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Best 34 Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs Picked For You In 2024

Best 34 Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs Picked For You In 2024

  • No one wants to wear a plain blouse with their banarasi sarees, with the contrast and fashionable blouse styles that are currently popular.

Banarasi saree blouse design are the new trend of 2024. Banarasi saree is truly a labor of love. They rank among the most timeless sarees ever made. And every woman’s wardrobe holds these sarees like a priceless treasure. However, no one wants to wear a plain blouse, even with their banarasi sarees, with the contrast and fashionable blouse styles that are currently popular.

The latest Banarasi Saree Blouse Design, a beautiful symphony of history and contemporary allure, epitomizes ethnic fashion. The Banarasi Blouse in Sheer Fabric, which showcases translucent elegance with vertical buttons and is perfect for weddings and celebrations, opens the collection. Combining different materials, the Patch Style design exudes a backless elegance that is perfect for weddings. A gorgeous crimson Banarasi blouse is made even more glamorous with stone studs—ideal for special events. While a Chic Red Banarasi Blouse captivates with potli buttons and an open front style, a Bulky Maggam Banarasi Work Blouse steals the show with elaborate workmanship. 

Indian women adore the distinct beauty and refinement of banarasi blouse patterns. Not only do they go well with your Banarasi, pattu, and other silk sarees, but they also look great with net or chiffon gowns. With a Banarasi Saree Blouse design offering so many options, let’s look at the newest selection of Banarasi blouse patterns and styles.

These Banarasi sarees look amazing, this is a perfect idea for any woman for an ethnic occasion. There is a wide range of patterns and designs available, so you can pick anyone which suits you the best. Whether you are looking for a halter neck or decorated border designs, these make the Banarasi sarees an ideal choice for any woman out there.

So, this wedding season pick up the Banarasi saree to flaunt your curves and culture.

Top 10 Banarasi Saree looks to try out!

Here are some gorgeous Banarasi saree blouse design to wear with your next cultural outing:

1. Kalamkari Printed Elbow Length Blouse Design

Banarasi Saree Blouse Design
Banarasi Saree Blouse Design pictures

This Banarasi Saree Blouse design pattern is gorgeous. This Banarasi Saree Blouse design goes great with very heavy banarasi sarees. You should put on a straightforward cotton blouse to balance out the entire look. The blouse may be made of kalamkari, and the sleeves may extend to the elbow.

There are so many colors, patterns, and prints available for your choice. These look perfect with pink, red, or poppy bright colors. You can see different motifs and patterns, to pick from. Kalakamri designs look perfect! 

2. Halter neck blouse design 

You might choose a halter neck blouse if you are wearing a thick banarasi saree blouse design. Just keep in mind that maintaining equilibrium throughout will be crucial.

And if your saree is too heavy, choose a simple halter neck blouse. Halter neck blouse designs are so trending these days! These halter necks are the perfect choice for your special day! 

3. Decorated blouse form 

Banarasi Saree Blouse Design
Banarasi Saree Blouse Design pictures

This is ideal for your wedding or perhaps the wedding of someone close to you that you are attending. Wear an embroidered blouse with a thick Banarasi saree.

This will harmonize your whole appearance, making you appear rather elegant. If you are looking for something bright and charming, these patterns are perfect for your special day or wedding day You can go for different contrasting colors like green and pink with a touch of yellow patterns.  

4. Sleeveless blouse 

Wear a sleeveless blouse with your preferred banarasi saree blouse design if you feel at ease doing so. This is suitable for regular office attire as well. Sleeveless blouses are super trendy these days. The best part is you can pick these up any day or any occasion without any hesitation. These are so perfect for your royal look.  


Banarasi Saree Blouse Design
Banarasi Saree Blouse Design pictures

If you want to add drama to a plain banarasi saree blouse design that you are wearing. Put on a blouse with ruffled sleeves after that. These ruffle sleeves are an ideal choice for anyone who is not comfortable showing too much skin. So, pick up a Banarasi saree with a ruffled blouse complementing your saree look. You can go for different shades patterns and colors, go on! 

6. Full-sleeve V Neck Blouse 

Although this blouse is basic, the V-neck design gives it some flair. Keep your sleeves up. This will also give you the ideal business appearance. The basic V neck blouse is still an ideal choice for many people out there. 

7. Fashionable embroidered blouse 

These elegant blouses with embroidery are ideal for any formal occasion. They not only have a dazzling appearance, but they are also very fashionable.

8. Ornate Booties 

Another chic technique for glamming up a straightforward Banarasi saree. To glam up the saree, add some blouse embellishments. This is ideal for wearing to special occasions or events.

9. Extensively embroidered blouse 

Such a lovely motif for an embroidered blouse. This is the ideal way to enhance your already stunning banarasi saree’s rich appearance. ideal for events and the Shaadi season.

10. Remove blouse 

If you’re one of those fashionable women who is constantly on the lookout for some drama in their blouses. You should read this. Keep your hair open but on the sides and wear the blouse cut-out style as seen in the photo. Beautiful, as you say.

11. Elegant strappy blouse 

Although it’s really easy to do, it looks rather stylish. Only this blouse pattern is worn by the majority of actresses, including Nayanthara and Deepika. You can choose a blouse in a contrasting color or even the same color in this situation.

Going with simple blouses rather than printed ones is often advised.

12. Boat neck plain blouse 

Here is another elegant and suitable Banarasi saree design for formal settings. Maintain a broad, high neck, similar to a boat neck. Maintain a simple, solid-colored blouse. The blouse looks more refined and sophisticated when it is elbow-length.

13. Contrast Roasted 

An additional stylish way to wear a Banarasi saree. This appears very sleek and contemporary. Just pick a print and color that contrasts, and make the saree’s neckline straightforward.

14. Sheer fabric Banarasi Saree design 

The back of the chic Banarasi blouse is made of translucent material. It has buttons on it in a row, vertically. The Banarasi brocade blouse in hot pink fabric is undoubtedly lovely; it has a princess cut pattern and a side zipper for convenience of wear; it is appropriate for ceremonies and parties.

15. Back open blouse pattern

Patchwork is used on the Banarasi blouse, and it looks very gorgeous. The blouse has a back opening with a hook pattern. For the festival and formal occasions, the blouse is absolutely lovely. Regular patterns and a round neckline are present.

16. Design for patchwork

This blouse has patchwork sleeves and is quite fashionable. Different styles of festive dress sarees can be worn with the Banarasi pink color blouse. Two distinct textiles are employed with a banarasi brocade blouse at work. Two threads are also held in place by the patchwork that is formed at the back. This style of backless blouse is far more intriguing for a wedding than a festival.

17. Bulky Maggam Banarasi Work Blouse

A pink Banarasi saree is worn with a strong maggam work Banarasi blouse design. This stunning blouse is perfect for a wedding and is among the nicest bridal Banarasi blouses we have ever seen.

18. The Blouse with Stone Studs

The stunning red tone of the Banarasi blouse design is paired with a pattern. All throughout it are sequins adorned with stones. It’s a medium-length blouse with a round neckline and sleeves.

19. Bulky maggam Banarasi Work Blouse

Bulky maggam Banarasi Work Blouse
Bulky maggam Banarasi Work Blouse

A pink Banarasi saree is worn with a strong maggam work Banarasi blouse design. This stunning blouse is perfect for a wedding and is among the nicest bridal Banarasi blouses we have ever seen.

20. Chic Red Banarasi Blouse Design

This crimson Banarasi blouse is even more gorgeous thanks to the potli buttons and open front design. It has dots on the front and is sewn in a regular pattern. There are short sleeves on the blouse.

12. Banarasi Blouse in contrasting colours

The back neckline of this Banarasi blouse design with borderwork displays exquisite stone and embroidered work. With the red Banarasi design, a blue sheer cloth patchwork is employed.

22. Designer blouses to match lehengas and sarees

This silk saree blouse’s back pattern is what makes it so beautiful. Three doris adorn the inverted scoop neckline, adding a dazzling touch. On the cut’s edge, potli buttons are employed.

23. Open blouse design in reverse

The patchwork on the Banarasi blouse is really beautiful. It’s an open-back blouse with a hook pattern. The blouse is exquisite for ceremonies and festivals. It features a round neckline and a regular design.

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24. Design of blouse with deep back neckline

The deep neckline of the Banarasi blouse mimics the design of a backless blouse. It features a designer button on the back and sleeves with pleating.

25. The Banarasi Blouse Design in Green and Gold

The Banarasi gold blouse in dark green has a nice pattern. It has three-quarter sleeves because of the deep necklines on the front and back. This blouse looks stunning with net, chiffon, georgette, and silk sarees as well as Pattu silk sarees.

26. Banarasi-style cutwork design

The Banarasi blouse features intricate embroidery and a cutwork pattern. It is given a standard neckline because of the deep scoop neckline at the rear.

27. Banarasi  Princess cut

This shirt with beautiful embroidery is a Banarasi brocade. It has medium-length sleeves and a round neckline. There is intricate stitching on the sleeves. This blouse has a princess cut and goes well with both light and heavy saree styles.

28. Banarasi design blouse for festive wear

The back of this fashionable pattern has patchwork and cutwork. The Banarasi silk blouse in dark green is stunning and very contemporary-looking. This gorgeous blouse piece is made even more beautiful by the buttons at the shoulders.

29. Banarasi backless blouse

The backless design of the basic Banarasi brocade blouse. The really lovely part of it is the geometric cut at the back.

30. Banarasi Blouse Pattern for Bridal

The rich red Banarasi blouse has short sleeves and a round neck. This exquisitely crafted blouse pairs well with net, chiffon, and even all types of silk sarees, whether they are light or heavy. The blouse would look the finest with Pattu silk sarees.

31. Banarasi Blouse with cold shoulder style

The front of this Banarsi Silk blouse is open, and the neckline is rounded. The sleeves of this garment are medium length, reaching the elbows. Its pattern is chilly shoulder.

32. Banarasi Blouse style for party wear

This elaborately embroidered pink and green Banarasi blouse would look stunning with a variety of silk saree styles. Beautiful silk blouse, ideal for celebrations and ceremonies.

33. Banarasi Blouse Design with Print

This blouse design features a lovely print of flowers. The orange and blue print on the gold blouse. It goes well with many silk sarees.

34. Chic Banarasi Blouse to go with sarees

The number of model-looking patchwork blouses made of silk brocade from Banarasi is rising. It’s quite contemporary and would look great on younger ladies.


To sum up, the carefully chosen collection of the “Top 20 Banarasi Saree Blouse design” is evidence of the timeless appeal and adaptability of this customary Indian garment. Every blouse deftly blends history with modern styles, providing a wide range of patterns to suit a variety of interests and inclinations. The display features a variety of patterns, from traditional zari work to creative modern adaptations, that perfectly capture the great skill of Banarasi weavers. 

These contemporary and trendy blouse patterns are for banarasi sarees that you can flaunt in 2024. So, leave those old blouse ideas, try these Banarasi saree blouse designs, and update yourself with the trend.

The top 20 choices highlight the cultural richness and sophisticated style ingrained in each item, reflecting the classic elegance of Banarasi saree blouse patterns. These blouses, whether they are embellished with modern or traditional designs, represent a marriage of tradition and cutting-edge design. Selecting from this magnificent assortment enables people to enjoy the richness and legacy of Banarasi weaving while creating a striking and fashionable impression in the world of ethnic dress.


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