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7 Best Summer Nail Colors Of 2023 For All The Fashionista

7 Best Summer Nail Colors Of 2023 For All The Fashionista

  • Every girl loves to flaunt her painted nails. If you are looking for some of the best and most trending summer nail colors we have listed for you.
Trending nail colors

Painting nails always make any girl happy and brightens up their mood. Painting nails is as important as choosing the right outfit or hairstyle or makeup. But choosing what to put on next or deciding which are the best summer nail colors of 2023 can be quite troublesome sometimes. There are so many shades, colors and varieties available. Do you know what is even more troublesome? It is to decide which summer nail color is trending these days. We understand being fashionable is not easy! But hey, we are here for you!

So, to stay up to date on trends, we have come up with this blog on summer nail color of 2023. Whether you are more of a statement nail person with intricate and over-the-top design or more of a simple, sober, and pleasant nail color type of person, here you will find a complete guide.

However, always keep in mind that it is quite important to take care of your nails to keep them healthy, long and durable. Make sure to put Vaseline or coconut oils every night before going to sleep.

Along with this we also have a guide for you on how to apply a perfect nail color that stays long and fresh! Also, you can read our blog on finding a perfect nail polish for your short nails.

Top 7 trending summer nail colors that every girl needs to have

Check out the trending summer nail colors list that we have especially prepared for you to try in 2023! New year new you.

1. Periwinkle – The dreamy light blue sky

summer nail colors
summer nail colors- Light Blue

According to Pantone, the color of the year 2023 goes to the gorgeous, light blue-toned; periwinkle. And it didn’t take periwinkle seconds to become one of the trending nail colors of 2023. It’s sober yet pretty and interesting.

It gives your nails a dreamy look that you can’t afford to miss. This is one of the best summer nail colors which looks beautiful on all skin tones and it’s a great shade to play around with and integrate with other colors to make your own unique style. Periwinkle is definitely the “it color” of 2023.

So, quickly grab one now, what are you waiting for?

2. Green – Shades of nature

summer nail colors
summer nail colors- Pastel Green

From forest green to mint green, it’s all in style. Wear it as a solid green shade or add some cool nail color trend and jewels to spice it up, whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you feel like the king or queen that you are. It looks amazing on all skin tones and goes perfectly with your pastel outfits.

The refreshing shades of green will for sure be all over your timeline, so hop on this trend before your friends do. The shades of green as a  summer nail color is quite popular. It makes anyone feel good and positive so let your nails spread some positive energy.

3. Neutrals – The constant

summer nail colors
summer nail colors- Neutrals

If you aren’t a fan of taking risks or making bold statements; neutrals are the match in heaven made for you. These are always classy and thriving.

It’s something you can’t go wrong with, wear it alone, mix it up with other neutral shades or even pop colors, it always looks great no matter what. So, choose to go crazy or sober, neutrals are your best friend and one of the most trusted summer nail colors trend.

4. Glitter – Add a little spark

summer nail colors
summer nail colors- Glitter

After two years of a boring, monotonous, and dull life at home, we can all agree that a little glitter will help us all. Make-up looks with pop colors and glitter, gorgeous glittery and sequence dresses are all over Pinterest – thanks to Dua Lipa and Euphoria, what’s better than a little glitter on your fingertips to seal the deal.

This summer nail color is perfect to add a little jazz to your simple mundane outfits and take your “it girl” outfits to another level. Finish your look in one simple coat or put it over other colors, it all looks gorgeous. And always remember, it’s never enough glitter.

5. Red – The classic

summer nail colors
summer nail colors- Hot Red

Yes, that’s right, the bright red has made its come back as one of the the popular summer nail colors in 2023. It’s no more a color you’ll only find your mom using, it’s time to bring it back to your collection as well. There’s nothing that compares to the classic bold, bright red that we all know.

It’s the best way to attract a little more attention to your nails than usual, there’s no way one can miss the boldness of red. Honestly, red on its own is so powerful and versatile that there is hardly any need for you to do to make it look better. And for date nights, it’s definitely one of the best choices you can make.

6. Soft white – The pearl look

After his first Grammy in early 2021, the style icon Harry Styles started his own beauty product line, ‘Pleasing’, later in November 2021. His first launch included a set of four nail colors among other beauty products and it’s safe to say, it soon became the topic of discussion among his fans and influencers.

Not only was his first launch a huge success but he also brought back the classic white pearl look with his shade ‘Perfect Pearl’. A lot of celebrity stylists have admitted to using it and being their favorite as it gives a vibe of peace and simplicity.

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Following the demand for ‘perfect Pearl’, other brands also came up with their own shade of white. Honestly, it’s a great color for any outfit as it looks good with almost anything.

7. Rose – The pretty pink

Ah, pink, there’s nothing. It’s one of those colors that have always stayed in style for a reason. Pink is one of the most trending nail colors and is never out of trend. Sure, the tones and shades of pink vary from year to year but it has never gone out of style.  Happy to announce that it remains the same for 2023.

The ‘Granny’s pink pearls’ shade from the Pleasing collection by Harry styles in another gem that has taken over the market. Other brands like OPI’s ‘7th & flower’ are smooth, beautiful fuchsia shades. It’s very vibrant and pretty, perfect for summer and spring. Everyone can rock a spicy pop pink with the right attitude.

How to take care of your nail?

Every one of us wants long nails but we always fail to maintain them. So, next time keep these following things in mind:

  • Every night before going to sleep apply coconut oil over your nails full stop this will help them to grow faster and stronger.
  • While doing household chores our nails of intent get damaged. So before washing utensils for performing any such task apply Vaseline over your nails.
  • Nail paint doesn’t have your nails but it is always good to give break to your nails. Instead of wearing nail polish all the time it is probably good to give your nails a periodic break from nail paints.
  • Moisturize your nails regularly to avoid getting them dry and brittle.


Hopefully, this blog has saved you hours of a headache to find your new summer nail colors and helped you to decide on a color you want to get and try next that defines you and your personality the best while looking fashionable as always. No doubt every girl out there look for  the trending summer nail color to flaunt among their girls’ gang. 2023 is here and here are some of the most summer nail colors ideas that every girl can try on!

Whether you are looking for a shimmery shade or classic pastels you will find a good variety that we have listed above. Maintaining your nails is one of the most daunting task! From time to time manicure to the right color shade you need to look after so many things. Also, you can check out the blog on how to remove glue from nails with some quick and easy home remedies. 


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