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Best 10 Blue Suits for Wedding Reception

Best 10 Blue Suits for Wedding Reception

  • Blue suit for wedding reception is no doubt a wonderful option. So, check out these brands offering you a great quality blue for a wedding reception or engagement.
Blue Suits for Wedding

A versatile wardrobe classic, the men’s blue suit will work for both the upcoming formal event on your social schedule and the workplace. Since it is a wedding reception blue suits always stand alone. Looking for some blue suits for wedding reception? Check out the blog now for more details.

The men’s navy suit has long been the preferred color in tailoring, with an appeal that goes beyond any particular occasion. It isn’t quite as harsh as a black suit and a little more vibrant than gray.

Top Blue Suits for Wedding Reception

Navy is the most versatile color among the three tried-and-true outfit options, and it may be accessorized to seem businesslike, relaxed, or simply stylish. Here are some of the best blue suits for wedding reception.

1. Reiss

Blue Suits for Wedding
Blue Suits for Wedding pictures

This choice from Reiss is a lesson in heritage dressing because it combines traditional and modern elements. A nod to the aristocracy for whom the pattern was originally designed, its plush wool blend is finessed in the pattern. The suit’s stately appearance is enhanced by the plaid sitting atop the padded shoulder. The navy wash and slim-fitting pants give the suit a modern update. For maximum class, pair it with a roll-neck sweater.

If 1% elastane offers you a little stretch, this 4% elastane Reiss suit gives you a fabric that is prepared to withstand the least considerate baggage handlers, the smallest of overhead railway storage, and the densest packed suitcases.

Reiss is also aware of the natural breathability and reduced environmental harm that a wool and recycled polyester combination contributes. It also has a nice appearance.

2. Cos

The loose fit and shortened notched lapels of this Cos suit evoke a Mod-inspired style. This suit might just be the final piece you need to fully realize your potential as a Modern Mod if you’re like Vespas, roll-ups, and soul music. At least something to consider.

3. Tim Burton

Blue Suits for Wedding
Blue Suits for Wedding pictures

This may appear to be your typical navy suit at first glance, but Tom Ford doesn’t work in the conventional. This two-piece is lined with a luxurious silk and cupro combination for comfort, and sharkskin wool provides a flash of sparkle.

With fin-like peak lapels and an intimidatingly pointed trouser leg, it is a suit that emanates silent strength, similar to the King of the Ocean. Wear it with a dress shirt and classy shoes to the most exclusive nighttime events because it glows in low light. 

4. Hawes and Curtis

The greatest slim-fit suits provide a dapper appearance that is never sloppy because they are precisely tailored to your frame. This Hawes & Curtis piece has a high button closure that draws attention to your best features while also enlarging the shoulder and biceps in unison with a plunging neckline.

Interested in a more form-fitting cut but worried about comfort? You don’t have to be because the Italian cotton and elastane in this suit provide excellent stretch. You are then free to accept the canapé as best blue suits for wedding reception.

5. Lewis, John

Blue Suits for Wedding
Blue Suits for Wedding pictures

A three-piece suit, like this one from John Lewis, is the best option for giving you a polished appearance. It gives a flattering fit on any figure thanks to the gently cinched waist.

It is also made of a sweat- and wrinkle-resistant woolen mohair fabric, making it a wonderful choice for a destination wedding. The only thing left to do is put on your nicest tie and dance shoes after adding soft shoulders, pointed lapels, and royal blue buttons for a sophisticated flourish.

6. John Lewis

The best choice for making you look put together is a three-piece suit, like this one from John Lewis. The gently cinched waist gives it a flattering fit on any figure.

It is a wonderful option for a destination wedding because it is also made of wool mohair fabric, which is sweat- and wrinkle-resistant. Then, for a sophisticated flourish, add soft shoulders, pointed lapels, and royal blue buttons, and all that’s left is to don your best tie and dance shoes.

7. Gucci

Gucci’s suit is made of the deepest, darkest blue and gold GG pinstripe embroidery. This navy suit, in a modern-retro cut with structured shoulders, peak lapels, and a double-breasted front fastening, updates modern styles with archival nods.

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A white dress shirt, shiny loafers, and no tie will keep you looking professional. merely contemporary and new.

8. Moss Bros

This slim-fitting, single-breasted suit by Moss Brothers is designed for the contemporary guy with a varied schedule of obligations. This navy suit has been made from the brand’s premier flannel wool blend with simplicity and adaptability at its core, facilitating mobility and offering freedom and comfort. Move forward.

9. Kingsman

This one’s for you, Kingsman movie fans. After the costume design for The Kingsman (2014) garnered a cult following, Kingsman’s sartorial endeavors, from costume to collection, began. This navy suit is made from super 102s wool, obtained from the renowned William Halstead mill, and has luxury flowing through every seam. It was inspired by the outfit worn by Colin Firth in his role as spy Harry Hart. Thi sis one of the perfect blue suits for wedding reception.

10. Givenchy

Although calling a Givenchy suit “art via fabric” may seem ambitious, it is a title that it rightfully holds. The jacket has a clever padlock that connects the double-breasted design, making it the most secure piece of great fashion ever. The wool-mohair blend makes it roughly as durable as a padlock, and it also comes in a desirable boxy-fit silhouette with medium-sized notch lapels.


Early on in the history of matching tailoring, at the end of the 19th century, navy two-piece suits became a popular option. This classy colour has since proven its enduring allure. Similar to grey suits, navy options come in a wide range of shades, but in our opinion, the sweet spot is deep and just dark enough. So, these were some of the best brands offering you blue suits for wedding reception in the best quality and budget. 

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