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Best 5 Pattu Half Sarees To Try In 2023

Best 5 Pattu Half Sarees To Try In 2023

New Model Pattu Half Sarees

Exquisite sarees from the southern region of India which are made from silk and later woven with pure gold and silver coated Zari border are mainly termed as the pattu half sarees.

Its versatility is the main reason why this traditional form of clothing has survived the test of time and still manages to create its charm over women.

The 5 best new model Pattu half sarees

A pattu half saree is like a hallmark of luxury and royalty.

There are a wide variety of the pattu sarees available in the market, namely, Vastrakala Pattu, the Samudrika Pattu, the Parampara Pattu, etc. Now let us have a look at some of the new model pattu half sarees.

1. The typical red bridal pattu saree

New Model Pattu Half Sarees
New Model Pattu Half Sarees pictures

Most brides in India wear the colour red on the day of their wedding since it is considered a traditional and auspicious colour which is needed for starting a new phase of your life in a successful manner.

The colour red also stands for passion and love and so wearing such a rich and elegant red bridal pattu saree will create magic in the mandap.

Matching your pattu half saree with a matching blouse and going with temple jewellery as the current trend will bring in grace to the look.

2. The not so typical simple pattu sarees with a border

Just like the fancy and extravagant bridal pattu half saree with heavy work over it, there also exists sarees that are like the opposites of them. Such sarees are typically very plain and simple but have a shiny and attractive border that nullifies its plainness and simplicity.

Such borders become the show stealer and so can be worn by people across all age groups. Such pattu sarees appear sensual. A plain saree with motifs over it but especially centred on the border can be very well paired with a blouse of a contrasting colour to be a game changer such as dark pink and forest green for instance.

Since the look as a whole is basically simple, using light weight jewellery is essential to make this the best wedding guest look.

3. The motif pattu sarees

New Model Pattu Half Sarees
New Model Pattu Half Sarees pictures

Motifs are an important part of any saree because through such motifs, one pays homage to their culture and heritage and so one can flaunt such pattu sarees with pride and honour. In the Indian context, we give quite a lot of importance to the flora and fauna since they are an integral and essential part of our eco system and help to sustain life as well. Temples are also a part of these motifs.

The most common and widely used motifs are those of the peacock feathers and eyes, parrots, rudraksha beads, swans, strips and even checks for that matter. The spectacular coin design and jasmine design also are a part of this category.

4. The bronze toned half pattu saree

A metallic shade such as bronze is a very strong and impressive shade to be worn. It instantly adds so much more glamour and elegance and gives those royal vibes.

The bronze colour sort of depicts the colour of goddess and using or pairing such a pattu half saree along with a contrasting coloured blouse such as a bright orange colour will attract or grab all the attention and also add a pop of colour making make stand out in a crowd.

One has to pair such an outfit with traditional jewellery so as to look authentic and traditional. Going on with light amount of makeup can also be done in such a case.

5. The multi coloured pattu half saree

New Model Pattu Half Sarees
New Model Pattu Half Sarees pictures

Adding multi colours to your outfit helps to instantly lifts the mood and create a very cheerful and happy environment. Lots of colours invite a lot of attention as well and they can help to change the standards of your fashion as well and serve as a complete game changer.

Wearing too many colours at the same time can be tricky and might make you look like a complete fashion disaster in he end, so matching the shades appropriately is quite necessary to avoid ruining your look.

Going with either complete dark, complete light or medium toned shades is what is usually preferred. For example a beige colour with a hint of yellow to it paired with a dark and rich purple colour and a magenta or a dark pink shade as well. Accessorizing with traditional jewellery will be the last step in such cases. Adding contrast in your outfit can actually give you a very dreamy look.

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There are many iconic contacting shades such as pink and red, dark blue and orange, dark pink and dark green, etc that can be used while dressing up in such sarees. An intricate and heavily decorated pattu half saree or even the simplest simplest most basic pattu saree will look equally gorgeous over a contrasting coloured blouse.

Summing up:

The word pattu basically comes from the Tamil language and it refers to the traditional name of the silk fabric which is made of pure mulberry silk. A pattu half saree is the one that is easier to drape compared to the normal sarees and so is much more preferred.


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