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15 Best Stylish Fancy Net Blouses For Bridesmaid of 2023

15 Best Stylish Fancy Net Blouses For Bridesmaid of 2023

  • Looking for some of the best fancy net blouses for bridesmaid 2023? Here are some of the best outfits for you, check out the list now.
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Stylish fancy net blouses have become so common these days. We have so many options and varieties available but choosing the perfect one for you is really tough. So, here we are with some of the best fancy net blouses that you need. We always choose the brighter and darker blouse models because we have so many options, whether it be for color or design.

However, modern society operates differently from that. Blouses in pastel colors have also gained a lot of popularity and are even worn to weddings. The design of net blouses never goes out of style. The delicate mesh fabric is extremely versatile and gives it a feminine look, making it ideal for pairing with your favorite saree or lehenga. 

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15 fancy net blouses that you need to try this season

There are many ways to try out the style of fancy net blouses. So, check out the latest collection now. 

1. Halter blouse with fringes

Fancy net blouses
Fancy net blouses : Halter blouse with fringes

This quirky designer blouse pattern is reminiscent of those authentic ethnic patterns. The blouse has a very detailed pattern with fringes on the sleeves. It’s a unique and attractive blouse pattern.

2. Off-shoulder blouses with a deep neck

The deep neck is back in the game. Creative designers are choosing a new variation of this blouse for the brides who have chosen to be bold on their big day. The deep “V” neck blouse has an off-shoulder. A decorated waist with a chain makes it is one of the best fancy net blouses design.

3. Full sleeve blouse with bead and stone work

The gorgeous blouse is stunning and feminine. The sleeves of the blouse are long and churidar. The stones are bordered by small beads and embroidery at the neckline. It is a beautiful blouse design.

4. Mirror work

Glossy mirror work blouses are a must-have in your wardrobe. Especially for mesh fabrics, the beauty is tripled. This special glamour fancy net blouse is creatively designed with unique and differently shaped decorative mirrors. 

5. Printed blouses

Fancy net blouses
Fancy net blouses: Printed blouse

These printed blouses on a mesh fabric are a super hit. The unique prints make even the plainest saree or lehenga look extraordinarily beautiful. 

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6. Sparkling blouses with ruffled sleeves

Sparkle like a star in this gorgeous blouse! The glittering metal blouse models you with its brilliant brilliance in addition to the crowd. The high-neck blouse is beautifully made with frilled sleeves. This design gives the illusion of a more compact arm. Wear it with a simple thin sari and it will look great.

7. Embroidered blouses

The pattern of the fancy net blouses look very chic and is crafted with threads and beads. The blouse is otherwise very simple, as it has almost nothing but the beautiful thread works on the chiffon fabric.

The neckline of the blouse is very high and gives an elegant impression. Ideal for events where you want to give an elegant impression with a formal dress.

8. Sweetheart’s neck

Fancy net blouses
Fancy net blouses: Sweetheart neckline

The blouse design sweetheart’s neckline has its place in the blouse trends coming and going. However, to emphasize the beauty of the sweetheart’s neckline in the wedding blouse, the cut-out near the front hem makes this handmade piece a hit.

9. The Angrakha design

This fancy net blouse design is derived from the royal style of the Mughal Empire in India. Angrakha designs are usually associated with Anarkali suits, but many designers have embraced this trend and created it as a blouse that goes well with a plain sari.

10. The batwing blouses

The blouse here is simple yet classy. Clean boat neckline with fluffy unlined fabric on sleeves. It’s a gorgeous-looking flashy blouse that makes your saree look great.

11. The jacket blouses

This beautiful fancy net blouse here is simple, but the jacket on it has a tie belt on the waist, which is suitable for most sarees. The blouse has beautiful embroidery and a border on the waist. With full sleeves, it’s a true designer and unique style.

The blouse has two layers of peplum, which is also classified as a peplum blouse design. Beautiful blouses are also suitable for most parties and heavy saree.

12. High Necks

This gorgeous blouse features a sleeveless design and a high neck pattern. Made of lace mesh fabric, it is dignified and elegant. The blouse has the effect of calming the entire saree and making it look very attractive, but it looks plain.

Fancy net blouses
Fancy net blouses: High Neck

Designer blouses like this are perfect for wearing at all kinds of formal events and cocktail parties. All you have to do is combine it with Sally, who is doing some sparkle and sequin work.

13. Elbow length

These are generally back with great success. The 90’s blouses are the latest trading breakers. These sensational blouses have 3/4 sleeves and an authentic look.

14. Lace blouses

Beautiful blouses are usually made of lace fabric and have a boat neckline. Beautiful and simple blouse design.

15. Halter drape

Fancy net blouses
Fancy net blouses: Halter drape

The halter-style blouse pattern, which covers one shoulder with a drape style, looks like a cold shoulder sleeve but is just a drape hood. This is a very designer blouse that looks great and is beautiful. This is one of the most loved fancy net blouses out there. 


These are some of the gorgeous fancy designer blouse designs that will surely make you look like a goddess. So, you can add a twist to your regular saree and try out a sari and flashy blouse design. These fancy net blouses certainly make you look very attractive and cute and give you that contemporary appeal. The six-yard saree consistently goes through amazing changes. The same way that the saree has a lot of potential for transformation by changing certain structures and designs Blouses can be layered with long sleeves, boxy blouses, ruffles, peplum jackets, and overcoats. Consequently, include all of this motivation on your mood board.


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