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How To Dye Hair At Home With 11 Easy Steps?

How To Dye Hair At Home With 11 Easy Steps?

  • Now, dying your hair is not tough!
  • So, here we have a blog for you, all you have to do is dye your hair at home.
Dye hair at home

When dying your own hair, there are several factors to take into account: selecting the appropriate hue (and enabling it to come up correctly), applying the color in the right places, and utilizing the appropriate equipment for the process. You can dye hair at home easily and its is pretty safe however, you need to skip the DIY and follow the instructions mentioned in the product packaging. Make sure to pick the right hair color and apply it accordingly to the right places. 

Don’t even get us started with the after-care. But don’t panic – all you need for a successful at-home dye job is some perseverance (always go gently) and some pointers from those who understand what they’re saying about.

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11 steps to dye hair at home easily 

If you are looking for some easy ways to dye hair at home, check-out the blog now. Scroll down!

1. Know when to go lighter — or darker

Dye hair at home
Dye hair at home: Lighter or darker shades

When using semi permanent dye, meanwhile, err on the softer side of the desired color. Semi permanent solutions lack a developer, so they become darker the longer you keep them into your hair. It’s better to go with a lighter hue from the start.

2. Consider your hair texture

Hair texture is just as important when dye hair at home because it is when cutting it.

So, what does this imply for you when you’re sitting in the drugstore hallway? If your mane is frizzy or curly, choose one warm color (golden, copper, bronze) that is a little brighter than your natural hair color; when your hair is straight and flat, use a cooler hue (champagne, beige) that is noticeably darker over your natural color.

3. Touch up your roots without staining your scalp

If you’re only doing your bases, I’d apply coconut oil or a deep cleansing mask to the mid-shaft as well as endings to help keep any lightness or volume you have on your hair.

Because dye runoff from washing out your root can color the remainder of your hair, she recommends building a coconut oil barrier that will prevent color from soaking down throughout your hair. She also recommends putting Vaseline along your hairline to keep dye from damaging your scalp.

4. Rethink your hair dye tools

If you’re an unnaturally blonde, box dyes won’t disguise the dark roots of your highlighting because they’re only intended to change hair color by a shade or two.

Instead, use dye hair at home bleach kit, such as Clairol Born Blonde, and administer with a spooley only the highlights’ bases.  The cosmetics tool distributes bleach uniformly and precisely, reducing the likelihood of getting “hot” (hairstylist slang for “orange”) color.

5. Consider spot-treating gray hair

You are not required to dye your entire head if you want to target greys. If you have a grey headband around your hairline, use a semi permanent dye to color just that region. Developing strand by strand might well be necessary.

6. Section, section, section

Dye hair at home
Dye hair at home : Use the right brush

To eliminate patchiness, make a centre part that runs all the way to the rear of your forehead and divide your hair into 4 portions — two in front of ears as well as two inside the back. Be prepared for the application. Sometimes people have missed spots or don’t understand how to access the back.  To avoid this, create four sections with clips and move through them from front to rear.

7. Add shampoo to your hair dye

If your endings are extremely dry and that you’re dying your full head, do not even dye them. Alternatively, three minutes prior to actually rinsing, mix two sprays of shampoo with the remaining dye in the bottle. Shake it around and distribute it to your hair’s ends. It dilutes the dye but nevertheless gives you a dash of color and lustre.

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8. Let your hair down

You remember how the ladies in the ads usually have their dye-coated hair beautifully coiled up into a bun? Do not do it. While you dye hair at home simply avoid what is shown is the ads.

The color will not be there when you wash it away. Keep it down till the timer goes off.  Get a hair coloring gown so you have anything you don’t mind having a very little dye on – you do not want to ruin any garments you care about during the procedure.

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9. Add water

Splash a little water over your head as well as push your hair around by your fingers for a few minutes before rinsing out the color. It emulsifies the dye as well as pushes it all over so there are no lines or stains. Dye hair at home with these quick easy steps! 

10. Tweak the results

Dye hair at home
Dye hair at home : The Haircolor

If you’re displeased with the color after the hair has dried, you can tone it down by using a deep conditioner to wet hair. After that, cover your head in plastic wrap as well as a hot, moist towel.

Put on for 20 minutes (blow-dry the hair after 10 minutes), then wash and conditioner your hair. If you are still unhappy with your color, you’ll have had to visit a salon as soon as possible. Please don’t panic while you dye hair at home, if in any case it doesn’t work out visit the salon as soon as possible. 

11. You must condition when you’re done

If you omit the conditioner stage, the cuticle remains open as well as the color continues to work. As a result, don’t be shocked if you wind up with far darker hair that you desired.  Don’t toss away the kit’s condition, but if you do, apply a thorough conditioner inside the shower once you wash out the dye.


We understand if you’d rather shave your head instead over color your own hair at home – dye hair at home needs time and cash. Furthermore, there is such a large possibility for error (especially if this is your initial time) that you may spend months attempting to rectify it. At the very least, it’s frightening. On the contrary, salons can be pricey, so the desire to save your money and start picking up a dye brush yourself is completely natural.

Just do a quick a research before applying any hair color. Don’t be in a rush and ensure that you take the right measure and follow the tips. 

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