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Best 13 birthday Nail Art Designs That Are Trending In 2023

Best 13 birthday Nail Art Designs That Are Trending In 2023

  • Is your birthday approaching? Are you incredibly excited and desire adorable birthday nail art for your special day? You can celebrate in style with the help of our selection of the top Instagram birthday nail art ideas.
Birthday Nail art Designs

It’s always fun to celebrate your birthday! If your birthday is soon approaching, you probably can’t wait to start organizing your party and other ways to celebrate. Planning outfit and accessories is important but just cannot miss your nails, so here we have some up with the best birthday nail art designs. 

You must also already be planning how you want to look on your birthday for all the images you plan to shoot. Your makeup, hairstyle, and clothing are all important factors when planning your birthday look.

But remember to take care of your nails as well. Treating yourself to a lovely nail look for your birthday is something we highly encourage because it’s so much fun to create original birthday nails. You’ll feel extra unique and glam on your special day since you’ll make your nails stand out.

This article will show you a variety of birthday nail art designs that you may use as inspiration for your birthday if you want to try out a fun birthday nail look but are unsure of what kind of look you want.

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Best birthday nail art design ideas for beautiful ladies

Check out our list of 13 lovely birthday nail art ideas that you will like for your special day without further ado!

1. Glitter Nails Encapsulated

This look is for you if you’re looking for a cute glitter nail idea to do on your birthday but also want to add a trendy design to it! This glitter nail design with encapsulation is stunning.

This manicure combines gorgeous purple colors with some glitter and decorative butterflies to give you a nail style you’ll adore. Check out this video to learn everything about encapsulated glitter nails if you’ve never tried them before.

2. Candles for a birthday

Given their cuteness and excellent theme fit, these birthday candle nails are among my favorite birthday nail ideas. This look is easy to achieve at home, which is something I really like. So don’t worry if you are just learning nail art; you can still get this look.

3. Date of Birth Nails

Birth year nails are a fantastic additional birthday nail art concept. If you have never seen birth year nails before, they often include Gothic letters on each nail to display the year of birth.

Birthday Nail art Designs
Birthday Nail art Designs: Date of Birth Nails

Thus, we advise trying out this style of manicure appearance for your big day if you want to create a fun but also straightforward birthday-inspired nail design.

4. Muffin Nails

This birthday nail art design is perfect if you want something easy and adorable. The lovely cupcake motif on these nails is made with some pretty pink tones. By painting the remainder of your nails in stripes that resemble cupcake wrappers, you can even give this look a little more intrigue.

5. Nails that sparkle

Confetti is the epitome of celebration. So, it follows that the confetti nail design is among the best birthday nail art ideas ever. This nail style will make it appear as though you had confetti on your nails, giving you a happy and festive manicure for your birthday.

6. Shiny Nails

Another entertaining choice to make your nails stand out on your birthday is glitter! For individuals who want to add some shine to their nails but don’t want an extremely intricate design, this nail look is ideal.

Birthday Nail art Designs

There are so many various glitter types and application methods available for this manicure effect. For instance, this glitter nail idea mixes a French design with rainbow foil glitter to give this traditional nail look a little something extra.

7. A birthstone manicure

You may also attempt this birthstone nail design as a great birthday nail art idea. You should draw inspiration from the birthstone for your month to create this appearance.

You can paint your nails in the birthstone’s primary color, adorn them with birthstone-colored rhinestones, or use your polish to simulate the stone’s texture.

8. Nails with crystals

You will be in love with this effortless rhinestone nail style if you want a simple yet elegant appearance for your birthday! Simply apply a base coat of any desired color to your nails to complete this nail style.

Birthday Nail art Designs
Birthday Nail art Designs : Crystal Nail

Finally, to add some sparkle, place some rhinestones near the cuticle. Even though this style is straightforward, your nails will look stunning for your birthday!

9. Luminous Nails

A heavenly nail design is another enjoyable and original option you can try for your birthday! A magnificent manicure you will adore is created by combining lovely moon and star designs on the nails.

10. Old Nails

You might choose to add the age you are turning to your nails if your birthday is particularly significant this year. For instance, if you turn 21 this year, that marks a significant life achievement for you.

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As a result, you could wish to include the number 21 in nearly all of your birthday outfits. By adding a 21 with some sparkle to your nails, you may make a 21st birthday manicure design. You can easily adapt this for people of different ages, and you can even change up the design to make it more interesting!

11. Floating Nails

Birthday Nail Art
Birthday Nail Art : Floating Nails

You should also think about balloon nails if your birthday is coming up. Finding a foundation color you like and picking out a few complementing colors to make the balloon designs are all you need to do to achieve this appearance.

12. Bling French Nails

You can certainly do this if you enjoy French manicures and wish to include this style in your birthday manicure. French nails are a great choice for your birthday nail art style since they will offer you an elegant and simple vibe that will make you feel unique on your birthday.

Also, they are comfortable to wear well after your birthday. If you want your nails to stand out even more, you may even add sparkle to your French manicure!

13. Nickel Nails

We recommend creating the well-known Hailey Bieber “glazed donut” nails if you’re seeking for a contemporary nail aesthetic you can wear on your birthday.

These nails are essentially chrome manicure designs with a “glazed donut” effect created by a very light color. Hence, if you’ve been itching to try out these nails, we suggest doing so for your special day!


Is your birthday approaching? Are you incredibly excited and desire adorable birthday nail art for your special day? You can celebrate in style with the help of our selection of the top Instagram birthday nail art ideas.

The birthday nail designs mentioned above include balloons, sparkly nails, birthday nail art that is based on birthday treats, and more. Whichever nail art you choose to wear, we hope you have a great day because each of them can showcase your individual personality.


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