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The Gorgeous 13 Eyebrow Fashions for 2022

The Gorgeous 13 Eyebrow Fashions for 2022

  • Looking for some over the top eyebrow fashion ideas, here we have curated a complete list for you! You can try these out but be careful in deciding which eyebrow is going to suit you the best!
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Trends in eyebrows can be risky business. Some of us have discovered the hard way that excessive brow-plucking can alter their shape permanently; the rest of us have heard the horror stories.

That’s why when Bella Hadid brought back the ’90s slim brow trend early this year, we immediately raised our eyebrows (and then waited to figure out the situation).

Do they still exist in 2022? Possibly arguable. Vera Clinic, a company that specializes in aesthetics, had the same idea, so they used Instagram data to analyze millions of views and posts to determine what was popular and what wasn’t.

Try out these top 13 eyebrows style 

You may also exhale in relief since, despite the fact that ’90s brows have earned a spot in the top 10, the main headliners aren’t overly focused on the taming of their features (there might be some bleaching involved, though).

The most well-liked eyebrow fashions for 2022 are listed here.

1. Brow Lamination

The brow lamination style is by far the most well-liked brow fashion for 2022. Perfectly positioned, brushed-up brows are provided by the semi-permanent procedure and endure for months. In essence, the procedure entails rebuilding brows and shaping them into the ideal form with the aid of a fixing solution that helps straighten curly hairs and enhance symmetry.

Additionally, the brushed-up shape can aid in bridging gaps and creating the impression of fuller-looking brows. Additionally, the fad has high-profile supporters among celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa.

2. Natural brow

Natural eyebrow style
Natural eyebrow styles images

With 896,000 hashtags, natural brows is the second most popular (and the easiest to do). This style emphasizes maintaining your natural shape while possibly looking a little more polished. It’s not overly slim or thick; rather, it’s more understated and straightforward.

3. Fluffy brows

Fluffy brows have gained popularity and will continue to do so through 2022. Billie Eilish has been photographed wearing the style, which entails brushing up brow hairs but yet leaving them loose and natural so that you don’t have to spend as much time penciling them in.

4. Feather Brows

This is not the same as micro-feathering, a method of semi-permanent tattooing. Instead, it’s an alternative interpretation of feathery brows. The goal is to define the brows with a spoolie and flick them out for an airy, light appearance that still looks full.

5. Bleached Brows

Bleached Eyebrow style
Bleached Eyebrow style images

Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Lizzo are just a few of the celebrities we’ve seen rocking the bleached brow trend. However, there’s a secret hack going around on TikTok that creates the appearance of bleached brows without the commitment, while sounding intimidating and making a big statement.

6. Eyebrow Transplants

Chrissy Teigen, hardly your typical brow trend, spurred interest in eyebrow transplants when she posted on Instagram that she’d undergone the treatment to avoid wearing as much makeup.

To add fullness to your eyebrow area, hair grafts (or plugs) are transplanted from the back of your head. She gives Gen Z advice, saying that it’s definitely more of a commitment than buying new eyebrow gel. Teens, please do not remove them all.

7. Straight Brows

Forget about Nike tick brows; Audrey Hepburn favored the straighter look, which is still popular with Zendaya and Cara Delavigne in 2022. It has a straighter tail and a less pronounced arch.

 8. Colored Brows

Colored Eyebrow style

Best suited for makeup enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting, playing, and having fun. The colored brow is a quick and simple method to add color to your makeup, and it’s certainly not dull.

9. Fox Brows

Although fox brows are currently popular, cosmetic artists have been using this method for many years. As a side business, tape is used to raise the face and pull the brows back into a flatter form.

Additionally, TikTok users have imitated the look by lengthening the ends of their brows using brow pencils to give them a shape more like to Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber.

10. Hybrid Brow Dry

Zahoui claims that the “hybrid brow dye,” which made its debut in Russia this year, has not yet reached its full potential on our soil but is likely to find its way into a number of salons.

It’s not your typical brow tint, she clarifies. It is the only color of its kind on the market that has the same effect as henna, and it is an unusually long-lasting brow dye that stains both the skin and hairs.

It lasts up to two weeks on the skin and seven weeks on the hairs, with colors that may be customized to match skin tones. We’re curious.

11. The Gemstone Brow

Gemstone Eyebrow style
Gemstone Eyebrow style images

The gemstone brow is another fashion trend we’ve got ready for Mardi Gras and music festivals. With 3D rhinestones piled over arches, it’s similar to the glitter brow on steroids.

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You can thank Kacey Musgraves’ disco brows from her album launch and Cardi B for making this statement during Paris Fashion Week.

12. 90s brow

Yes, that has been foreseen in the past. Yes, it frightens us each time. Samantha Tonkin, Benefit’s brow expert, says the ’90s-style brows will return, but not in the way you might expect.

She tells BEAUTYcrew, “We know so much more about brows now than we did 20–30 years ago. “So yes, the brows may look a little sparser, but they will still start where they should, and there will still be arches where they should be (no McDonald’s arches),” the author explains. And there won’t be any over plucking this time.

13. Brow Layout

Rezaei also mentions the “brow layout,” a new in-salon procedure that entails expert brow artists freehand plucking the hairs in between the brows. She says that because of the density of the brow, it is difficult to create a fluffy, natural-looking brow.

“We usually do this on brows that are growing in crazy directions or have coarse, thick stubborn hairs,” she says. Sometimes we even mix this style with lighting to achieve that delicate, understated, and glowing appearance.

Summing up: 

If you are looking for eyebrow fashion ideas, these are the best we have. Try them out, experiment. Do remember, that eyebrows are crucial for everyone so be sure about the style you pick or the brows you try. 

What item is a must-have to pull off all of these trends? The must-have styling item, in Tonkin’s opinion, will continue to be clear brow gels like Benefit’s 24 hour Brow Setter. “Those that provide all-day waterproof wear without getting clumpy, but are also quite versatile with the looks they can produce.”


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