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Best 10 Female Solo travellers That You Need to Follow

Best 10 Female Solo travellers That You Need to Follow

  • Take a step and step out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for some female solo travelers here we have a list for you!
Solo female travellers

Travel is peaceful and it is the perfect opportunity to explore your true self. People travel solo to explore the world and attain peace in their life. Here we are going to talk about the female solo travellers who are living life edge size.

This is the story of 10 female solo travellers who broke the stereotype and decided to go solo. Do you want to know more about solo travel scroll down? Further in the article, we will also talk about how to travel solo safely.

Top 10 Female Solo Travellers Who Are Inspiring Us. 

Here is the list of the top 10 female solo travellers who are real inspirations.

1. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi SharathThe very first name that comes to our mind when we talk about top 10 solo female travellers is Lakshmi Sharath. She is a photographer, content specialist, writer, and the media professional who turned into a traveller. After 15 years of work she realised that all she wanted to do is travel and explore the world around her so far she has covered around 25 countries and some underrated places in India. 

She started her blogging page in 2005 with the caption ‘Travel with Lakshmi’ which at present is India’s best travel blog. If you want to know more about her travel stories, blogging tips or some amazing photographs just check out her page.

2. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal worked in an IT company for over 12 years and then decided to quit her job and travel the world. So far she has covered more than 15 countries all over around the globe. If you want to know more about her travel stories checkout page Inditales. 

3. Archana Singh

Archana Singh

Archana Singh is a brand strategist who later turned into a full time travel journalist. She fell in love with travel in 2014 and since then there has been no looking back. Her first trip was to Ladakh completely changed her life and pushed her to this new world of travelling. If you want to check out more wonderful travel stories and photograph check out the ‘Travel See write’.

4. Ruby Singh

Ruby Singh is a full-time engineer who love to share  her travel stories with the world. She has been into travel for past 2 years and has a blogging page named as ‘Life and It’s Experiments’. Here she shares all her favourite travel tales and stories. 

5. Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat: Solo Female traveller

Ami Bhat is among other popular solo female travellers. She never loves to hold in a place for long. She works as a full time marketing consultant and try to bring out time to travel and share her experiences with the world. Ami believes that this feeling of travelling makes her feel empowering and so far she has been to 19 countries. 

She has her blogging page named as ‘Thrilling Travel’. 

6. Renuka Singh

Renuka Singh is a writer who loves to explore the world. She writes about her experiences and travel stories at her blogging page named as Voyager For Life.

7. Ankita Kumari

Ankita Kumari: Solo female traveller

Ankita Kumari belongs to a small town in Odisha and was quite afraid to leave her house alone. Everything for her change when she moved to Bengaluru for her graduation. From here she started experimenting and exploring the world around her and since then there has been no turning back. 

A girl who was afraid to leave her house has travel across different places in Europe, Southeast Asia and even South America. To know more about her travel stories you can check out ‘Monkey Inc’. 

8. Swati Saxena

Swati Saxena is a female solo travelers who was born and bought up in Uttar Pradesh. She loved history and architecture and decided to give up her 12 hour shift job as an accountant and turn into a traveller. She has travelled to different rural parts of India and has explored the most underrated places. 

9. CharuKesi Ramaduari 

Charukesi Ramdurai: Solo female traveller

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CharuKesi is a freelance writer who turned into a traveller. Her articles got published in the New York Times BBC Travel, The Economist, CNN travel the Hindu, National Geographic Traveller and this list is endless. 

She decided to turn into a traveller when she was 26 years old. So far she has travelled more than 46 countries and is a co-author of a book on freelance journalism for everything you wanted to know about freelance journalism. She also has a blogging page called ‘Itchy feet.

10. Ruchika Vyas

Last but not least, in the list of top 10 solo female travellers we have Ruchika Vyas. She has been a writer editor and photographer for 9 years. She loves to travel solo and has been into different places. You can check out her experiences at ‘Traveller stories’.

How to travel safely as a female solo traveller? 

Here are the top 7  tips that will help you when you travel solo:

1. Always know the intent of your travel. Understand where and why you want to travel to that particular destination.
2. Always prepare well and work in a planned manner.
3. Always carry safety equipment with you like pepper spray.
4. Choose your accommodation wisely. You can go for girls hostel or special places which are only designed for female solo travellers.
5. Always trust your inner voice. If you don’t feel like doing something or going to a particular place then simply avoid it.

Summing up:

So, these were the top 10 female solo travellers who changed the world of travelling. So, give yourself a chance to travel solo and explore the world around you. Travel gives you an opportunity to understand life with a better perspective.


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