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6 Best Bridal Makeup Ideas For Every Bride To-Be

6 Best Bridal Makeup Ideas For Every Bride To-Be

Bridal Makeup Ideas

Looking for some trending bridal makeup ideas for your wedding day? Brides have now known that the secret behind looking flawless on their big day is to wear good and decent quality of makeup.

Since there are a wide variety of choices available, it can get pretty difficult for a bride to be in order to decide upon the perfect makeup look for her wedding.

6 trending bridal makeup ideas

Well, never fear since there are a few best of the options provided below that can help to resolve this problem and offer good solutions as well. Let us now have a look at some of the bridal makeup ideas.

1. The no makeup makeup look

Though the most basic of the makeup looks, it is very much trending and popular. There are many bride to be women who prefer the ideology of less is more and so such a makeup look is the best option for them. One can easily and quickly achieve this look and look effortlessly flawless on their big day. It is a simple and clean looking makeup look that can be worn by brides of any skin tone with equal amount of grace and elegance.

This includes having a sheer or medium coverage of base products with a slight amount of bronzing to highlight the cheek bones and a flush of the blush to add some colour on the face and make the apples of the cheeks poppy. Going with a nude shade of lip colour is the beat option for this look.

2. The typical Indian bridal makeup look

Bridal Makeup Ideas
Bridal Makeup Ideas

When one thinks of an Indian bride, the first thing that comes to the mind if the red colour theme of the outfit which is the typical colour worn by most brides in India. The gorgeous red colour of the outfit can always be matched with the makeup as well to give it a monotone makeup look.

Using a bold red or even a maroon shade of lip colour I the key in achieving this typical Indian bridal makeup look. Of course, no Indian makeup is complete without adding kohl to the water line of the eyes and so this step is also a must have in the process. Keeping the blush and the bronzer as light as possible, the highlighter is what matters next along with tinted brows.

3. The full fledged makeup look

Some women prefer going over the top with their makeup since they believe that their big day should be celebrated in the best of the way possible even in terms of the makeup. A full fledged makeup look is the one where makeup is applied very generously onto the face without compromising over any step in the process.

Starting off with a full coverage base makeup, one has to have a sculpted face using a good quality contour to add sharpness to the face and later mown on to the blush I order to add some colour on the face. Going generous with the highlighter adds brightness and plump look to the face. Going with a black smokey eye makeup and a nude or a subtle dark shade of lip colour will then complete the makeup look.

4. The shimmery makeup look

Bridal Makeup Ideas
Bridal Makeup Ideas pictures

Adding metal toned, shimmery makeup over the face is also quite a great option since the shine adds brightness to the face and makes the face look glowing and plump. Keeping the base makeup really light, adding some amount of blush can easily get some colour over the pale looking face since it would be better to skip or go with a very light hand when it comes to the contour since the focus here will be the shimmery eye makeup.

Gold, solver or even the bronze shades of eye shadows are the ones that compliment any skin tone and any type of outfit very well. Adding an eye liner according to the eye shape and later going on with a kohl is what is needed to complete the whole of the makeup look.

5. The modern glam with a twist of the traditional makeup look

Modern makeup focuses over a flawless looking base and a smokey eye makeup look as it is very much simpler to create compared to the rest of the eye makeup looks and can be termed as traditional as well as western. Defined eye brows are believed to be a game changer when it comes to modern makeup since it instantly adds a lift and glam to the eyes.

Such a makeup look can be easily poured with the concept of the 16 shringaar or the 16 adornments that are typically worn by an Indian bride such as a bindi on the forehead, coloured dots over the eye brows, red matte lip colour and the sindoor.

6. The modern glam makeup look

Bridal Makeup Ideas
Bridal Makeup Ideas pictures

As described above, defined eye brows and smokey eyes are the key to a modern makeup look Since they enhance the features of the eyes by adding intensity and depth to them.

Adding glossy lip colours such as light pinks or even a nude glossy lip colour can be done to get a modern glam makeup look especially for a day time wedding. Keeping the base makeup along with the blush and the contour very light is important so as to let the glossy lips steal the spot light and to make the face look brighter and better looking.

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Summing Up:

Get the best bridal makeup look with some of these trending and best ideas for you. It is your day, look beautiful, flaunt your style and  just carry your beautiful smile.

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