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6 Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants With Top: A Quick Guide For Beginners

6 Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants With Top: A Quick Guide For Beginners

dhoti pants

Dhoti pants with tops are the super cool trend of 2022. Whether it’s work home party wedding or a get-together dhoti pants have made their special space

Every girl wants to look beautiful and stay comfortable and this is went dhoti pants come into the picture. Go on other days when these were only the fashion statement for men. So if you are also looking for a guide to help you in learning how to wear dhoti pants, here we are for you!

How to wear dhoti pants with a top? Top 6 ways!

Summer is here and dhoti pants are one of the most comfortable choices during this time These are not only fashionable but also comfortable. You can pick different solid colours like pink, yellow, green and blue and pear it up with pastel or vibrant hues. Florals are one of the best and most quirky looks.

1. Dhoti pants with short kurtas

Dhoti pants

Dhoti with short kurtas is an excellent combination. If you are looking for an outfit for a family gathering or a family lunch or a wedding function these are one of the most preferred choices. If you are hosting a Diwali party at your home then dhoti pants with a short kurta or be the best choice.

2. Dhoti pants with a crop top

Yes, you read it right. Dhoti pants with a crop top look absolutely fashionable. This not only gives you a party wear look but you can experiment with colors and patterns.

While choosing a crop top, look for colour contrast patterns that complement each other. Do give the right attention to the stretchability, flexibility, and comfortability of the outfit you choose.

This look is quite fashionable and has a perfect college or casual look. Don’t forget to add a choker and heels, to give a complete finishing look.

3. Dhoti pants with a jacket

dhoti pants

You can pick up a fancy embroidered jacket and use it as a style statement. Now, period up with complementary to pants. The embroidered jackets will enhance the look of your entire outfit. This can be one of the perfect wedding outfits. Be extra careful while wearing this outfit.

4. Dhoti pants and cape tops

These pants and cape tops are one of the best pairings that can be done. Dhoti pants with Cape tops are one of the best outfits. All you have to do with take simple dhoti pants and pair them up with the gorgeous Cape top and you are all good to go!

5. Dhoti pants with peplum tops

dhoti pants

You can pair pants with a peplum top. These are the modern and traditional combination which looks absolutely amazing! You pair it with pretty earrings and heels. If you don’t want to go for heels then you can also pick mojari or jutti.

6. Dhoti pants with anarkali

Anarkali is one of the must-have dresses in the wardrobe of every woman. If you want to style out your own Anarkali in a modern way then you can pay for the top with the contrasting dhoti pant. It will completely give you a new look. Just don’t forget to add the dupatta to give a finishing look to this entire outfit.

Some quick tips on how to style a dhoti pant

If you are planning to style then you need to consider the following points:

1. Make sure that the outfit you choose is according to your body type. Yes, you can pair it up in a variety of ways but which size suits your body type is important.

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2. Always remember that dhoti pants are most preferably worn with high heels. As these heels pump to your entire look

3. Always remember that dhoti pants should never be carried without any accessories. So it is very important to accessorize your dhoti pant and never leave it.

4. Try to wear bold and big accessories with these type of looks if you want to create a more impactful one.

Summing up

Dhoti pants were worn by men traditionally. It is a bottom wear garment. That’s with evolving and transforming fashion world these pants become essential in women’s wardrobes.

Many celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, and Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt popularised this look. One of the best features of the dhoti Panther is that they loosely dream over your lower body which makes it quite light, comfortable, and fashionable at the same time.

So, try these looks and so let us know which is your favorite look.

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