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Deepika Padukone Fashion: The 9 Best Looks Of Queen

Deepika Padukone Fashion: The 9 Best Looks Of Queen

  • Deepika Padukone indeed knows how to make a simple outfit iconic. This is the reason we are always keeping an eye on Deepika Padukone wardrobe essentials.
Deepika Padukone's Fashion Images

Deepika Padukone is one of the most loved actresses that we have. The Bajirao Mastani is not only popular for her exceptional performance but also her signature looks. There is versatility in her personality that she can perform any character. Want to know more about Deepika Padukone’s fashion?  Check this out!

The best part is she never fails to express herself when it comes to fashion. Do you remember Canes Film Festival 2019? She carried the neon Giambattista Valli Tulle or how can we miss out on her Prabal Gurung siren dress at Met Gala 2018. Deepika Padukone indeed knows how to make a simple outfit iconic. This is the reason we are always keeping an eye on Deepika Padukone’s wardrobe essentials.

If you are also looking for some fashion tips then, this blog will help you to the best. Here, we will talk about Deepika Padukone’s fashion and how she reigns Bollywood.

Deepika Padukone’s Fashion:  A Quick Glimpse of her best 8 looks

Deepika Padukone never fails to charmers with her elegant saree or gowns. So, here we have curated her top 8 looks of all time that made us go wow!


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1. Leather Pants Deepika Fashion

Deepika Padukone’s fashion is all about comfort. We have seen her wearing leather pants on different occasions trying to make match different patterns together. Here, she is carrying an all-black look. To break the monotony is carrying golden hoops. This entire look is perfectly creating a Biker aesthetic vibe.

2. The Queen of Monochrome

When we talk about Deepika Padukone’s wardrobe then, we have seen her so many times pulling off the monochrome look. We have seen her on so many occasions totally nailing the monotone athleisure and airport looks.

We also saw her in a completely plain black saree with a black blouse. She kept her hair gelled. She kept the minimal jewelry and looked absolutely stunning.

Deepika Padukone images

3. Deepika Padukone’s Ethnic Wear

Deepika Padukone never fails to make headlines when she is wearing a saree. Recently, we saw her in a yellow saree with a powder blue texture. She looked absolutely stunning and elegant and definitely we couldn’t take our eyes off her.

4. Blue and white strips

Gender has nothing to do with fashion. Gone are the days when gowns and floral patterns were ruling the market for women. Deepika Padukone’s blue and white striped pantsuit is a perfect piece for any girl out there. To complete the look she carried 90’s retro sunglasses and Orange heels to create a color-blocking impact.

5. Athleisure Looks

If anyone knows how to rock athleisure it is none other than DP. She knows how to choose the right material cut frill and the color that suits your body perfectly. She knows how to create the right impact. Her messy low bun has all heart.
Deepika Padukone images

6. 83 Look

Deepika Padukone when she walked off the red carpet celebrating the success of 83. We saw her walking in a dark green gown with the most exquisite jewelry. She kept her hair short wavy. Do you know what was the best part about this look the dramatic winged liner?

7. Knee-length dresses and coats

Deepika Padukone is often seen flaunting her knee-length dresses and long coats. She is seen pairing it with stockings, prints, and different materials. Thus giving us a complete touch of royalty. Isn’t she adorable?She loves experimenting and never hesitates to go loud on colors and prints.

8. Shimmer Sequined Dress

 Yes, we know that everyone doesn’t know how to ace the shimmer look. Bache how can we forget Deepika Padukone fashion when it comes to Shimmer. She looks flawlessly beautiful when she wears a sequined dress. We saw her in a blue shimmer sequin dress with the classics C sleep drape and signature hairstyle.

9. A Quick at Deepika Padukone’s Fashion Gehraiyaan Promotional look
Deepika Padukone Image

Deepika Padukone and the team of Gehraiyaan are enjoying the success of their movie. During the promotional events, we saw her wearing classy outfits that have all our hearts. Her promotional looks were a complete blend of style and simplicity paired up brilliantly. We saw her in bodysuits, halter neck, and a snazzy black look.

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DP started her promotion in a hot red bodycon outfit with the halter neck and the keyhole cut. She paired it up with red pump heels. Later, we saw her in a ribbed knit dress with a high thigh slit and asymmetric hem. What grab attention in this entire look was the detailing at the neck.

Deepika Padukone’s Success 

Starting as a ramp model then featuring in commercials and finally giving their debut in Bollywood from in Om Shanti Om Deepika Padukone has indeed climbed the ladder of success. Her hard work and dedication have head to stay in this Bollywood industry from 2018.

She has given various heads like Om Shanti Om, Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, Tamasha Ramleela Padmaavat, and this list are endless. Deepika’s age is just a number!

From failing at her first relationship to finding the right person. She is indeed an inspiration that no matter what never stop loving yourself and don’t be afraid to fail at finding love. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the most trending couples and we all of them when they walk for a party or an event together.
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh images

Summing up:

Deepika Padukone’s fashion and performance when she plays a character are phenomenal. When you are looking for some fashion ideas it’s worth checking her out. You can go through her Instagram to check all the trending looks and styles that she carries.

We are lucky to have her back when it comes to fashion. So, go hurry up! Check out her Instagram and start preparing for your grand entry at a friend’s birthday or family get-together. 


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