony of Innovation and Luxury

Enter the world of Anjali Arora’s magnificent Mumbai residence, where modern technology coexists with grandeur. Her home’s interiors are a visual feast, with opulent furniture and distinctive design cues that redefine excess.

With its cutting-edge security systems and smart home features, this haven for technology lovers effortlessly combines comfort and innovation. Anjali has created a tranquil haven in the middle of sophisticated metropolitan living by carefully designing a terrace garden and inside plants, all of which provide a refreshing change of pace from the busy city.


To sum up all this, Anjali Arora is a very talented person who has been very dedicated to achieving the success that she has been witnessing today. At a young age, she gained the fandom that not many can do in the industry. Her beauty has helped her gain popularity too and she seems to be enjoying it.

Being a model and an actress, Anjali Arora knows how to maintain herself and her body and she has also managed to have a good and decent lifestyle.

In addition to being a place to live, Anjali Arora’s new Mumbai home is a declaration of her success, good taste, and appreciation of life’s little pleasures. Anjali’s dedication to living a life of luxury and grace is evident in every detail of the property, from its prime location to the interiors that have been carefully created. Anjali Arora has undoubtedly discovered her little paradise in the center of Mumbai, as evidenced by the glimpses of this enthralling sanctuary that we see via the prism of social media and society pages.


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