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The Best Eyeliner Ideas For Round Eyes For Beginners

The Best Eyeliner Ideas For Round Eyes For Beginners

Eyeliner ideas for round eyes

Eyeliner is a makeup product that really enhances the beauty of the eyes and brings out the glow on one’s face. Eyeliner on the eyes can be a real game-changer of one’s full face makeup look or even if one is not wearing any makeup except for the eyeliner. But people with round eyes tend to find it difficult in order to find the types of eyeliner looks that suit their eye shape and look good on their face. Here, are a few eyeliner ideas for round eyes.

Eyeliner is a very versatile makeup product and there are brands that offer you to choose an eyeliner style that is tailor-made for your eye shape. Some flicks here and there on the eyes can help get the perfect eyeliner look. We understand that finding the best eyeliner for your round eye. So, here are some best eyeliner ideas for round eyes.

Eyeliner Ideas for Round Eyes 

1. Eyeliner Ideas for round and prominent eyes

This look will work the best when in comparison to one’s whole face, only their eyes end up looking smaller and that is something quite noticeable. Most of the white part of the eye is visible in such cases as there turns out to be a gap between the iris, top, and bottom eyelids.

A liquid liner is one that can come to the rescue during such a situation or tragedy. By applying an adequate amount of liquid liner on the upper lids of the eyes, one has to create a flick directed upwards when it reaches the end of the eyes.

The key here is to avoid over-application of the eyeliner and ensure to trace only a thin line of the eyeliner. To finish off the look one can add a coat or two of a good voluminous or lengthening mascara.

2. Eyeliner idea for round mono lids

Eyeliner ideas for round eyes

Mono eyelids mean when one does not have a discernible crease in their eyelids. In such cases, the eyelids tend to appear flattened and the brow bone looks less prominent as well. Such eye types usually have a smooth or shallow eyelid type.

Using a pencil liner with a fine tip is the best to maintain a minimalist approach in this case. So one can start drawing from the inner corner of the eyes and then move outwards where the eyeliner is to be made a little thicker on the ends.

The same procedure is to be repeated on the other eye to complete the look. And the look will be totally complete by topping it off with some mascara.

3. Eyeliner idea for small round eyes

Eyeliner ideas for round eyes

When the eyes seem comparatively smaller in comparison to the rest of one’s face and there appears to be a small space between the brow bone and the upper lash, this is when one should realize that they have smaller eyes. In such cases, the iris is usually surrounded by just some touch of white.

To add some beauty to such eyes with a pop of color, a blue eyeliner can be used to draw a line to the outer corner of the eye and then try to create a smudged liner look.

For that, the fingertips work the best and their magic helps to smudge the liner smoothly and also softens the color on the lower lash line. The same procedure is to be repeated on the other eye and adding mascara to this look will make this look complete. It is one of the best eyeliner ideas for round eyes.

4. Eyeliner idea for close and round eyes

Eyeliner ideas for round eyes

When the inner corners of the eyes are closer to one another and seem to have less space between them, the eyes end up looking smaller in this case. The space between the eyes is smaller than the width of either of the eyes. So, here is one of the best eyeliner ideas for round eyes types.

Start drawing the line from the inner corners of the eye and then keep drawing until it is past the outer corner of the eye. One point to focus on here is to create a smudged look without the fear of ruining it. The fear itself might end up ruining the whole eye makeup.

With the help of the fingertip, start smudging to create a frame-like look rather than something like a slimline. Even a cotton bud (earbud) can be used to achieve a smudged look instead of the fingertip.

Lastly, repeating the same procedure on the other eye and adding mascara to the eyes will complete the look. This look would look even better if the eyelashes are curled using an eyelash curler.

Eyeliner idea for round hooded eyes

Eyeliner ideas for round eyes

In such cases, individuals have a deep-set crease and heavy brow bone because the crease in the eyelids is hidden when underneath the upper part of the lid or brow bone when the eyes are open. The upper lid is also not entirely visible and the eyelid space is smaller compared to the other eyelid shapes. This can be the ideal look for such types.

The eye needs to be lined completely, that is from the inner corner to the outer corner, and upon reaching the outer corner, the line needs to be pulled a little longer with a slight curve facing upwards.

Because the eyelids are not very apparent, the one thing to keep in mind is to make the line appear thick and intensified. Repeating the same procedure on the other eye and later topping it all off with a mascara that can help make the eyes look all opened up is the best way to present this look.

Summing Up

So, these are some of the best eyeliner ideas for round eyes. Hope this might help you out ladies!

Eyeliner is a very underrated makeup product that is being put to its complete use recently as individuals are exploring new ways of using and applying it. It is quite versatile and smooth but requires a firm hand and an adequate amount of self-confidence while being held in the hands and later while its application as well.

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Overall, the eyeliner is a must-have makeup product to give a quick fix to a dull and tired-looking face and add glamour to the eyes and enhance the way they look and make them seem appealing.

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