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Best 9 Box Braids Hairstyles To Try In 2024

Best 9 Box Braids Hairstyles To Try In 2024

  • Box braids hairstyles seem to be definitely some of the most prominent conservative hairstyles Black women go through. They not only are fashionable, but they also let us to take a break from our hair.
Box Braids Hairstyles

Have you suddenly become obsessed over box braids hairstyles? Do you desire to be the person to showcase the current trend? Then stick around as we reveal the most fashionable box-braid hairstyles.

Box braids are only one of the numerous favourite hairstyles among some of the African diaspora. These braids, which resemble a square-shaped box, not only look comfortable and beautiful but they are also said to maintain the hair. Such stunning hairstyles, such as gigantic box braids but also bohemian box braids, are nothing short of works of art. These are not the same as lemonade knots.

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Best Box braid hairstyles for women

To get ideas for your upcoming salon appointment, browse our box braids collection featuring the most fashionable box braids hairstyles.

1. Simple Medium Box Braids

Box Braids Hairstyles
Box Braids Hairstyles: Medium Box Braids

This is as easy as box braids get. This style is nearly regular because of the middle portion with moderate box braids. However, it is its refined and elegant attitude that makes it so appealing and delightful to the eye. It is ideal for those who are new to braiding and it goes well as a business look. Among the most prominent black hairstyles is indeed the box braid.

2. Tied Up Medium Box Braids

This collection of box braids will add an extra oomph to your hairstyle. With all of this half-up ponytail hairdo, you may evoke your inner 90s teenage girl. When the traditional 90s look is combined with box braids, it creates a look that is both cute and sensual.

Cornrow hairstyles have now become incredibly fashionable, and they can be an excellent way to enhance your appearance. If you’re seeking fresh braiding hairstyles, this is a great alternative.

3. Long Bob With Box Braids

Box Braids Hairstyles
Box Braids Hairstyles: Long Bob With Box Braids

Long Bob’s popularity never dies. What might emerge if box braids were added to the all-time favourite box braids hairstyles? It will grow much more renowned and fashionable. Take, for example, this layered bob with big box braids. Add additional golden cuffs to the extremities and a few more between them to accessorise, and you’ve got yourself some stunning hair.

4. Knotless Box Braids

Box braids are hip, coloured box braids are cooler, and knotless coloured box braids are indeed the trendiest box braids hairstyles. Why? Since they offer a clean image without the heavy knots just at the scalp, as well as they also serve as an excellent method of safeguarding hair from the excessive pressure created by braiding. Discover for yourself by attempting a knotless box braids hairstyle.

5. Crochet Box Braids In Burgundy

Box Braids Hairstyles
Box Braids Hairstyles: Crochet Box Braids

Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with a lot of colour in your original hair. With a burst of colour, you could still keep your box braids fascinating. How? Purchase several crochet box braids.

These braids are made with hair extensions in just about any colour you like. Prepare to experience a lot of fun with colours ranging from hot pink through ashen white and good old maroon including this one.

6. Box Braids With Thread

Incorporating a thread is indeed a common and dependable means of decorating box braids. Take, for example, these stunning box braids. The white strand contrasts beautifully with the mahogany braids, adding to the attractiveness of this hairstyle. The use of threads in conjunction with opposing hair colour distinguishes this innovative braids hairdo.

7. Box Braids Buns

Box Braids Hairstyles
Box Braids Hairstyles: Box Braids Buns

Consider going with the unconventional approach. Then opt for this box braids hairdo featuring two buns.

The downward position of the buns, combined with a few free box braids, conveys a casual and easy vibe. The whole front box braids are adorned with beads, that add much more pzazz to the hairdo and bring it a step further.

8. Box Braids With Curls

This is another brilliant example of boho box braids hairstyles featuring curls. Bohemian box braids typically have wavy or curled edges. So, what makes this one unique?

The number of curls just after these box braids has made a significant difference. It adds a lively touch to the whole aesthetic and produces a very nice picture.

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9. Symmetrical Box Braids

Box Braids Hairstyles
Box Braids Hairstyles: Symmetrical Box Braids

You’ve already encountered triangular partitions. It’s about time you learned about these remarkable rectangle hair divisions that provide a symmetrical picture. Even a simple pair of box braids can be elevated by the clean-cut uniformity.


Box braid hairstyles seem to be some of the most prominent conservative hairstyles Black women go through. They not only are fashionable, but they also let us to take a break from our hair. Natural hair is prone to breaking whenever over-manipulated, so a preventative style resembling box braids keeps it safe.

Some of our favourite celebs have chosen box braids one‘s go-to hairstyle on red carpets and social television interviews during the past few months, with That before girls including Coi Leray, Beyonce, Zo Kravitz, as well as Zendaya all-embracing the protective hairstyle, and now you can too have a box braids hairstyles. 


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