Batik Silk Sarees from Dora By Phoenix: Creating Visual Magic With Nature & Wildlife

  • The art form Batik has now moved to India, especially to West Bengal where batik is more popularly nurtured in Shantiniketan, in the Birbhum District. Get to know more about batik silk sarees, scroll down.
Batik Silk Sarees from Dora By Phoenix Creating Visual Magic With Nature & Wildlife

The ancient art of using wax and dyes on fabrics or batik silk sarees is popularly called an art that is not native to the Indian subcontinent. It comes from the Indonesian word Ambatik, meaning a cloth containing small dots, drawings done in broken lines, or written with wax. Although the country of origin of batik is not yet known, the Indonesian printed batik is the most renowned variety and reflects flair of workmanship.

The art form has now moved to India, especially to West Bengal where batik is more popularly nurtured in Shantiniketan, in the Birbhum District.

Batik in West Bengal

Even though batik art has been prevalent in ancient India, the practice lost its charm primarily due to the daunting methods involved like waxing and dyeing. It is believed, that the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore during his visit to Indonesia was mesmerised by the batik art form. Hence, he brought back a few pieces of fabric from there and introduced batik study at Viswa Bharati University.

Experimentation with batik

Batik today is among the most popular sarees made using natural dyes and vegetable colours.  Dora by Phoenix, the renowned online boutique in Kolkata has revived this art form with great valour. Founded by Kakali Biswas, an avid traveller, and a wildlife photography enthusiast, her batik silk sarees are a sign of elegance and sophistication due to the nature and wildlife motifs on them.

Batik Silk Sarees from Dora By Phoenix Creating Visual Magic With Nature & Wildlife
Batik Silk Sarees from Dora By Phoenix

The sarees you will find in her boutique brings freshness due to the inspiration she draws from nature. What’s more surprising is that the saree motifs in her boutique come from her amazing wildlife and nature clicks. So, if you are searching for silk sarees online India, restock your wardrobe with some unique batik motifs that this boutique showcases.

Her collections represent the wonderful work of hand batik from the artisans of Bengal who are trained in batik work. Needless to say, the hand batik art on Bishnupur Katan Silk sarees from Dora By Phoenix brings forward a variety of designs influenced by her love for wildlife photography. No wonder, the innovation of hand batik in her collections creates some really interesting patterns.

Why are batik silk sarees popular?

There is no denying that batik silk sarees from Dora by Phoenix have a global appeal. From the seamless blend of colours to striking motifs, every saree in this boutique presents a delightful charm. Moreover, the versatility of the fabric makes it a much-loved attire to put on in summer and winter with equal ease. So, if you want to buy silk sarees online, let it be the ethnicity of the batik art form in various attractive hues.

Batik Silk Sarees from Dora By Phoenix
Batik Silk Sarees from Dora By Phoenix

Batik sarees represent a precious heritage and Kakali Biswas, being associated with the weaves and textiles of India has brought out the legendary Batik Silk Sarees print in a new light. The animal and natural prints in her sarees have transformed the traditional art form into contemporary sarees that are undoubtedly the talk of the town.

  • The Neelkantha Hand Batik on Bishnupur Katan Silk in classic mustard yellow colour is a masterpiece you can flaunt during the day or at night. The batik art form on this saree is a one-of-a-kind piece from Bengal.
  • The Shaluk Phool hand batik on Murshidabad silk is yet another saree in an earthy tone and represents modern fashion at its best.
  • The Vintage Black Collection is her latest launch and can surprisingly take a place in the minds of contemporary saree lovers. While the cracked batik design showcases the very essence of the art form, the colourful umbrellas, the neatly done flowers, and the drizzle on the pallu open new doors for fashionistas who are careful in picking fresh pieces of batik sarees. Definitely a must-have for your upcoming parties and occasions where you need to turn a few heads around.


Translating batik art into modern fashion shows the growing interest of Dora By Phoenix to revive the art form with new motifs and patterns. Also, the sense of colours on these sarees showcases how fashion can be unique and balanced at the same time.

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So, batik silk sarees online are surely going to be the choice of urban women looking for a mix of traditional and trendiness on different fabrics. The boutique has surely gone the extra mile in modifying the heritage art form of batik into something more in sync with the latest fashion. Overall, the batik sarees available here are what the fashion divas of today prefer. Something unfamiliar, yet in a familiar and much-preferred art form.

Batik sarees are ideal to flaunt during formal and semi-formal occasions. Be it a family gathering an office party, or a day brunch with friends, the batik silk sarees from Dora By Phoenix are worthy of being on a canvas that every woman will love to flaunt.


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