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The Best 6 Green Saree To try This Wedding Season 2022

The Best 6 Green Saree To try This Wedding Season 2022

  • Green saree are the new fashion trend and statements. If you are also looking for some design inspiration here you go!
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When you want to buck tradition, one of the most popular bridal options is the green saree. Let’s have a look at the saree before we get into the specifics of the “green Saree” fashion trend.


The traditional saree’s biggest feature is that it never goes out of style. the numerous designs, circumstances, and hues. There is a “saree for every event,” which cannot be disputed. Here, we’ll discuss wedding sarees.

Best green saree for wedding season 2022 

For most brides, a saree is still the best option for the wedding. It is both conventional and extremely stylish. When it comes to bridal wear, the six yards of beauty are the best. However, since green is currently in style, let’s look at some of the best options for a green bridal saree:

1. Green Banarasi Bridal Saree

Green saree
Green saree

The bride of today has a thing for “heritage clothing.” One of the most significant elements of bridal apparel is the local weave of Banarasi silk. It is a fantastic choice for the major wedding event because of the fine craftsmanship and accentuated threads.

If you’re thinking about the “ultimate bridal look,” however, the dark green Banarasi is the best option. Green draws attention to the fact that you are conventional but not boring! Put on a Red Ruby jewelry set and an ornate gajraa to go with your brocade-green Banarasi saree.

2. The Green Heirloom Wedding Sari

On their wedding day, many girls want to look exactly like they did during their mother’s wedding. The rich historical piece needs to be revived in order to address this. Nevertheless, it cannot be disputed that green is a crucial colour for Indian weddings, and brides from earlier generations always had a piece.

Therefore, the time has come to uncover your mother’s priceless Gota Work or the Patan Potala weave and dazzle on your D-day. The colour of these textiles, which is a shade of green, works wonders because it tends to highlight the “Sheen and shine” of heirloom items.

3. The South Indian Green Bridal Saree

Green saree
Green saree

One of the best options for D-day is the dark green bridal saree. The traditional South Indian bride is the epitome of grace and tradition, and her wedding is just as wonderful.

Here, we’re referring to South Indian-style ethnic Indian clothing. This might include the traditional Kanjeevaram Silk, which is prized even after the wedding. We’re referring to the traditional dark green shade with the golden border.

Pair this with a tonne of “Temple jewelry” and wear as little makeup as possible. Avoid overdoing it with the flowers as well; this look works best with a nice, well-balanced selection.

4. Wedding Saree in Cocktail Green

We have something unique for you, even though the dark green bridal saree might not be to everyone’s taste. It’s time to choose a style that sits between between the saree party outfit and the attire for the wedding reception.

Select the jewel-green cocktail design with intricate embroidery and understated accents for this style. You can pair these saree ideas with diamond jewellery to create a look that is nothing less than “red carpet worthy.”

5. Green Zari Wedding Saree

Green saree
Green saree

The bridal saree’s deep green color and the zari work are both flawless. For the bride who wants to honor her heritage, this wedding concept is ideal. You must choose a relatively plain saree blouse for this so that the richness of the outfit can be balanced.

Pair this with a lovely Ghoonghat that matches it exactly, or wear it in contrast. This wedding-appropriate sari design is a “fine pick” based on Dia Mirza’s bridal ensemble, with the exception of the color “Green.” A wedding to remember can be achieved by pairing this look with your classic bridal gold jewelry.

6. The bridal saree was a deep green.

Nothing is more seductive than traditional dark green bridal attire. The outfit might be as chic as something from Manish Malhotra or as straightforward as a traditional bridal saree. To go with it, you might choose a lovely silk cloth with a complex pattern.

Although the Silk Saree is frequently linked with South India, brides from other regions of the country are also enthralled by its wealth. In this instance, the saree’s pallu must be very ornately decorated with patterns and embroidery.

7. Wedding Saree in Aqua Green

A color that is remarkable is one of the selection of sarees’ most intriguing choices. Instead of wearing dark green bridal attire this time, you can opt to wear Aqua Green.

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Even though it’s faint, this color will make sure you stand out on your big day. However, the silver zari embroidery and the aqua green tint in this color scheme strike a delicate equilibrium. Pair this with pastel pink roses in your hair, matching bridal jewelry, and similar makeup.

8. The green bridal saree with brocade.

Complex Zari embroidery on brocade fabric is a wonderful choice for your wedding day as well. Here, you can choose between a bridal saree in a light or dark green tint. The goal is to be able to accessorize the brocade saree with the appropriate bridal jewelry.

Even while this isn’t the classic south Indian bridal appearance, it may still be tailored to suit your preferences. You can choose to make a statement by wearing completely different gemstones or matching bridal jewelry for this.

9. The green bridal saree by Paithani

Some brides want to follow tradition, even though the gorgeous green saree may be the style du jour. Here, we’re talking about a gorgeous dark green Paithani-style bridal saree.

Absolute perfection is achieved when Maharashtrian jewelry is worn with this bridal attire, which is nothing short of breathtaking. While you can skip the embroidery on your green saree for this look, make sure your blouse steals the show.

We’re talking about a fancy blouse with floral motifs all over the surface that give it a lovely overall balance. Makeup should be subtle but suitable for a bride.

Summing Up:

The six yards of magnificence that an Indian woman dresses herself in is the green saree. In India, this is the traditional clothing that is worn by wrapping it around the body. One of the most adaptable clothing items in the world, the saree can be worn in a variety of ways.

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