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Best 13 Green Saree Blouse Designs You Can Try This Season

Best 13 Green Saree Blouse Designs You Can Try This Season

  • Check-out the most trending green saree blouse designs for your mehendi or your bff's wedding.
Green Saree blouse

The saree’s overall appeal is greatly influenced by the blouse. Even the most exquisite saree can look bad if the blouse isn’t perfect. Only when the saree is paired with an appropriate blouse that fits perfectly does the saree’s beauty come into its own. There are some of the best green saree blouse designs pick for you. These days brides want to go all experimental and they do not hesitate to try something new and different. So, without any further delay let’s get into the blog and find out some of the most loved green saree blouse designs combinations.  

It’s crucial to choose saree blouse designs and patterns that go with your personality and the saree. You can experiment with a variety of current blouse sleeve and neck patterns. The hottest trend right now is custom-made designer saree blouses from boutiques. Always remember, while picking up an outfit for your special day or a party you need to do a quick research about the over all look. From blouse design, color and patterns to the right accessories that you will carry. 

Best green saree blouse designs

An attractive touch is added to any woman’s appearance by wearing a saree, an Indian garment. Although your appearance will be improved by your choice of blouse as well as the whole style of the saree, not simply the saree alone. Use these striking color blocking green saree  blouse designs to highlight the beauty of your lime green saree.

1. An elegant blouse

green saree blouse designs
green saree blouse designs with golden blouse

It’s impossible to go out of style with the combination of green saree blouse designs and gold. Use this incredibly enticing color to display your inner regal essence. For a princess-like appearance, wear your stunning green georgette or chiffon saree with a short-sleeved golden blouse. Your saree and overall ensemble look amazing with this color of blouse.

2. Three-quarter blouse in magenta

Light green chiffon sarees are known to look well with magenta. When you only have magenta, it’s crucial to play this color blocking game wisely. A magenta colored third-quarter blouse, which may or may not have a design at the back, would be the best option for your blouse if you have a georgette green saree with light borders.

3. Navy blue blouse

green saree blouse designs
green saree blouse designs with navy blue blouse

Navy blue is a rich color, therefore combining it with your saree’s green hue would definitely be the finest choice for enhancing your outfit. This color instantly ups your beauty factor and looks fantastic with green saree blouse designs. A navy blue sleeveless blouse and green georgette or chiffon sarees are a stunning pairing that will enhance your overall appearance.

4. Orange full-sleeve blouse

One such color that needs to be used carefully is orange. The color of your blouse determines how well your saree looks on you, and if you use orange appropriately, your saree will appear like no ordinary outfit. With green light weight sarees with strong bold borders, an orange full sleeve blouse looks great.

5. Green blouse

green saree blouse designs
Green Saree blouse pictures : With all green look

The color of the season is olive green, and virtually every famous person is wearing it in their red carpet and airport outfits. Don’t watch the game from the sidelines when you may participate in it as well. Play with color carefully to improve your appearance. Put on an olive green blouse with your stunning green green saree blouse designs.

6. Dress in off-white

The royal color is off white. You appear gentle and understated when wearing this color. Your best appearance will result from pairing your green chiffon saree with a white blouse that has quarter sleeves. In order to decorate and rock the event with your appearance, an off-white blouse requires heavy jewelry.

7. White blouse

The combination of black cloth with gold thread embroidery has been worn by celebrities and utilized frequently by designers. It’s about time we started wearing this fusion bomb with our sarees because the gold work looks so beautiful on the deep black background. You would look stunning if you wore a dark green saree with a black blouse that had gold embroidery on the neck and sleeves.

8. Blouse with a pink and cream color scheme

These days, combination blouses are fashionable, and no two color combinations go together more harmoniously than pink and cream. You can certainly give your georgette or chiffon green green saree blouse designs justice with the subtlety of pink and the royalty of cream.

9. Shirt in mustard color

Present day fashion is dominated by mustard yellow. Both the red carpet and the ramp are covered in it, therefore it’s about time you let it into your closet as well. To seem utterly stylish, use a full-sleeve mustard yellow blouse with your lightweight or even Banarasi green saree.

10. Beautiful purple blouse

Purple is a unique color that keeps you looking incredibly bright and fresh. Choose a purple three-quarter blouse to go with your green saree, and wear little jewelry. You are prepared for any daytime event, such as a Shaadi or Puja, with this costume.

11. Printed blouse in many colors

Go multicolored if you want to be on the safe side and ensure that you still have the greatest appearance in the room. A multicolored printed blouse will always compliment your appearance, regardless of the situation. You are ready to go if it has a three-quarter sleeve and a soft print.

12. Baby pink blouse

Baby pink would be the finest color to use to describe elegance, if there were such a thing. This color gives you the poise and charm to rule any situation. You will look stunning in any setting if you wear a green chiffon or georgette saree with a quarter-sleeve baby pink blouse. This is one of the most deadliest combinations when it comes to green saree blouse designs. 

13. Yellow blouse

Black and yellow is a timeless color combination that dates back a very long time. This is the safest wager you could place on your appearance, and you will undoubtedly win. Nothing will enhance your appearance more than a background of black fabric with black embroidered work.

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14. Red blouse

Red is the color of strong women. Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply dress up; you also need your clothing to empower you and reflect your personality. Red is a strong color, thus you need to be a strong woman to wear it. The red and green saree blouse designs are just the perfect combination for each other. 


What top do you want to wear to your wedding among outfits, designer tops, and more straightforward ones? A bride has a wide range of options. There are several green saree blouse designs and patterns available in 2023 from which you can choose the one you want to wear to your wedding. These were some of the best green saree blouse designs for you. 

Even though it wasn’t a real blouse and it wasn’t customized, the blouse we saw had a certain trendy customization that made it look like one. In this instance, the bride wore a T-shirt with her lehenga instead of a blouse, and she wrapped a sari around it. She appeared lovely and stunning. The green saree blouse designs are not only trending but are also, loved by the brides. 


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