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Best 15 Dreadlocks Hairstyles That Are Trending In 2023

Best 15 Dreadlocks Hairstyles That Are Trending In 2023

  • Dreads demand a lot of patience as well because it can take years for them to be totally finished. If you are unable to wait that long, attempt fake locks. Your creativity is the only boundary.
dreadlocks hairstyles

Dreadlocks Hairstyles are among the most recognizable haircuts ever. Not for the timid, locks are eye-catching, simple to manage, and full of attitude! Because they don’t involve using any chemicals to make them, they are regarded as protective styles for natural hair. They also minimize scalp irritation while assisting hair in retaining moisture.

Dreads demand a lot of patience as well because it can take years for them to be totally finished. If you are unable to wait that long, attempt fake locks. Your creativity is the only boundary.

Types of Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Here, are some of the best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for you:-

1. Dread Long Hair

When it comes to a lengthy hairdo, your patience will be rewarded. Due to the irregular growth pattern of your hair, it may take years for your dreadlock hairstyles to even reach your shoulders.

dreadlocks hairstyles
Long dreadlocks hairstyles

It will instead spread out among your tangled dreadlocks in various ways. If you don’t want to wait, you can get extensions braided into your natural hair for a long dreadlock look.

2. Brief Dreadlocks hairstyles

Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles are the cutest thing ever! Similar to a bob haircut in sass, but with considerably more attitude, are these locs. Dreads this length will develop in a matter of months and are stylish and easy to maintain.

The best part is that you won’t need to fuss with styling it because the hair already has all the volume, texture, and body you require.

3. Moderate Dread

When grown to a medium length, dreads are tighter and more streamlined. A refined appearance with an exquisite vibe characterizes this. This style is ideal if you’re concerned that heavy, thick dreads may detract from the beauty of your face.

In addition, it’s a terrific style for showcasing understated hair jewelry, such as rings and shells.

4. Dread Braid Design

Just as with ordinary hair, you can braid your dreadlock’s hairstyles. The style will last longer and your mane will appear even fuller! If you’re sick of the conventional dread appearance, a simple three-strand plait is an easy way to switch things up.

dreadlocks hairstyles
dreadlocks hairstyles : Dread Braid Design

Because it has a feminine tone, it’s also ideal for a special event like a wedding. Instead of attempting to plait each hair rope individually, braid your locks in portions.

5. Fiber Dreads

Since it reduces frizziness, wrapping your locks in wool was originally done as a protective measure. Wool dreads are a major fashion statement as well.

Keep it stylish with natural colors like brown, black, and white, or shake it up with new hues. Just remember that wool dreads will weigh more while wet and take longer to dry, requiring less frequent washing. Keep your scalp and hair clean in between washes by using dry shampoo.

6. Knitted dreads

When it comes to wrapping your Dreadlocks Hairstyles, yarn has the same function as wool. Wool only refers to sheep’s wool, but the word “yarn” can be used to describe any form of fabric or thread.

dreadlocks hairstyles
dreadlocks hairstyles Knitted dreads

Synthetic yarn is for you if you’re vegan and don’t wear clothing made from animals. The same advantages of wool wraps will apply to your hair, and it is available in a wide range of textures and hues. If you’re allergic to wool, it can be a decent alternative for you.

7. Curly Dreads

Crinkle dreads are a unique and entertaining variation on the dreadlock look. These can be obtained using a similar technique to making mermaid waves on straight hair. Your dreads should first be damp before you begin braiding three locks at once.

Put a hairband on top of every braid and let it air dry. Unbraid them after that with caution. Then your dreads will have adorable waves and kinks. If you miss having curls and coils in your hair after growing out your dreads, this is a great technique to try.

8. Dreadlocks and cornrows

The iconic cornrow hairstyle, which peaked in popularity in the 1990s and is currently making a comeback, is very popular.

The cornrow, which is a tidy, elevated hairstyle with the scalp showing in between the “rows,” appears uncommon and stunning when worn with dreads. It’s a stylish variation of the undercut look.

9. Dreads with waves

Wavy dreadlocks hairstyles are an easy method to switch up your look, producing a flirtatious and amorous effect. With hair rollers wrapped in silk or satin, you can give your dreadlocks a wavy appearance.

dreadlocks hairstyles
dreadlocks hairstyles Dreads with waves female

Just clip and roll them like you would with normal hair. Dreads may also be lightly braided, set with setting lotion, and allowed to dry. Thin to medium-sized locks respond best to this approach.

10. Psychedelic Dreads

All your wild ones, listen up! dreadlocks hairstyles are already linked to spirituality and natural beauty, so why not embrace the style and go completely bohemian?

Let your locks naturally flow while adding embellishments that are inspired by nature, including as flowers, shells, and pearls. When it comes to fashion and jewelry, this type of style is all about evoking a laid-back and natural feeling, so you’ll like it if you share that preference.

11. Raphael Dreads

In Rastafarianism, dreadlocks hairstyles serve as a symbol of the religion. This look is all about embracing your African roots and allowing your natural hair to flourish unhindered. As it’s crucial to avoid using any artificial ways to generate them, these dreads are freeform in style. These dreads also cannot be rolled, cut, or rubbed, but they can be washed as usual.

12. A High Top Dread

The hair is left lengthier at the edges as opposed to being shaved away in high-top dreads compared to the fade dread style.

The unique system at the top of your head can be maintained as thick as you desire, but they appear particularly fashionable when spread out and sweeping backward. By doing so, the style gains structure and movement.

13. Mohawk Dreadlocks

Mohawks and cornrows are the perfect way to draw attention to yourself. This fashion is comparable to a faux hawk with natural hair. Form your locks in the middle of your forehead while maintaining the sides short to achieve this style.

You can wait to shave the sides until the locks themselves are willing to take center stage because your dreads may take months and years to awareness and increase.

14. Gentle dread

It’s not necessary to have an edgy mindset to wear dreadlocks hairstyles. Dreads that are soft and subtle are delicate and feminine. If you don’t want to commit to a big lock style, this lovely dreadlocks look is perfect.

Also, it’s both basic and fashionable enough to wear on a night out. For a casually elegant finish, pair this hairdo with equally delicate makeup.

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15. Crocheting soft dreads

When discussing dreads, the word “crochet” is often employed. Dreadlocks can be swiftly pulled in and tightened up by crocheting. This gives the locks themselves a thicker, smoother appearance. Dread extensions are attached to braided hair using a crochet hook to create a gentle dread effect. Beautiful locks will appear right away!

16. Fearful Turn

Twists and dreads are combined in this look to provide extra protection. Depending on your preference, you can wear the locs down or up. Although it works best with extremely textured and longer hair types, twisting is one of the ways to promote locs to form. Also, it takes longer to produce dreads than other techniques.

17. Fearful Pin Up

Dreads are endlessly adaptable; you can even sport an appearance that is pin-up-inspired from bygone eras! For the distinctive shape of the Victory Roll, twist a portion of your dreadlocks around over a foam hair curler.

After removing the roller, fasten the hair using hairpins. This appearance is much more sophisticated if your sides are braided. If not, draw back the remaining locs and tie them off the nape of the neck.

18. Rough Updo Bun

It goes without saying that dreadlocks look fantastic when fashioned in an updo. You can wear your hair in a full bun, a half-up, half-down style, or with statement strands hanging loose.

Try wearing it with statement eye makeup and thick brows because, like any bun hairdo, it draws attention upward. It’s also the perfect opportunity to display jewelry, which will counteract the top-heavy haircut.

19.  Theft locks

Faux locks, often known as “fake dreads,” will give you the dreadlocks’ appearance without requiring you to spend years growing them out. This appearance can be achieved by having your real hair braided first, then having dreadlocks placed around it.

Moreover, imitation locks can be crocheted into cornrows. Because your natural hair is hidden and hence shielded from heat, pollution, and chemicals, faux locks will give your hair all the advantages of other protective styles like weaves.

20. Dread Fade Fashion

Dreads and a fade are not simply a man’s thing. Women also look amazing in this trendy style. Keep your dreads relatively long to create a cool contrast and allow you more versatility, whether you choose a low, medium, or high fade.

Due to the fact that you won’t have as much hair to manage, this is a terrific summertime style.


Using natural hair instead of extensions, dreadlocks resemble two-strand twist braids. Sanskrit, locks, or rasta are a few more well-known names.

You no longer need to be concerned about heat damage when wearing the dreads and can proudly display your natural crown. Generally speaking, afro-textured hair is recommended for locks. The dreadlock hairstyles mentioned above are some that you can try.


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