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10 Best Eyeliner Ideas For Big Eyes To Spark Up Your Look

10 Best Eyeliner Ideas For Big Eyes To Spark Up Your Look

Eye liner ideas for big eyes

Getting eyeliner ideas for big eyes is a tough job. But not anymore! Eyeliner is a makeup product that gives definition and shape to the eyes and can make them look smaller or bigger depending upon the amount that you apply over your eyelids. This highly pigmented liquid is a game changer and can instantly create a lifted and fresh look that is perfect for the day as well as the night and can go over literally any outfit irrespective of its colour or type.

But a lot of people tend to have smaller eyes in general and they are always on a hunt to make their eyes look bigger even after applying eyeliner so here are a few eyeliner ideas for big eyes.

10 Best Eyeliner Ideas For Big Eyes to Spark Up Your Look

Here, we present a list of eyeliner ideas for big eyes that will help you to spark your look and enhance your makeup. 

1. The wider eyes

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The quickest and probably the most easiest way to get bigger eyes is to use a white colored eye liner pencil which is available almost every where now and so getting your hands over such a product is important to have the bigger eyes look without having opted for a surgical method to do the same.

Taking a white eye liner pencil, start lining the water line of your eyes or the line just above your lower lash line, this helps to sharpen and emphasise your looks. Using either a white or a skin toned eye liner is necessary for this look. This helps to open up your eyes and gives the effect of wider and bigger eyes that most people have desired for the most of their life. This even neutralizes any amount of redness around the eyes and make them look slightly brighter.

2. The thin to thick eye liner hack

Applying an eye liner has always been messy for most beginners but applying the eye liner in a correct manner is also quite important since a complete thick eye liner may make the naturally small eye look even more smaller and will only add deepness to them and not make them look bigger.

In order to make the smaller eyes look bigger even after the application of a dark colored eye liner, one must start by applying a thin line of eye liner from the inner corners of the eyes and gradually make the same line thicker as it approaches the outer corners of the eyes to give it an almost winger liner look.

Such a method will easily fake the illusion of wide and open eyes and if you’re a beginner, it is advisable to use a liquid eye liner in this process since using a gel based or a stick liner can be messy and a liquid eye liner will glide smoother and better and will save time as well.

3. Applying the eye liner away from the inner corner of the eye

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While applying a darker colour or shade of eye liner such as black, dark brown, forest green, etc, one has to make sure to start applying the eye liner by keeping a slight amount of distance from the inner corner of the eye. If this is not done and you end up applying the eye liner starting from the inner corner then it will not be possible for you to create the illusion of wider and bigger eyes since this will end up defining the shape of your actual eye shape.

You can always apply some amount of a skin toned or a neutral eye shadow or eye liner on the inner corners of the eyes just to fill up the empty space and make your eyes look brightened. One even needs to hide their blemishes and dark spots to create the illusion of bigger eyes and make them look brighter. This can be achieved with the help of a concealer and then you will be left with bigger and wider looking eyes.

4. Smokey eyes makeup look for big eyes

If you already have big eyes then a Smokey eyeliner makeup look is probably the best thing to go for to enhance your eyes even more and for the good. Using deeper and darker shades such as black, brown or even grey can be done to achieve the Smokey eyeliner makeup look.

The top of your eyelid and the lower lash line need to be covered with this eyeliner so as to achieve the enhanced eye look that adds depth to them and defines them well.

5. Using darker shades of eye shadow

Eyeliner ideas for big eyes
Eyeliner ideas for big eyes pictures

If you have naturally big eyes then you would want to own quite a lot of dark eye shadows and eyeliners since the darker the eye makeup, the better it looks and stays. A dark shade of colour also recedes space and size. Adding dark eye shadows or even eye liners and completely covering your eyelids with it can create a good amount of drama and look sassy and classy and make your eyes look contoured.

It is also important to line the rim. Using a thick line of eyeliner over the big eyes is also crucial since a smaller line will end up looking natural and will not create any effect on the eyes.

6. Application of false lashes

The application of false lashes over bigger eyes will make your eyes look popping and beautiful. The curling up of the natural, as well as the fake eyelashes individually, is necessary to give volume and set the lashes in a particular shape.

Adding mascara that lengthens and adds volume to the lashes will indeed add definition to the eyes. When a winger eyeliner is applied in such a case, it will turn up looking absolutely gorgeous and one will not be able to have enough of this look.

Summing up:

So, these are some of the best and most trending eyeliner ideas for big eyes. You can try out these ideas and glam up your look. You are going to love the look and don’t forget to share your picture with us on Instagram.

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