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Is Dubai safe for solo female travellers? 10 Quick Tips

Is Dubai safe for solo female travellers? 10 Quick Tips


Is Dubai safe for female solo travelers is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is one of the most beautiful and safest countries for female solo travelers so don’t hesitate to go to this exotic place. 

Solo traveling helps you to explore yourself and no more about people and life. Have a good there are certain precautions that need to be taken care of if you are traveling solo. If you are planning to go on a solo trip to Dubai then this guide will definitely help you out. Here, we will talk about a solo women travelers guide. 

10 Quick Tips for your solo trip to Dubai

1. Respect religion and dress appropriately

Dubai solo trip

Dubai is a little conservative, especially in regards to Islamic culture. So, make sure you dress appropriately in public places. If you are wearing a somewhere on the beach it is completely okay but once you are out it is advised to immediately cover up yourself. While entering the mosque cover your head and avoid wearing skimpy dresses to attract the attention of the people on road. However, you can wear such dresses inside a hotel or a mall.

2. Choose your accommodation wisely

Dubai solo trip

The place is quite popular for its luxurious hotels. So, if you are looking for a 6-star hotel in Dubai then, you can go for Burj Al Arab. If you are on a budget trip you can find some reasonable options over here. Here, you will find 3-star and 5-star hotels as well. You can also find apartments within the city. AirBnB will help you to connect with the locals where you can find cheaper homestays and hotels. If you are looking for a particular accommodation for solo travelers then Dubai has a lot of accommodations for females.

3. Getting aware of the traffic rules and regulations

Dubai solo trip

Dubai is severely strict when it comes to traffic rules and regulations. Whether you are driving a vehicle or are a pedestrian you need to be really aware of the traffic rules. Unlike India Dubai has strict rules and regulations and not following any traffic signal is a punishable

4. Drinking in public 

Dubai solo trip

Try to avoid drinking in public places. You cannot buy alcohol from any shop without a liquid permit. It is a punishable offense if you are found drinking and public. So be careful! 

5. Transportation variety

Dubai solo trip

Dubai has lots of transportation options for female solo travelers. You can prefer the metro system if you are looking for a cheap clean and on-time transportation option. Along with this, you can find Uber over here or you can higher a private taxi or a driver. Women can drive in Dubai so you can rent out a car in UAE. However, you will need to be extra cautious when it comes to traffic rules. Dubai has another popular pink taxi cab transportation option.

6. Connect with the locals

It is one of the safest destinations as the crime rate over here is very low. People over here are quite friendly and helpful. Should try to connect with the local people to know more about this place and to ensure better safety. However, it is advised not to share your phone number or where you are staying unless the person is trustworthy.

Connecting with the locals will help you to know more about this particular place. People will not harass you but will stare at you. The concept of solo travel is new to this place.

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7. Know about the local laws

Before you head to Dubai you need to know about the local laws in this place. Here, people are governed by sharia law which you might not be familiar with.

Let’s give you a quick example. Here, drinking alcohol, kissing and public, clicking someone’s photo without their consent, homosexuality is not acceptable. So, it is advised to have a quick idea of the local laws and beware of it.

8. Solo traveling new concept

Remember that this is a Muslim country and men over here are typically not able to interact with women who are not associated with them. So, as a woman is always a good idea to approach other woman and speak with them. If you need any help you can ask them for their assistance.

9. Stay alert in aware of your surroundings

Dubai solo trip

Last but not least always stay aware of your surroundings. You need to trust your instant and try your best to avoid any trouble. Always ensure that you have emergency numbers handy and easily accessible. Don’t walk in deserted places alone late at night. 

Summing up

Dubai is quite safe for female solo travelers. In fact, it is one of the top 10 safest places for women solar travelers. So don’t hesitate to explore the majestic Dubai and have the best experience. Don’t feel like you are an outsider and enjoy the local surroundings. The locals over here I’ll quick friendly and helpful. However, you need to keep in mind some rules and regulations which are quite important over here. 

If you are stuck in an emergency or a problem you can contact the emergency helpline numbers. Dubai is a great place to be and is comfortable. However, you need to keep the above mention things in mind

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