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Fast Fashion Advantages, Disadvantages And All You Need To Know

Fast Fashion Advantages, Disadvantages And All You Need To Know

Fast fashion

Fast fashion accelerates supply chains and drives costs down to meet constantly evolving consumers’ demands.
Fast fashion brands and retailers employ factories in faraway countries where labor costs are very low. They offer jobs to local underdeveloped communities trying to make a living.

Cheap and trendy clothing that samples ideas from the celebrity culture, Catwalks, etc, and turns them into garments in high street stores at a flying pace to meet consumer demand can be defined as Fast fashion.

Fast fashion advantages

Today’s consumers get a lot of advantages in fast fashion. This is the reason it’s so successful despite its disadvantages. It’s very exciting to shop for new trendy clothes weekly. Fast fashion remains popular because it’s practical and convenient.

Fast fashion has been rising in popularity over the last 2 decades. It allowed brands and retailers such as Forever 21 GAP, Primark, Zara, and H&M to evolve into large multinational corporations.

Fast fashion is the term applied to express a famed business model in the clothing industry. It explains the consumption, production, and Design of cheaply made clothing inspired by the latest trends.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is now everywhere. People like fast fashion because it provides instant satisfaction. Fast fashion brands and designers offer new modern pieces of clothing motivated by runway shows at a cheap price very quickly.

Today’s consumers want affordable and popular clothing before anything else. Social media personalities and celebrities promote them to buy more pieces of these garments, which often have a very bad quality standard.

With the help of fast fashion, today’s consumers can buy new popular clothes at a very cheap price. They can afford the latest articles and styles regularly because they are cheaply made.

With living in such a fast-paced world, Fast Fashion allows for more affordable clothing. The latest trends are sold to the masses, and people get what they want and do not have to wait around for anything as there are now so many retailers and brands to choose from, either in-store or online, with e-Commerce becoming the biggest industry on the planet as the human race moves deeper into the digital era.

Fast fashion disadvantages

The fast fashion industry is known as the most wasteful industry because constant replacement of clothing is required. Fast fashion encourages a culture where clothes are thrown away before their real-life cycle has ended. Most of these clothes are disposed of before there are worn out and get replaced by new trends.

The majority of fast fashion waste is neither recycled nor donated. It either goes to a landfill or gets incinerated. This leads to a large amount of air and land pollution. These cloth wastes can take up to as long as 200 years to decompose. This is why our planet is getting polluted more and more by manmade waste material at.

Fast fashion

It may come as a surprise to many people that around 8% of global climate impact is contributed by the Clothing industry. The carbon emissions from an average person’s annual clothes usage are equal to taking a flight of more than 4000 KMs.

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The fast fashion industry exploits workers by making them work overtime and paying them low wages. It also damages the environment by using toxic chemicals that are used to manufacture clothes which pollutes the environment.

Fast fashion promotes overconsumption, and as a result, tons of textile waste is thrown away. Polyester is one of the most popular Fabrics which is derived from fossil fuels and is non-biodegradable so it can stay in landfills for more than 200 years even natural materials such as cotton can be harmful to the environment since they require large amounts of water and pesticides.

Many people think that anything micro cannot be a big problem, but microplastics and microfibers are a key part of what is wrong in the fashion industry. It is because these microfibres are microplastic that come from thick fibers like polyester and nylon every time we wash our clothes. Each wash sheds around 70,000 microfibers. These microfibers are consumed by aquatic organisms like fish which ultimately causes their death.

What can we do to prevent it?

One should choose clothes that are made of fibers such as. Linen, Recycled fibers, etc. as they have low water consumption. We should also choose natural or semi-synthetic fibers. One can buy fewer clothes of better quality and that is recyclable. Choose organic fibers. Choose sustainable brands and yes, also let us not forget to wash new clothes before using them.

Summing it up

While fast fashion may be a good way to get new and popular clothing at a cheap price. It also damages the environment. So instead of buying a bulk of clothes that we will not use, we should buy a low amount of high-quality clothes We can actually use instead of them just lying around in a wardrobe.

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