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10 Best Beach Towels

10 Best Beach Towels

Best Beach Towels

Beach towels have gone a long way over the years, with features such as sand-resistant fabric and larger proportions that keep your legs from hanging on the scorching sand. Your towel choice will likely differ based on whether you’ll be making your way down to a few of the numerous Florida beaches during the summer, heading on a vacation to check out the European beach setting, or just strolling over to your local pool, however there are certain variables a good beach towel requires to meet no matter what. 

The best beach towels dry fast, are composed of soft materials, and are easy to pack and transport. Splashy color combinations and vivid patterns do not have to be avoided; there are several alternatives on the market that are both visually beautiful and useful. Read on for 10 of the best beach towels you can buy right now, including selections that are big, family-friendly, quick-drying, and eco-friendly & party outfits for men.

1.Lands’ End School Uniform Beach Towel

Best Beach Towels
Top Beach Towels for Ultimate Comfort

We used this beach towel for reclining and drying off at a sandy beach and found it to have a perfect weight that gives some softness when lying on the ground, but not so much that it becomes unduly difficult to carry. It’s more than six feet long and three feet broad, providing you enough area to rollover or rest your head without hitting the sand. One plus-size tester reported they were able to wrap the towel entirely around their body while still having cloth spare to tuck in.   

2.Decomen Microfiber Beach Towel

Decomen’s Microfiber Beach Towel received a 5 out of 5 throughout our testing procedure. We appreciated so many aspects of this towel, including its low pricing. We found it to be softer and more comfortable than many standard cotton beach towels, despite its thinner, low-pile structure. Its thinness proved beneficial because it was lightweight and easy to put in our beach tote. The microfiber fabric prevented sand from clinging, so we didn’t have to shake off the towel too much before putting it in the suitcase to take home. 

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3.NovForth Oversized Microfiber Beach Towel

Best Beach Towels
Best Absorbent Beach Towels for Summer

This NovForth towel is one of the best beach towels. It’s thin, light, and extremely portable. It’s large enough to stretch down on the sand or cover a beach chair, yet it still folds up simply for storage in a beach bag. We adored the softness and absorbency of this beach towel. Because of its microfiber structure, it dried swiftly and easily. Its absorbency held up before and after washing, and the colors stayed vibrant. There was no shrinking or loose threads following laundering, rendering this a durable towel, too. 

4.Eccosophy Microfiber Beach Towel

Microfiber fabric is noted for being thin and lightweight while still being extremely absorbent. Eccosophy is our top recommendation for best beach towels, and it delivers on all counts. This towel dried us off really quickly, and we felt dry shortly after. We appreciated the high-quality feel and texture of this towel. We’re also thrilled that it’s built entirely of environmentally sourced recycled materials & summer outfits trend.

This towel proved to be sturdy throughout testing, withstanding beach vacations and washing. We love the bold, vibrant designs this towel comes in and how it’s reversible with a different print on the back. The built-in hook for hanging was incredibly easy, and the carrying bag made it super portable for transporting on the road.

5.Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Towel

Best Beach Towels
Highly Rated Beach Towels for All-Day Fun

The Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Towel is our most costly option, but we believe it is worth the money. This best beach towels takes a love of Turkish cotton to a whole new level, and it feels wonderfully premium and exquisite. While thinner than a standard beach towel, it nevertheless felt incredibly comfortable. Plus, the fluffy waffle stitchwork is subtle and lends a great look to the soft material.

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This towel’s absorbency outperformed several other Turkish towels we tried. We were really delighted with how effectively it absorbed water and dried rapidly. The space was spacious enough for three persons to relax comfortably and for a full alone cocoon period when drying off. 

6.Anthropologie Out to Sea Beach Towel

This Anthropologie Out to Sea beach towel has a beautiful pattern. This towel does more than simply look fantastic; it also feels good. We found the texture thick, silky, and delicious to the touch. We did observe, however, that the bottom section of the pattern felt slightly rougher than the remainder of the towel.

We were amazed by how efficiently it absorbed water throughout testing. This Anthropologie alternative outperformed comparable towels with a similar design and feel. The quality, color, size, and absorbency are exceptional.

7.L.L.Bean Seaside Beach Towel

Best Beach Towels
Best Oversized Beach Towels for Families

L.L.Bean’s Seaside Beach Towel provides the finest absorbency. This towel dried us swiftly and thoroughly in just one or two passes. It absorbed water nicely but dried quickly—about as long as a regular bath towel.

We especially enjoyed the velvety feel of this beach towel. It seemed softer than other beach towels, more akin to a bath towel. This towel was longer than the others we examined, and we appreciated being able to fully spread it out comfortably. This beach towel remained smooth and vibrant even after numerous washes. 

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8.Venture Large Sand-Free Beach Towel

If you’re traveling to this beach and need a sand-resistant towel, the Venture Microfiber Beach Towel is the best beach towels option. We discovered that sand does not attach to this towel and shakes off readily, so you won’t track sand into your car or home. It dried fast and was easy to fold and store. We were also pleasantly pleased by how absorbent it was when testing.

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If you like a thick and fluffy towel, this may not be the one for you. We like the colorful colors and designs (there were 30 to select from) and found that the towel held up nicely after washing without fraying or bleeding & tips while going to the beach.

9.Brooklinen Beach Towel

Best Beach Towels
Stylish and Durable Beach Towels to Buy Now

Though not sand-repellent, this best beach towels easily shakes away most sand. It has a silky cotton velour front that is ideal for yearning, and the thick structure ensures maximum absorbency. It’s a big 70 inches long, but we wish it was a few inches wider so we could roll over more easily. The color did leak little in the wash, and there was some minor shrinkage along the borders, but there was no pilling or loose threads. But we adore the classic, ’70s-inspired style, which comes in four distinct shades. This towel is expensive, but you can save money if you buy two or three of them & Monochromatic outfits you need.

10. Sand Cloud Beach Towel.

Turkish towels are popular for their compact size, lightweight, and quick-drying properties. We were amazed by how absorbing this best beach towels was despite its thinness, but it was more than enough to thoroughly dry us off after a dip in the lake. It dried rapidly in the sun and was easy to pack because there was no sand trapped in the fibers. Because it is lightweight, it isn’t as thick or cushiony as conventional beach towels.

This towel’s longevity was amazing, given its delicate and soft feel. After dropping a drink on it, it came out of the wash looking brand new. There was no evidence of fading or wear. We were really happy with how the tassels remained intact after wash.


To summarize, picking the best beach towels is an important aspect of improving your beach experience. The perfect towel should be made of high-quality materials, such as plush cotton or sophisticated microfiber, to provide optimal softness and rapid drying capabilities. Size is also a crucial factor, since a bigger towel gives greater covering and area for resting.

Vibrant and sophisticated patterns provide a personal touch, making beach days more fun. Furthermore, durability and simplicity of maintenance are critical, since a decent beach towel must resist frequent usage and washing without losing quality. Prioritizing these elements allows you to invest in the best beach towels that suit your exact needs and tastes, assuring comfort and ease throughout your seaside activities. 


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