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12 Best Fancy Kurti Sleeve Designs That You Need In 2022

12 Best Fancy Kurti Sleeve Designs That You Need In 2022

  • Get your hands-on some fancy sleeves ideas that we have handpicked for you.
best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

No matter how much you love carrying a western outfit the ethnic outfit has its own charm. If you are also looking for a fancy sleeve Kurti design then, you are on the right page, my friend! Here, in this blog, we will talk about the 12 best fancy Kurti sleeve designs that you need to try in 2022.

Kurti looks beautiful on every girl. Add jhumakas, heels, and the right makeup and you are the divas. You can flaunt these new trending design

12 best fancy Kurti sleeve designs to try in 2022

There is no doubt that Kurti is a savior. You can style it in multiple ways, wear it on any occasion, and can peel it comfortably all day.

Here we have listed some of the fancy Kurti sleeve designs. From housewarming to family get together to a shopping day out you can style bees Kurtis and look flawless.

1. The unique umbrella design

best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

Umbrella sleeves were popularised by Paki designers. This is one of the fancy Kurti sleeve designs that you will ever come across. You can pair this umbrella sleeve design with pants or plazo and look absolutely amazing. These sleeves are perfect for a Pooja or a family function.

2. The bell design

This one particular bell design is quite a popular trend that came into the market in 2021. These sleeves look similar to the bell shape at the end around the wrist.

These are available in both single and multi-layer and you can choose according to your fit and choice. From a housewarming party to a Puja to a family celebration this outfit is just perfect. With heels and a fancy clutch and you are all set to go.

3. Slit Kurti sleeve

best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

Next up we have is a slit fancy Kurti sleeve design. Slit Kurti sleeve design became quite popular in 2022. This competition embellishments like laces, pearl chains, and much more. You can give your Kurti a complete new look over with these high-slit sleeves.

4. Cold shoulder Kurti sleeve

Next, we have is a cold shoulder, Kurti. This is one of the most popular trends. The cold shoulder has become a part of everyone’s wardrobe fancy tops to top maxi dresses or Kurtis. If you haven’t tried the cold shoulders sleeve Kurti design, you are really missing out!

5. Balloon sleeves

best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

Another fancy Kurti sleeve design is balloon sleeves. If you are looking for a vintage look with a semi-formal touch then this balloon sleeve Kurti is just perfect. These Kurtis will give you a boss lady look and they are absolutely amazing

6. Off-shoulder Kurti sleeves

These days are quite popular with top-dresses and so Kurti is not behind. It is one of the most loved sleeve designs not only for Kurti but also for other different outfits as well. This with the cigarette pants or jeans.

7. Net sleeves

best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

Looking for a Kurti for your brother’s cocktail? Then we have these amazing fancy Kurti sleeves designed for you. The net Kurti sleeve design looks absolutely amazing when you want to show details of your outfit. If you are looking for an outfit for some Ganesh puja Haldi ceremony all family celebration these look absolutely amazing.

8. Half sleeves

From weddings to Pooja to the office these half Kurti designs are evergreen. You can pair them up and multiple ways with multiple accessories. If you are not too comfortable going for sleeveless Kurtis then this three-fourth or Half Kurti is just a perfect option for you.

9. Embellished sleeves

best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

Next up, we have is a perfect key idea for the upcoming Sangeet celebration at your place. When we talk about fancy sleeve designs then how can we miss out on embellished sleeves. It can be motifs, pearls, beads, or a combination of all which makes us keep absolutely worth it!

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10. Exaggerated sleeves

The next pick in our list of fancy sleeve designs is these exaggerated sleeves. Window Osama these leaves look fashionable and are pretty amazing. If you want to know more about these exaggerated sleeves then you can check out Komal Pandey’s Instagram account.

11. Bishop sleeves

best fancy Kurti sleeve designs

If you are looking for some Kurti sleeve design then don’t forget to try out bishop sleeves. These leaves are a combination of old school and modern patterns and this feature makes it super attractive. You can pick a bishop sleeve design for Kurti sleeves and trust us you will never regret it!

12. Cape sleeves

If you want to stand out and try out some new look then you can go for cape sleeves. These sleeves are the best. These are available in different patterns and styles. If you are looking for Kurti for a fancy occasion then you can try breast-taking cape sleeves to look

Summing up

These were some of the amazing fancy Kurti sleeve designs that you need to try in 2022. You just can’t miss these. Give your Kurti a new and modern touch with these absolutely adorable sleeves.


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