Fashion In The 1960s: Quick Timescale of What Influenced?

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Fashion In The 1960s

If we talk about fashion in the 1960s, styles swung drastically from one extreme to the other. Box gowns and 1950s trends dominated the early 1960s. The waistband returned in the mid-1960s when fashion started to incorporate ideas from London. However, the late 1960s had their own agenda! There were numerous trends that arose strongly in the 1960s and continue to have an impact on us nowadays.

The fashion in the 1960s are indeed a real representation of the upheaval and discovery that transpired during decades of momentous shifts in American society and politics. The victory of John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and indeed the Civil Rights revolution not only changed the face of America permanently, but also motivated designers to overhaul the fashion business.

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A Quick timescale about fashion in the 1960s

Here, is the timescale about fashion in the 1960’s which are quite inspiring. Get an idea! 

1. A Fashionable 1st Lady

Fashion In The 1960s
Fashion In The 1960s: Fashionable 1st Lady

First Madame Jacqueline Kennedy was indeed the image of sophisticated elegance in fashion in the 1960s. Thousands more fashion-driven women emulated her exquisite appearance despite the inability to buy a crisp Chanel suit, a futuristic Givenchy shifting dress, or a lavender Cassini coat adorned with enormous buttons.

Jackie complemented her A-line outfits and stylish suits, which were nipped at the waist and ended at the knees, with her distinctive three-strand pearl, wrist-length mittens, kitten shoes, a slanted pillbox hat, and a swinging coat with three-quarter long sleeves.

2. Sexual Revolt

Young adults were inspired to start on a voyage of self-discovery with disobedience in 1960 as the economy improved, divorce rates rose, as well as the government approved the pill for birth control.

During 1964, the leg-baring miniskirt had evolved into a popular fashion item. Designers pushed the envelope with strapless shifts, body-hugging micros-minis, flaring skirts, and trumpet arms. Polo shirt, crazily printed tights, leatherette knee-high boots, even swing jackets were frequently worn with the bright colours and shining fabrics. The fashion in the 1960s are quite inspirational. 

3. The Vietnam War

Fashion In The 1960s
Fashion In The 1960s: Vietnam War Outfits

With America embroiled in a contentious war against Vietnam, a peace-preaching student movement took over the nation. As even the 1960s drew to an end, both sexes loved neon hues, psychedelic designs, bell-bottom jeans, frayed jackets, tasselled skirts, and T-shirts that served as strolling protesting billboards.

Hippies wore bandanas and braided their long blonde hair, wore peace symbols and love bracelets round their collars, and went around like that in footwear or barefoot.

4. Civil Rights Movement

African Americans discovered a brand-new identification amid the demonstrations, boycotts, and demonstrations to struggle for their liberties at homeland. The “Black is Beautiful” campaign gained traction following the passage of the Civil Rights Act from 1964 as well as the Voter Rights Acts in 1965.

They embraced their heritage with extraordinary zeal, growing natural dreadlocks and donning colourful dashikis fashioned of African kente fabric. The Black Panther Party developed a militant appearance, wearing entirely in black. A leather blazer and beret were frequently worn by men with such a T-shirt and trousers.

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5. The emergence of women’s trousers

Fashion In The 1960s
Fashion In The 1960s: Drapeline trousers

Drapeline trousers as well as capri pants were first introduced in the 1960s. Historically, western society regarded pants as macho, however by the early 1960s, it was considered appropriate for women to use them on a daily basis.

6. Space Age fashion

Space age clothing designers were able to create clothing with dramatic designs and a plastic touch because to the synthetic textiles of said fashion in the 1960s.

André Courrèges, the French manufacturer, was particularly significant in the creation of space age style. Inside the springtime of 1964, he debuted the “space style,” which included pant suits, sunglasses, box-shaped gowns with long skirts, and go-go shoes. Go-go boots finally became a go-go girl fashion classic in the 1960s. Pierre Cardin as well as Paco Rabanne are two other notable space age artists.

7. A classic fashion item : Miniskirt

Fashion In The 1960s
Fashion In The 1960s: Miniskirt

Mary Quant is attributed with popularising the miniskirt around 1964; the miniskirt permanently revolutionised fashion. Even during the 1960s, Mary Quant as well as André Courrèges jointly assisted to the development of the miniskirt. Mary Quant, renowned British designer, was a forerunner of the miniskirt inside the 1960s. Miniskirts grew fashionable in both London and Paris, as well as the phrase “Chelsea Look” got coined.

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8. The hippie subculture

Fashion in the 1960s , popular trends included ponchos, moccasins, passion pendants, peace symbols, medallion pendants, chained belts, polka dot-printed materials, and lengthy, puffed “bubble” arms. Frayed bell-bottomed trousers, tie-dyed sleeves, industrial shirts, Jesus shoes, and headbands were worn by both men as well as women.

Women could frequently go shoeless, while others chose to go braless. Translucent sleeves were common on women’s clothes. Psychedelic patterns, hemp, as well as the “Woodstock” style flourished during this time period.


The fashion sector is currently under a chokehold thanks to the 2000s as well as 1990s. However, the patterns that are being discussed today from two to three generations earlier actually stretch back even deeper. With a quick glance of fashion in the 1960s, it’s clear that many of the parallels we assign to the Y2K phenomena extend further than early aughts.

Several of the resurrected fashion in the 1960s are worth another look. What else is on the agenda? Chain-link belting appearing on the runways of Blumarine as well as Saint Laurent time after time, in addition to fashion’s continuous fondness for elaborate crochet


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