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Learn Easy Eye Makeup With 5 Steps: A Guide For Beginners

Learn Easy Eye Makeup With 5 Steps: A Guide For Beginners

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is definitely a life-changing way of adding volume and a poppy effect to the eyes. A person can instantly look wide awake even after a disturbed sleep routine with just some eye makeup product.

Eye makeup basically helps to cover all the flaws on and around the eyes and make them look enhanced and brighter and better so as to make your facial feature look more attractive and can feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

Makeup is a field where there is always something g new to learn because there are a lot of beginners in this process so let us now have a look at the eye makeup steps to get that glamorous poppy eye looks.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is an art that requires patience, skill, and imagination which can later be reflected through makeup. A fabulous, bold, and even fearless or innocent look can easily be achieved by following some simple makeup steps.

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Simple Makeup Steps Eye Makeup With 5 Steps

One does not have to be an expert in makeup while follow these steps since these are pretty easy ones that can be followed by the newest makeup beginners as well.

Step Number 01: Primer

An eye makeup is a product that is absolutely necessary to be used while doing the eye makeup since it is the only key that helps to keep your eye makeup intact over your skin. It creates a smooth and perfect canvas for the makeup to just glide onto the eyes.

One must ensure to use only a required amount of Primer and not to overuse or underuse it. After letting the primer dry soon after its application, one can move on to an eye shadow base or a foundation, or even a concealer to settle on as a base.

Step Number 02: Simple and Basic Eye Shades

Being a beginner, it is always safe to go with basic and simple colors so as to get the hands of how it is done. Once a person gets the hang of it, the application of shimmery or darker and crazier colors can be inculcated in the makeup routine.

Most makeup artists suggest using the four most basic matte shades when it comes to eye makeup since they are perfect for creating an everyday makeup look and will not give an oily illusion to the eyelids due to their matte finish) they are a highlighter (to add a pop of color to the eyes and make them look wider), a contouring shade, a mid-toned shade, and a black color (to add definition).

Step Number 03: Using the correct brushes

Each and every step of makeup has its own dedicated brush depending on its application spots and the amount in which it needs to be blended into the skin, etc. Eye makeup too has its very own dedicated brushes and so choosing them appropriately is quite necessary.

Eye makeup

Using a flat brush in the application helps in precision and makes the application even easier. Small and medium-sized eye shadow brushes will also be needed to create a simple and easy smokey eye makeup look.

One has to always begin with the lightest eye shadow possible and later glide it on to the starting point of the eye makeup, that is, the inner corners of the eyes, and continue stretching it towards the outer corners of the eyes.

Tapping off the excess product from the brush before its application over the eyelids will prevent fallout and avoid turning the process from being messy. The mid-tone shade should be applied to the crease line and then be blended with a blending brush from the outer corners of the eyes towards the inner corners. One can use an angular brush for precision while a feathered one for the mid-coverage eye makeup looks.

Step Number 04: Contour

Contour is a process by which any part of the face can be popped and made to look sculpted and sharp by giving it some amount of definition. Using a dark shade of the eye shadow, apply it to the outer corners of the eyes and then blend it into the crease line as well. Taking some time and adding some makeup on the lower lash line is also needed so as to make the look feel completed as a whole.

Using the mid-toned eye shadow, starting from underneath the outer corners of the eyes, keep gliding until it meets the highlighter. For the addition of some intensity and drama, some kajal or kohl can be added to the water line as well.

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Step Number 05: Finishing Touches

Eye makeup

By following the above-mentioned steps, you are almost done with your eye makeup but there are still some last-minute touches to be added to give you a finished and glamorous look.

Products such as eyeliner can add definition and enhance the shape of your eyes. The addition of a mascara that can add volume, thickness, or even give a lengthening effect to the natural lashes can be done or one can even opt for false lashes or one can even combine these two steps together.

This all will also add drama to the eyes. One must not forget to curl the natural as well as the false lashes before the application of mascara or glue since such products can cause the skin to dry and so curling the lashes in such a stage can cause severe damage to the eyes which are one of theist sensitive and delicate parts of the skin and the body.


So, these were some easy steps to guide you about eye makeup. Please remember that with the right steps it is very important to give emphasis on the right products so make sure you choose the right eye products with good quality and lasting colors. You can pick some of the best eye palettes from Nykaa, MyGlam, Lakme, and many other brands. These makeup hacks will help you to make your day. These look super amazing and are quite easy to try on. There are so many ideas for you try these out and do let us know in the comment section below.


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