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10 Best White Sneakers For Women

10 Best White Sneakers For Women

  • To select the best white sneakers for women, we asked knowledgeable shoe obsessives including sneaker collectors what they were wearing, ranging from modest low-tops to eye-catching high-tops.  
Best White Sneakers For Women

As the author of this guide to the best white sneakers for women, I’m fascinated to see what sneakerheads are after, from Air Force 1s to Stan Smiths. There’s a style for everyone these days, from simple slip-ons to trainers created stylishly by Shaolin monks. To select the best white sneakers for women, we asked knowledgeable shoe obsessives including sneaker collectors what they were wearing, ranging from modest low-tops to eye-catching high-tops.  

A pair of low-top white sneakers with no-show socks will never go out of style. They look great with jeans and a trench coat, shorts and a t-shirt, leggings and a hoodie, or charming flowery skirts.We’ve also tried several of these sneakers for myself, including taking them on walks and washing them with Tide To-Go. Anyway, we’ve been conducting ridiculously thorough dives into the best white sneakers for women, so we thought we’d offer my final recommendations below.

1.Nike Air Force 1 ‘07

Best White Sneakers For Women
Adidas Stan Smith A classic option with clean lines and versatile style, perfect for any outfit.

The sleek lines, swoosh emblem, and low-cut collar make the famous Air Force 1 instantly recognized. These best white sneakers for women have a slight platform, unlike the shier Supergas or regular Keds. They’re really comfortable, with ample cushioning and a ventilated toebox with a sunburst of perforated holes for added ventilation.

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We can stand in AF1s for hours and walk thousands of steps without difficulty. They have a lightness about them; they never make us drag our steps or trip over ourselves. Because AF1s are a true do-it-all shoe that costs just over $100, they are our top choice. 

2.Chuck Taylor All Star

Nothing compares to the casually casual style of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (low-top) sneakers. Every person from Michelle Obama to diva Gigi Hadid has been photographed wearing these canvas sneakers. They’re cool, affordable, and durable enough to endure for years. And they come in more sizes and colors than any other sneaker we tried. These best white sneakers for women look great with the perfect midi dress, briefs, or perhaps a full suit. Alternatively, tap into the brand’s skater heritage and wear these sneakers with torn jeans and a loose sweater.

3.Allbirds Tree Runner

Best White Sneakers For Women
Puma Cali Sleek and sporty, these sneakers feature a chunky sole and minimalist design for a trendy look.

If you haven’t discovered why Allbirds has gained a cult fanbase, now is the moment. The Best white sneakers for women Tree Runners are designed for long days on your feet. They’re airy and lightweight, with a cushioning midsole that provides ample support.

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4. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

The Adidas Stan Smith sneaker is unquestionably the best white sneakers for women. We challenge you to board an aircraft and not notice at least one individual wearing a well-worn, renowned pair. The initial model debuted in 1965 as the Adidas Robert Haillet sneaker, but was renamed after the American tennis star Stan Smith in 1978. 

The shoe is immediately identifiable by the three rows of holes on the exterior. If you want to seem as classic as possible, choose the model with the green accents on the sole and tongue & Wardrobe For Shoes.

5.Adidas Samba OG sneakers

Best White Sneakers For Women
Nike Air Force 1 Known for its iconic design and comfortable fit, ideal for both casual and athletic wear.

Another popular style is the Samba, which was originally designed for soccer but has now become a street style favorite, as seen on Katie Holmes, Harry Styles, as well as Emily Ratajkowski in recent summers. The low-top shoe features a gripping sole that makes it suitable for all weather conditions and is available in a variety of colors, including white with black, blue, or red stripes. 

6.Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers

The Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers are both fashionable and comfortable, with a classic design that is not dull. These best white sneakers for women are ideal for anything from running errands to attending art gallery openings. In compared to our other canvas selection, the Converse Chuck Taylor , these Superga sneakers seem more delicate and refined. They are free of rubber toe caps and colorful piping, making them easy to pair with a broad range of looks. These shoes are well-made, with excellent stitching and clean metal eyelets. A pair ought to endure a year or two with typical use.  

7.Common Projects Original Leather Achilles sneaker

Best White Sneakers For Women
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Timeless and effortlessly cool, these sneakers add a touch of retro flair to any look.

There’s no getting around it: a pair of Common Projects Achilles white leather sneakers costs more than $400 each, but the investment is definitely worth it. Not only does the silky Italian leather improve with age, but it is also simpler to clean than standard canvas, allowing the shoes to appear great longer. Furthermore, each pair is gold-foil-stamped with the factory and style codes, which is both a classy statement for those in the know and an extra detail that confirms the ones you buy are authentic. 

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8.On The Roger Advantage sneaker

Someone knows a thing or two about creating running shoes that regularly perform. This all-white sneaker from the iconic brand has a more casual design for everyday use, but still provides the comfort and support that its athletic shoes are known for. Pair them with black leggings and your preferred oversized blazer for a sporty, comfy airport style & tips for sneakers.

9.Nike Air Max 90

Best White Sneakers For Women
New Balance 574 Combining style and performance, these sneakers offer comfort and support for all-day wear.

Ever wonder why they’re named “Air Max?” The foot bed is literally infused with air, resulting in incredible cushioning that is extremely lightweight. The Air Max 90 is a revised and new take on the classic design from the 1970s. Get ready for the weekend by pairing the traditional best white sneakers for women with a pair of boyfriend jeans along with a fitted T-shirt & Shoes to Wear with Cropped Jumpsuit.

10. Frye Low Lace Sneaker

We swear by Frye’s Chelsea boots for energetic days exploring a new place. When you’re searching for something a little more sporty, the brand’s Low Lace Sneakers are an excellent choice. The contoured footbeds provide adequate arch support for all-day usage, and the embossed leather contrasts with the thick rubberized soles, giving them a fashionable, sleek appearance.


The versatility of the best white sneakers for women (formerly known as tennis shoes) cannot be stressed; they are like blank canvases for your feet. Every few months, a new, fashionable pair emerges—we’re finding out quite a few of Salomons and Vejas, in addition to the more readily available Adidas Sambas—but the aforementioned street-style shoes are really trend-proof & Fashionable Walking Shoes.

Furthermore, best white sneakers for women are difficult to “mess up” when it comes to clothing; whether you’re paired them with straight-leg jeans as well as an oversized hoodie, or a spring dress, they provide the right blend of comfortable durability and tried-and-tested elegance.


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