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Best 6 Diwali Makeup Looks You Need To Try in 2023

Best 6 Diwali Makeup Looks You Need To Try in 2023

  • Checkout these trending Diwali look and don't forget to flaunt your style this Diwali. Here you go!
Diwali Makeup Looks

Just in time for Diwali in 2023, the ideal Diwali makeup advice and trends are available. Here is the time for some trending Diwali makeup looks that you need to try out this season. Due to the sparkling decorations, lavish outfits, adorned diyas, and beaming grins, Diwali is the happiest time of the year. Alternately, this celebration also presents the ideal chance to play up your makeup by going big, dazzling, and glowing.

Don’t know how to properly apply makeup for the ideal Diwali look? Well, we are available to assist.

Diwali  makeup looks trending in the market 

We have a collection of festive beauty trends for Diwali that can highlight your individuality, whether you like to keep things subtle or go all out. Use this year’s most popular Diwali makeup look trends to your advantage and look like the bombshell you are.

1. Shiny Eyes and Nude lips

Diwali Makeup Looks
Diwali Makeup Looks pictures

This lovely Diwali makeup look is characterized by some sparkle, sparkling eyes, and sensual lips. Let’s try to duplicate this perfection if you can.

  • To create a perfect base, use foundation with a matte finish.
  • Use a highlighter to draw attention to your nose, inner eye, top cheekbone, and brow bone.
  • Utilizing concealer as a base, apply the dark brown color up to the crease to achieve the bursting eye makeup appearance.
  • Apply and blend a layer of crimson or maroon colors above the crease line.
  • By finishing the entire eye look with a gold eyeshadow, you may achieve that dramatic appearance.
  • Apply volumizing mascara after curling your lashes and lining the lash line with a black felt-tip liner to make it appear darker.
  • Apply liquid lipstick in the color nude to finish off the appearance.

2. Keep things straightforward but elegant

Do you plan to celebrate Diwali at work? This Diwali makeup idea is perfect for you if the answer is yes. This understated Diwali makeup look keeps things understated.

  • Use CC cream to level out the tone of your skin after priming it.
  • The apples of your cheeks should flush. After that, apply it seamlessly by blending it with a blush brush.
  • Make your brows appear naturally raised by using an eyebrow pencil.
  • Go ahead and apply some bare eyeshadow on your lids. Use eyeliner afterward. The line might either stop at the outside corner of your eye or in the form of wings.
  • Coral lipstick is a great way to finish the look.

3. Utilize novelties like colorful eyes

Diwali Makeup Looks
Diwali Makeup Looks pictures

Color has an indisputable influence on sight. Choose pink or peach eye makeup if you want to ace your Diwali makeup this year.

  • To get your skin ready, apply a moisturizing primer. Using a damp sponge, cover your face in a dewy foundation. Apply concealer very thinly if you need extra coverage.
  • You should start by blending a peachy tone across your eyelid and crease. Then, from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid, blend pink-orange shades with a smaller brush.
  • Apply a russet brown hue to the outer corners of the eyes and mix it upwards to create a cat-eye shape.
  • Using a fresh blending brush, make sure the gradient’s edges are all softened.
  • Use a pencil brush to apply brown eyeshadow down the lower lash line.
  • After filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, brush them into position. Apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.
  • Create a semi-monochrome look by using a peach lipstick color that complements your eye makeup.

4. Embrace a bronze appearance

This Diwali season, you don’t have to go tanning to have that sun-kissed look. You can quickly get that bronzed look with the use of makeup!

  • To produce an incredibly smooth foundation for your makeup, use your fingers to apply a makeup primer all over the face.
  • Use a tinted moisturizer rather than a standard foundation to give your skin an even, hydrated appearance.
  • Use concealer to hide the dark circles and shadows around your eyes.
  • Apply bronzer that matches the tone of your skin liberally across your forehead and along the sides of your nose with a broad, fluffy brush. The bronzer on your eyelids can always be buffed off.
  • Apply a little blush to the cheeks’ apples and mix it in thoroughly for a sun-kissed appearance.
  • The last details need to be added now! Leave the middle of your lips bare and only apply brown lipstick to the edges. Apply a paler nude shade in the middle, lightly patting it in to combine the colors. Then cover it with clear lip gloss.
  • Like bold lips? Changing from bare lips to red lips is always an option!

5. Slay the Bold Pout

Diwali Makeup Looks
Diwali Makeup Looks pictures

Red lips are a staple of elegant beauty styles that have been around for a long time. All that is required to make this makeup appear beautiful on any lady is picking the appropriate red lipstick shade and consistency. For Diwali, try the following makeup look to highlight your red eye color:

  • This makeup style begins with a base that is applied uniformly, like with most others. To balance out your skin tone, use foundation.
  • Any flaws can be hidden with concealer.
  • For the eyes, you have a choice between these three alternatives.

6. The Glam Diwali Makeup Look

For Dhanteras Pooja, this style is perfect. Choose the accentuated eyeshadow look for your makeup and put on a silk saree. Wear little jewelry. Your face should be moisturized and primed.

  • Start applying the eyeshadow first.
  • Concealer should be used first to make the base transparent, then apply nude shade all over the eyelid.
  • Apply the bronze color with a little stroke on the eyelid, then use the brush to blend it in.
  • Draw a crease line that is a little higher than the actual one.
  • The makeup would look better as a result while the eyes are open.
  • After finishing with the eyes, immediately apply foundation and concealer to the face.
  • Then, use a blusher to draw attention to the cheekbones, forehead, and tip of the nose.
  • Choose the brilliant red or the carrot pink lipstick, depending on your preference.

Summing Up:

So, these were some of the most trending Diwali looks you can try on this season. So don’t forget to share you the best photographs with us by tagging us on Instagram #Thefashnadiwalilook.


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