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Debbie Harry Fashion: Her Best Top 7 Looks

Debbie Harry Fashion: Her Best Top 7 Looks

Debbie Harry Fashion

Deborah Ann Harry is the lead vocalist of a band named Blonde while she is also an American actress singer and songwriter. She is so good at her work that her recordings from her band reached the number one spot many times in the United States and the United Kingdom from the period of 1979 to 2017 on many occasions.

Since Harry was an adoptive child of her parents, when she came across her birth mother who chose not to establish a relationship with Harry, Debbie would spend a lot of time playing music in the woods that was adjacent to her house. She began her musical career in the 1960s onwards.

Debbie Harry fashions the best 7 outfits

She rose to fame in the year 1976 through her band, Blondie, and was very much popular due to her bold clothing, dual-toned hair, and elegant beauty that made her a punk star. Let us now discuss Debbie Harry’s fashion.

1. The iconic stage look

Debbie Harry Fashion
Debbie Harry Fashion pictures

Debbie Harry is an iconic personality in this industry and so is her dressing sense. She has always been a sensational fashion icon who was never shy about wearing any outfit whatsoever. In one of her concert looks, she wore a dark blue, full sleeves denim jacket over light blue denim pants.

She had a black leather bracelet on one hand and a black leather wristwatch on the other. Black smokey winged eye makeup with soft coral-colored lip color and her iconic dual-toned, blond, and brunette hair made her look fearless and absolutely stunning and confident.

2. The cool girl look

Debbie Harry fashion is all lived up to and was never afraid to try different styles. In a photoshoot once, she wore a white shirt with black butterfly-like objects all over it. She even wore white denim shorts.

Since this is quite a simple look, she chose to bring some drama and sass to it and so added a pair of black leather, thigh-high boots to give her fashion a cool girl effect.

Here too she had her daughter toned, blonde, and brunette hair color with her bangs over her forehead and a black leather wristwatch. She went in for a black smokey eye makeup look and chose to line her water line and her lash line to intensify the look a bit.

One cannot be satisfied with just a single photo shoot, right? Well, in yet another photo shoot of hers, Debbie Harry wore a round-neck white, sleeveless shirt along with a short denim skirt and black thigh-high stockings.

The shirt had a huge black graphic print over it and Harry chose 5o to reflect her cool vibes with it by donning a pair of black oversized cat-eyed sunglasses with her bangs and her dual-toned hair color.

3. The album launch look

Debbie Harry Fashion
Debbie Harry Fashion pictures

Being a famous personality, dressing up according to the occasion becomes a quintessential thing. During one of her album launches, Harry chose to wear an oversized white T-shirt with black stockings, an oversized black blazer and black leather boots with heels.

This gives those punk-like vibes and here she had her hair colored blonde completely. She had pink shimmery eye makeup along with nude brown lip color and a well-bronzed face that made her face look sculpted. Her base makeup looked absolutely flawless and to top it all off, there was a highlighter added on the high points of her face to make it look brighter and glowing.

4. The bad girl look

Being in those bad girl vibes was quite a thing for Debbie Harry and so her dressing sense quite often reflected on that part of her personality as well. Performing on the stage with a weird combination of clothes was also what Harry’s fans witnessed during her concerts.

In one such concert, she wore a black printed T-shirt with yellow and pink striped legging pants. She even wore a thin pink headband to pull her blonde hair back and made it look like a puff on her head. There was also a golden wristband on her wrist and with that all, she performed in the concert.

She even wore a very simple combination of clothes once for one of her concerts. A round-neck printed white T-shirt along with blue denim pants and a few golden bracelets in her writs was what she had worn. For a change, her hairdo here was a bit unusual compared to what it usually is. She chose to tie her hair in a low ponytail while letting her bangs open over her forehead.

Since the color black is associated with the idea of being strong, bold and cold, it is perfect for reflecting the bad girl vibes. Debbie wore a short black dress with puffy full sleeves and a V-shaped neckline. It also had a huge black leather belt over the waist.

She even wore thigh high black leather boots and her iconic black wrist band. Some contour, lip color, and a smokey eye makeup look with a brown theme were what she wore over the dress and donned in it along with her dual-toned hair and bangs.

5. The sweet girl look

Debbie Harry Fashion
Debbie Harry Fashion pictures

A sweet girl is the one who goes for simple but cute-looking outfits that match her body type as well as her personality and in this case, the sweet girl is Debbie Harry who with her graceful beauty and elegance is totally slaying in this outfit.

She wore a sheer black dress with yellow flowers over it, that had full sleeves made of a see-through fabric and a silver metal belt on the waist. A pair of oversized black sunglasses and a few golden wrist bands along with a brown glossy lip color were donned by Harry along with her dual-toned hair.

6. The fashionable diva

Debbie Harry wore a holographic dress at a time when it wasn’t even a trend back then. Looks like she could sense the upcoming fashion trends. The round-neck short dress had oversized sleeves and she wore white knee caps along with white leather shoes.

A black leather bracelet and a black leather wristwatch were also worn by the musician while she sang over the mic with her messy open hair and bangs. Her makeup here included bronzer and silver sparkly eye shadow and nude lip color.

7. The barbie girl vibes

Debbie Harry Fashion
Debbie Harry Fashion pictures

The first thing to strike our minds upon hearing the word barbie is the color pink since barbies were promoted only with the color pink and hence the association. Since Debbie Harry had quite a lot of fashionable looks, one such look seemed to have been inspired by the barbie doll.

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She wore a sleeveless white crop top with a round neck and baby pink-colored denim pants. To accessorize the look further, she added a similar toned cap over her head along with a pink framed pair of black round sunglasses. Her black wristwatch was intact here as well along with her dual-toned hair.

Summing up:

Debbie Harry fashion is a perfect classy blend of hot and chic looks. She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to pairing and styling an outfit.

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