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Eye Makeup for Big Eyes: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Eye Makeup for Big Eyes: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Eye makeup for Big eyes

Large or big eyes look absolutely beautiful and there is no denial about that! If you have those eyes you are lucky enough!

When it comes to doing eye makeup for big eyes you need to know how to do the right things in a proper way. Big eyes look gorgeous when the right makeup is done to them. So, today in this blog we are going to talk about eye makeup for big eyes. Here, we will provide you with detailed steps.

Eye makeup for Big eyes tips to help you

1. Eyebrows done right

Eye makeup for Big eyes

When we talk about eye makeup then, you cannot miss out on your eyebrows. So, ensure that your eyebrows get the right grooming, trim, and shape they require. Always remember, when it comes to eye makeup eyebrows are crucial and a big highlighting feature.

2. Kill the dark circles and puffiness

Dark circles, puffiness, and eye wrinkles are some of the common eye issues that everyone goes through. So, whenever you are doing eye makeup make sure that you prepare your ideas first. You can use instant makeup solutions like concealer and try to hide out the areas under and near your eyes.

3. The right eyeshadow

Eye makeup for Big eyes

Choosing the right eyeshadow for your big eyes is one of the most daunting tasks. You need to be very tricky about it. So, if you have big eyes then, you can go for dark shades instead of light or nude colors. Why is this so? This is because the dark shadows will grab your attention and will highlight the shape of your facial features.

If you have big eyes then, it is one of the most beautiful and attractive features that you have so you need to enhance these. If you want you can also go for shimmery eyeshadows. You can add a little touch of shimmer to your upper eyelids and stand out.

4. You need to blend the makeup

Always remember that applying a lot of eye products is not the right makeup method. If you want to look flawlessly amazing then, blend your eyeshadow, concealer, and other eye products properly. This will add a  seamless effect on your eyes.

5. Eyelashes

Eye makeup for Big eyes

Eyelashes are the most element when you talk about eye makeup for big eyes. You can curl the eyes lashes and hey, don’t forget to give emphasis on the bottom eyelashes. Don’t forget to add mascara as this will give volume to the eyes and enhance the look.

6. Enhance inner eye look

The most important feature is to enhance your look. So, make sure that you add a white eye shadow and boost the look.

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How to apply the right eyeliner to the big eyes?

Eye makeup for Big eyes

Eye makeup for big eyes is incomplete a lesson article you learn the art of applying to be the right eyeliner. There are so many different types of eyeliners available like gel liner, liquid liner, pencil liners, and color ones as well.

  1. The very first step is that you can apply a white or a flesh tone eyeliner on your water lines. Black eyeliner will define the shape of your eyes and the white eyeliner on The water lines will enhance the look.
  2. The next tip is to apply dark eyeliner away from the inner corners. While applying the eyeliner try to not start from the inner corners instead start from a slight away from the inner eye.
  3. The next step is about the right skin tone. You can choose an eyeliner that defines your eyes. If you have a lighter skin tone then, avoid using black color as it can be a bit harsh.
  4. You can add medium brown or blue shade to define your eyes.
  5. The next step for eye makeup for big ice is to apply the wynk at the right point. Try not to extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corner. If you extend the eyeliner too much then, it will make your eyes look tired.
  6. While applying the eyeliner always start with a thin line and gradually try to take care when you reach near the outer corner. Always remember that this will require a lot of patients and practice.

Summing up

If you want flawless eye makeup for big eyes. Make sure to hide and blend the blemishes and dark circles. If you have any type of pigment use a color corrector and then, apply concealer.

Complete your look after curling the lashes and don’t forget to apply mascara and a smile to your face.

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