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Best 8 Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits

Best 8 Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits

  • Outfit nicely balances being casual and fashionable, here are the best outfits from the show.
Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits

Whatever your opinion of the programme may be, it is impossible to ignore the enormous amount of viewers Four More Shots Please was able to attract across the country.

The Season 3 of this fan-favorite Prime original has gained immense popularity, gotten on a lot of hearts, and perhaps, a few nerves.

This could be due to the show’s refreshing portrayal of topics like body shaming, sexism at work, and other feminist issues, or the cast’s friendship goals set by Four More Shots Please.

The Best 8 Four more shots please Season 3 outfits

Let’s jump right into the Four More Shots Please Season 3 fashion game’s undisputed champions, though, to spare you the suffering. Additionally, while we’re at it, let’s discuss how you can affordably reproduce these ensembles. A little post-lockdown fashion inspo, if you will.

Here are our top 8 picks from the wardrobe of the Four More Shots Please Season 3 cast for that matter.

1. The pink bubblegum power suit of Anjana

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits
Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits pictures

Anjana Menon from Four More Shots Please Season 3 can be described in a variety of ways, but we’ll stick with “true-blue fashion diva” for now. The bubble gum pink colour of this solid-colored power suit, which includes a double-breasted blazer, shows Anjana’s propensity to make unassuming statements with her wardrobe choices while accurately portraying her unstoppable desire and professionalism. Total female crush.

2. The Off Shoulder Floral Top and Front Button A-Line Skirt from Sidhi

All of the characters in Four More Shots Please Season 3 have wonderful traits, but we felt Siddhi Piddi’s transformation from a dependent daughter to a strong lady to be the most empowering to see.

On the day of her formal debut as a stand-up comedian, Siddhi chooses to dress in this stylish floral ensemble, and we can’t help but support her. The relaxed silhouette of the ensemble, along with the chic olive front button A-line skirt and the striking floral print up top, beautifully reinforce Siddhi’s girl-next-door aura while also highlighting the fact that she is much more than simply what first meets the eye.

3. Using a printed nightgown as a daygown on Damini

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits
Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits pictures

The character of Damini in Four More Shots Please Season 3 is a passionate, motivated, and brave woman of the 21st century who is incredibly in tune with both her roots and her ideals. Damini has a fiery personality that perfectly matches her sense of style. Damini’s wardrobe is something to be jealous of, with bodycon dresses in avant-garde shapes and striped playsuit sets.

However, this pair of loose-fitting trousers and block-printed blazer completely stole the show. This ensemble exemplifies the return of the Fashion Week trend of dressing in night suits as day suits on the high street, as well as the allure of an ethnic design combined with a boho-formal appearance.

4. Sporty Glam Neon On Neon Look of Umang

Let’s face facts, You may dress in a potato sack and make it appear to be the newest runway trend if you have Bani J’s appearance. But in Four More Shots Please, Umang’s sporty glam outfits had a magnetic allure all their own.

This outfit nicely balances being casual and fashionable, and we enjoyed the neon on neon play in particular. One of Umang’s most effortlessly stylish statement outfits was created by the sheer neon green front-zip jacket, a neon green sports bralet, and the white high waisted running shorts.

5. The Ethnic-Western Fusion Style of Kavya

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits
Four More Shots Please Season 3 Outfits pictures

In a slight digression from our four favourite lead ladies, here is a special mention for this list of Four More Shots Please Season 3 top fashion moments. Kavya’s Indo-Western fusion outfits remained unnoticed because most fashion-obsessed eyes were focused on the main girl gang.

But for those of us who enjoy mixing components from several fashion categories to create original, eccentric outfits, Kavya stood out as the ideal ethnic-boho style idol. Particularly considering the Bindi and trash silver jewelry elements.

6. Yellow Saree with Stitches

Since we’re talking about sarees, let us also note how much we admired Shibani Dandekar’s yellow pre-stitched saree from the show, which served as Sushmita’s bridal attire.

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Fashion designer Aastha Sharma stated: “Having lace accents on the pallu and bottom, the sari was made of a very light and airy material. Even the blouse, which featured scalloped lace trim at the bottom, was quite straightforward and seductive. The silver belt, which is fastened over the sari, gives the ensemble the modernization and the perfect amount of edge.”

7. Cape Lehengas Are SO Fashionable

The cape lehenga is a recent invention, and we are quite delighted that it exists because its silhouette makes the greatest dress for all bridesmaids out there. We adore the white outfit Siddhi rocked at Umang’s wedding in “Four More Shots,” when she killed it. wearing a lehenga, a thin, transparent embroidered jacket on top, and a short cut sleeve blouse with a little floral embroidered blouse over it.

Rahul Mishra’s wedding attire was utterly stunning. Maanvi Gagroo alias Siddhi looked stunning with loose curls, delicate, dewy makeup, and unique jewelry from Raabta by Rahul.

8. Traditional saris are the best

Nothing is more charming than a traditional saree, ladies, as we have previously stated and will do so again today. We highly recommend traditional styles to all of you bridesmaids because they bring out the best looks regardless of who is wearing the garment. If you have any remaining doubts, we advise you to have a look at these gorgeous women wearing their various traditional sarees!

Whether it’s Damini wearing a sheer sari, Umang wearing a classic silk saree in mustard, or Anjana wearing a georgette printed sari in a pale pink hue. We adored the way in which these women ruled their traditional sarees.

Summing Up:

Each of us had a different reason for watching the entire second season of Four More Shots Please in one sitting, but, the show’s emphasis on fashion and style stood out as the icing on the cake. The show’s four various main ladies each had a distinctive personal style, with the general range of clothing trends spanning from business elegance to sporty glamour. 

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