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Create Galaxy Eye Makeup With 5 Simple And Easy Steps

Create Galaxy Eye Makeup With 5 Simple And Easy Steps

Galaxy Eye Makeup

Makeup is an integral part of our beauty regimens and people do not seem to skip it. Since it makes the skin look flawless and elegant. It even enhances and gives definition to the facial features. Eye makeup is one such kind of makeup that can instantly make your eyes look lifted and refreshed. 

After experiencing a tiring day so eye makeup is an absolute game-changer. The trend these days is galaxy eye makeup and people seem to love it and are absolutely obsessed with it. As the name itself suggests, the galaxy eye makeup is a combination of drawing stars and planets and constellations on your eyelids and the surrounding areas.

The galaxy eye makeup is all about creating a bold, strong, and dramatic makeup look and carrying it with the required and right amount of self-confidence and body language and reflecting a strong and bold personality.

Now, here are the steps that one needs to follow to achieve the galaxy eye makeup.

5 simple steps to do galaxy eye makeup 

Step Number 01

Galaxy Eye Makeup

One needs to start with a clean face in order to make the makeup last a bit longer than usual. To do that one has to wash their face with a gentle cleanser followed by a good amount of moisturizer and SPF. This will create a good base for your whole face and it will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized until you take off your makeup.

All this needs to be followed by a face primer that is suitable for your skin type that will create a protective barrier between your skin and your makeup so that your skin can be protected from all the harmful amounts of chemicals present in the makeup products.

Step Number 02

With the help of an eye shadow brush, apply a good layer of the black eye shadow in such a manner that it covers the whole of your eyelids. With that done, apply some amount of the black eye shadow under the lower lash line to create uniformity in the look. Skin color or a beige eye shadow should then be followed to tone the edges of the black eye shadow.

Step Number 03

Galaxy Eye Makeup

Using a mildly wet eye shadow brush take some amount of the light blue eye shadow over it and apply some amount of it over the black eye shadow to create some amount of spots over it.

This should then be followed by a purple eye shadow which needs to be placed next to the blue eye shadow over the black one. This needs to be followed by a green color preferably like a lime green color.

Step Number 04

The above-mentioned steps need to be repeated over rather another eyelid as well. With the help of a mildly wet thin eye shadow brush, pick some amount of the white paint and add little white dots over the eyelids to create the effects of a galaxy filled with stars.

Since the galaxy eye makeup is now almost complete, a lengthening mascara needs to be applied to the lashes to add definition to the lashes followed by the eyeliner.

Step Number 05

Galaxy Eye Makeup

Since the galaxy eye makeup is now complete, one can now begin to clean up the fallout from the eye shadow if any, and then apply the foundation all over the face, apply some amount of the eyebrow gel, and even do some amount of contouring along with some amount of the highlighter to give a dark and glowy effect as that of a galaxy.

With that done, you have a full face of the galaxy makeup fully done and now you can flaunt your makeup skills over social media with your selfies and posts and grab all the attention you need.

Some more ideas to create the galaxy eye makeup

Well if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort over the galaxy eye makeup but you still want to have a minimal galaxy eye look then here are a few ideas that can be followed or taken inspiration from in order to achieve the minimalistic galaxy eye makeup look.

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  1. For basic and simple eye makeup, begin applying a concealer over your eyelids and blend it well into your skin to make it look like it is your natural skin.
  2. Next, start with a neon eye shadow color such as neon blue, and create a wing along the crease of the eye do not fill it with any amount of color. Then, smoke it out a bit.
  3. Next, draw a wing over the neon blue wing in a white eye shadow and then add a few spots in the inner corners of both the eyes to give it the stars effect. In addition to that, add false lashes to the eyes and with the help of an eyelash curler, curl them up to give definition to your eyes.
  4. Last but not the least, add a good amount of mascara to the lashes including the false ones and your minimalistic galaxy eye makeup look is now complete.
  5. Another way to achieve the galaxy eye makeup look is to start off with silver eye shadow first. With the help of a flawless eye shadow brush. Apply it all over the eyelid and give it the shape of a wing. This can then be followed by a sky blue or a darker shade of blue eye shadow over the silver eye shadow but not hide the silver eye shadow completely.
  6. Add the silver eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes as well as under the lower lash line. Add some amount of the blue eye shadow under the lower lash line towards the outer corners.
  7. Next, add in some amount of silver or a sparkly eye shadow towards the outer corners of the eyes and over the high points of the face where one usually applies the highlighter to give your face a glowy and shiny effect. Now add in the false eyelashes both on the top and bottom lashes and coat them well with a sufficient amount of a good quality mascara and then curl it up well with an eyelash curler and voila!
  8. You have your galaxy eye makeup look ready within a span of a few minutes without investing a lot of your time and efforts.

Summing up 

The basics and the most needed makeup products to achieve the galaxy eye makeup are a black eye shadow for creating a good base, a variety of different and dark but vibrant shades of eye shadows, a black colored lengthening mascara, a black eyeliner, a few eye shadow brushes and some amount of water to clean the brushes. Looking for a tutorial, click here.

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