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Best 10 Dark Green Combination To Try On Mehendi Day

Best 10 Dark Green Combination To Try On Mehendi Day

  • Dark Green is one of the best colors, here we have curated a complete list of the best dark green color combinations outfits for you! This mehendi season try out these new combos.
Dark Green Combination

When you talk about a relaxing and calming color, dark green color is one that most likely crosses our thoughts. One of the most obvious reasons why we find the shades of green so soothing is their association with nature.

In recent times, green has become such a popular color because people are wanting to add life to their spaces and bring nature inside. The color gives us the feeling of being closer to nature and all the perks that come with it, some of which are boosting our mood and soothing our stress.

The best 10 dark green combinations to spark up your fashion 

Printing this color on your clothes will surely elevate your overall personality as it will have a calming effect on people around you as well.

We have a perfectly compiled list of possible beautiful color combinations including the shade of dark green for your dresses.

1. Dark green and black

Dark Green Combination
Dark Green Combination pictures

Dark green and black are such a dreamy combination for women who prefer more of a cool chic style. It is a color combination that gives strong and impactful vibes. These colors just naturally look good together. While the black adds a sense of strangeness, the green will add an unexpected pop of color, giving your outfit a playful yet chic look.

2. Dark green with gold

You can always rely on a dark green and golden dress for a dreamy, luxurious look irrespective of the occasion. Whether it is a simple sundress or an ankle-length evening gown, the richness of the colors makes it a vision to behold.

Whether it’s your wedding eve or a weekend party night, no one can deny the beauty and grace delivered by this eye-catching combination.

3. Dark green and grey

Dark Green Combination
Dark Green Combination pictures

The color grey remains an ideal shade to combine with a splash of color. It can really add life to the outfit, especially when the color added to it for the pop is our vibrant dark green shade. And moreover, you can never go wrong with grey. Being the neutral color that it is, it easily matches the green outfits giving it a look of effortless styling.

You can style your dark green and grey outfits for more classy and formal events as gray balances out any color you pair it with, blending it together to look more put together.

4. Dark green and orange 

Green and orange are two contrasting colors where orange is warm and green is cool. Orange can be the ideal color to add some flair to even the most casual of outfits.

Orange paired with the shade of dark green will look particularly appealing. The green complements the tangerine brilliantly and beautifully.

You can style a bright orange shirt with silk green pants, different fabrics can also turn an outfit to be gorgeous.

Ideal for summer clothing, this color combo will excite you and put you in a good mood.

5. Dark green and brown

Dark Green Combination
Dark Green Combination pictures

Brown is again considered to be an almost neutral color so it will automatically go with almost any color you want to match it with. That gives this a high chance of good color coordination to being with.

Also, they both have similar associations with their colors like trees, nature, plants, etc. combination of the high versatility that brown gives in terms of color coordination and the similarities in the associations that both colors have, making this a very nice and easy two colors to pair together.                      

6. Dark brown and blue

Green is a pretty bold color and hence the combination “dark green and blue is somewhat rare, but it looks great.

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As these two colors are beside each other on the color wheel they are paired up as they harmonize with each other. So, if you want to make a statement and be in the spotlight, this is the combination for you.

7. Dark green and pink combination

Dark green and pink can be mixed well together. Although this combination is mostly observed in interior designing, you can very well pair these colors together in clothing as well.

These colors are again immediately and easily striking to the eyes. If you have an outfit that is equally divided between these colors, such as a top and a bottom, you will have a hard time blending with the crowd so this is the combination for you if you want to stand out.

8. Classic monochrome fits

Monochrome outfits are effortless and yet elevate your look. It takes little to no effort to style a dark green monochrome outfit that won’t fail to make you stand out anywhere you wear it. A monochrome look is an immaculate balance of laid-back and polished looks.

Whether you are going to a brunch, need to run to the grocery store, or are at a wedding reception monochrome dark green outfits won’t fail to give you that confidence and attention when you enter a room.

Summing up:

Styling vibrant colors become difficult sometimes. Now that you have so many different color combinations that go with dark green color, you can easily style different outfits or the same piece of clothing in many different ways. Happy styling!


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