Best 10 Faces Canada Products That You Need To Buy Today

  • Faces, lipsticks, eyeshadow, kajal, lip glosses, and other cosmetics may be found in stores and on popular internet buying websites. We'll list a few of the essential face goods you should pick up on your next shopping excursion because I understand how perplexing looking for new cosmetics can be.
Faces Canada products

A well-known cosmetics company with a long Canadian history, Faces Canada products, first entered the Indian market in 2009. Since then, it has expanded quickly and is undoubtedly challenging the well-known cosmetic brands on the Indian market.

Faces, lipsticks, eyeshadow, kajal, lip glosses, and other cosmetics may be found in stores and on popular internet buying websites. We’ll list a few of the essential face goods you should pick up on your next shopping excursion because I understand how perplexing looking for new cosmetics can be.

The company offers an excellent selection of high-quality goods at reasonable costs, including skincare, cosmetics, and makeup equipment.

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Best Faces Canada products you need to try on

It also regularly introduces new products and is growing as a promising contender in the Indian market. As a result, today we’ll walk you through some of the best Faces Canada products. Let’s get going!

1. Faces Ultime Pro Lip Crayon

Lip crayons are really popular right now, and nearly every company is creating its own version of these cute little things. Lip crayons from Faces Cosmetics come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Lip crayons come in three different finishes: Pro Matte, which settles into a completely matte finish, Starry Matte, which has a matte finish mixed with some shimmer, and Crème, which has a cream finish.

The facial lip crayons are all color-coded, and each range offers a variety of colors to choose from.  Price: Rs 749 for 4 gm of crème, and Rs 799 for 2.8 gramme of matte and starry matte.

2. Faces Glam On Prime Perfect Foundation:

The foundation comes in an extremely lovely and elegant black tube with a golden top. Although it has a creamy and slightly thicker consistency, it distributes easily over the face.

Faces Canada products
Faces Canada products : Glam On Prime Perfect Foundation

To effectively combine it, one must act swiftly since it lays down so quickly. It creates an almost matte finish and evens out skin tone. It offers buildable medium to full coverage that has a respectable wearing time of more than 6 hours. 30 ml cost Rs. 699/749.

3. Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil

The Faces Eye Pencil is available in 12 stunning hues that blend metallic and mattes effectively. Its incredibly creamy and silky texture effortlessly glides over the lids without any straining or dragging. This is one of the most popular Faces Canada products.

The colors are extremely pigmented, waterproof, and smear proof. Again, impressively, it wears well and lasts for more than 7 hours. among the top eye pencils available!

And unquestionably the greatest face cosmetics item for doing eye makeup.  Cost: Rs 449/499 (depending on the color) for 1.2 gramme

4. Faces Ultime Pro Metaliglow

With this illuminator from Faces, get ready to show off that shine! It features a gel-based liquid solution and is packaged in a transparent plastic container with a pump dispenser.

Really creamy in texture, it absorbs quickly into the skin. You must mix rapidly though since it lays down so quickly. Due to its non-greasy nature, it feels light and pleasant on the skin and gives it a healthy, radiant shine.

The facial highlighter comes in three lovely hues and lasts for around 5 to 6 hours. The company has another another fantastic item! Price for 15 ml is Rs 799.

5. Faces Sparkle Dust Stackables

The Faces Stackables will enchant you, so get ready! These are really the Stackables, which have been renamed from their eyeshadow pigments.

Faces Canada products
Faces Canada products Faces Sparkle Dust Stackables

These mix well and have a nice texture. You get a nice color payoff and a choice of 4 versions. Face pigments have an average 6 hour lasting power, which is good. A must-have item from Faces Canada products. Rs 799/999 for 7 gm/14 gm, respectively

6. Faces Magneteyes Kajal

Right, gals, we can never have too many kajals! Here is Faces’ Magneteyes Kajal, one of the numerous alternatives on the market right now. It has a twist-up mechanism and comes in the shape of an appealing red coloured pencil.

The facial kajal comes in a robust and user-friendly container. The kajal has a silky, creamy texture that applies easily without straining or pulling in any way. The cost is Rs 175 for 0.35 gramme.

7. Faces Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Crayon

These eyeshadow crayons for faces resemble a thick pencil that can be sharpened. The mixture is buttery smooth and applies to the lids with the smoothest of ease. Amazingly pigmented and simple to blend, they are.

They have a waterproof and smudge-proof coating and come in 6 lovely colours. The crayons may easily last for six or more hours and are fairly durable. And you can always lengthen the lifetime by putting a primer below.

Additionally, you may use them as a basis for your eyeshadow as well as an eyeliner. Definitely recommend! 599 rupees for 1.6 gramme.

8. Faces Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner

The Faces Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner is the following on the list. Like other liners, this one is packaged in a long, dark container. You can draw accurate lines very easily with the applicator because it is simple to use.

Faces canada products eyeliner
Faces canada products eyeliner

It applies evenly on the lids since the consistency is ideal for a liner. It achieves a glossy sheen and a jet black color, earning full marks for pigmentation. After application, it dries quickly and turns waterproof and smudge-proof.

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The eyeliner from Faces has a fairly lengthy wear time and maintains its position for a continuous seven plus hours. 599 rupees for 2.5 ml.

9. Faces Ultime Pro Velvet Matte Lipstick

There is always lipstick to look forward to on a terrible day! Lips that are matte never go out of style and are quite elegant. These Faces Velvet matte lipsticks come in matte black bullets with the name of the shade written at the bottom.

It glides over the lips without effort because to the creamy and silky composition. Once established, neither of these transmit nor bleed. Price: 4.5 gramme for Rs 649.

10. Faces Ultime Pro Bronzing Powder

This face bronzer from Faces Canada products are packaged in a circular plastic pan with a transparent top. It is paraben-free and enhanced with argan oil for its antioxidant and filling properties.

It has a light shine from the finely milled micro shimmers that are present. Since the texture is smooth, the skin may easily absorb it. It warms the face and gives it a naturally sun-kissed appearance without making the skin feel powdered or muddy. 650 rupees for 9 gramme.


In conclusion, Faces Canada provides a selection of goods that are both high-quality and reasonably priced and may help you create a range of beauty styles.

There is a Faces Canada products that may satisfy your desires, whether you want a bold lip, a glowing complexion, or precise eyeliner. Faces Canada is a company that may let you to express your individual beauty thanks to its assortment of hues, textures, and formulations.


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