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Best 16 Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair For 2023

Best 16 Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair For 2023

blonde highlights on brown hair

Planning to get blonde highlights on brown hair, here we have some great suggestions for you. You may still experiment with hair colors on the other side of the hair color spectrum even if you naturally have blonde or brunette hair. We refer to this as obtaining the greatest of both worlds. For brunettes, adding just few streaks of golden blonde here, a few drizzles of honey there is a really simple way to brighten up your entire appearance and enjoy a more dynamic mane.

No matter the time or the cause, there is virtually never a terrible moment to add some light, new blonde to a brown foundation. There is a stunning new hue just waiting to be brought to the salon. So, check out the list we have prepared for you on blonde highlights on brown hair. 

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Blonde hightlight on brown hair ideas picked up for you

Whether you are inclined to beautifully balanced looks like shell brown, subtle modifications like a chocolate blonde colour melt, or surprising tones like smokey ash bronde. Here, are some blonde highlights on brown hair to get you motivated

1. Blended Balayage

Focus mostly on the ends and use a variety of hair colours, such as chocolate brown, golden, and caramel blonde, to get the most value for your money. This gorgeous combination is brimming with character.

2. Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights

The dramatic and attractive caramel golden balayage around the head and toward the ends contrasts with the extremely black roots. Your radiant face will be highlighted most dramatically. This is one of the most loved blonde highlights on brown hair. 

3. Chocolate Brown Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on brown hair
blonde highlights on brown hair : Chocolate Brown Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

This style aims to create a rich completed hue by making everything blend together effortlessly. For a coherent palette, the pure cocoa brown is paired with a beige blonde.

4. Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This awesome brown bob received some matching cool-toned blonde, giving it the ideal sandy hue. The top tresses’ lighter tones create the appearance that they have been in the sun for a long time.

5. Tortoiseshell Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

One of the most popular hair colours for brunettes ever is tortoiseshell, which is a combination of chocolate brown, walnut, caramel, and honey. Increasing the amount of golden blonde in the style results in an even more striking appearance.

6. Cool-Blonde Balayage

Invest in a few key strands of frosty blonde around the face if your hair already has a cool brown foundation to brighten stuff up with little to no care. another most popular blonde highlights on brown hair. 

7. Platinum Blonde Money Piece

blonde highlights on brown hair
blonde highlights on brown hair : Platinum Blonde Money Piece

If you want to add a very slight golden zing to dark brown hair, less is more. The face-framing components should be highlighted with platinum blonde and blended around the face. Simple brown instantly becomes fashionable.

8. Ash Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Ombré

Before catching sight of this wavy mane, we didn’t think it was possible to create such a lovely cascade of colour. These tresses virtually drip with gold, starting with a light cool brown and finishing in a flawless buttery blonde.

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9. Sparkling Mocha

Request blended baby balayage all over in a warm golden tint for the most subtly expressive pop of colour. A mocha hair colour is brightened by the highlights.

10. Toffee Blonde Babylights

Incorporate complimentary caramel babylights on warm brown hair to give your complexion an almost metallic golden sheen. For added shine, smooth and brush the hair after that.

11. Ashy Brown Hair with Icy Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on brown hair
blonde highlights on brown hair : Ashy Brown Hair with Icy Blonde Highlights

Due to the subtle frosty blonde highlights woven throughout the layers, the nice blue tones in this ash blonde brown hair stand out even more.

12. Dark Brown Hair with Face-Framing Blonde

This ashy, coal-black brown looks great with daring golden blonde face-framing accents. To help blend these two bold hues together, caramel tones are placed all around.

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13. Warm Bronze

If you can’t decide whether you want your hair to be more red or more blonde, go for a tawny toffee blonde and emphasise the balayage. Bronze undertones give the combination a subtle individuality.

14. Iced Mocha

Ask for attention around the face on those attractive “money bits,” with light balayage accents all around to connect it all together for a wonderfully low-maintenance look. You won’t outgrow this look, for sure.

15. Ashy Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Ashy brown hair tends to trend more toward cold colours like silver than warm colours like the reds and golds in chestnut browns. With honey accents, this ashy light brown receives a hint of warmth for a uniformly chilly look.

16. Brown Hair with Platinum Babylights

Dark chocolate brown hair is given tremendous character by adding ultra-subtle platinum highlights. Take care because if done extensively, highlights that are this much lighter than the base colour might seem out of place.


We have reached a compromise in the blonde vs. brunette conflict! Blonde highlights on brown hair looks amazing and hope this quick guide might have helped you out. 

People are flocking to salons in droves to have a bronde balayage, which is a developing fad. This is for you if your hair is brown naturally or if you just tinted it brown. Brunettes are aware that bleaching their hair in order to make it totally blonde may cause serious hair damage. The next best thing would be to add blonde highlights on brown hair


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