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Best 14 Hair Color For Men That You Can Try In 2023

Best 14 Hair Color For Men That You Can Try In 2023

  • These are our favorite shades and tones for hair color for men who want to mix things up a bit with a new pop of color. Which color do you like  and which color would you avoid? Take a look below to get started with your next hair color for men adjustment.
Hair color for men

Guys who dye their own hair (and  who are considering dyeing their hair for the first time) may need a little bit of photography inspiration to find their next color. Finding a nice hair color for men to try starts with looking at real life examples of different colors.

Want a natural look with jet black, warm brown, deep red or bright yellow? Maybe bright, bright colours work better for you, with electric blue, magenta, orange or yellow on your list.

You probably don’t know where to start and are open to almost any tune that works for you. Whichever color you choose, we have a list of great men’s hair color ideas for your reference below. 

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Hair Color Ideas For Men

These are our favorite shades and tones for hair color for men who want to mix things up a bit with a new pop of color. Which color do you like  and which color would you avoid? Take a look below to get started with your next hair color for men adjustment.

1. Black as real ink

 Black seems like an easy color, but getting true ink black without  blue or brown accents can be a challenge. This jet black  is perfect for brunettes who want to go a little darker or for lighter haired guys who want to experiment with the mystery of dark hair.

A wise tip: use a temporary black dye if you’re going to make your own. Black box dyes are nearly impossible to remove and can make future color changes difficult.

2. Medium Chocolate Brown

 Shades of brown are very popular hair color for men who want to wear  darker colours without going to the black end of the colour spectrum. With so many different  shades of brown to choose from, can we recommend this rich medium chocolate brown?

 It contains some heat, making it perfect for  warm or neutral skin tones. The depth of  colour makes it more beautiful and works well on wavy or curly hair. This will help maintain your colour longer and keep it all metallic.

3. Light golden brown

At the lighter end of the brown spectrum, you have a warm golden chestnut colour. What we love about this colour is the size and depth. 

It features hints of fawn, brown, and gold to create a truly unique and beautiful shade that goes well with many skin tones. Try it on longer hair for the best effect, although it will look great on shorter  and faded hairstyles as well.

4. Red ginger size

 Bronze ginger could be the perfect shade for you if you’re looking for something truly unique. It’s more natural than light tones, but stands out just as much.

You can see that redheads are happier than blondes when you try this on, and the afternoon red has golden flecks and a hint of brown for depth.

5. Dark red apple candy

 If you’re looking for a bold hair color for men that still goes well with the “natural” color umbrella – something like that – then we love this candy apple red. It’s especially intense on thick, curly hair that’s been cut short to  focus on the shade, not the cut.

 Rouge is notoriously difficult to maintain, so prep it with a pigmented conditioner and a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the depth and sheen of the shade.

6. Vibrant Orange

 Harness the power and power of fire with bright orange  that warms things up a bit. If you’re thinking of trying a bold colour that draws attention and stands out from the more subtle, natural shades, consider orange.

Hair color for men
Hair color for men : Vibrant orange Color

It’s a less commonly used hair color for men and suits a surprising number of men, especially if you play  with shades to make it more red, yellow or brown depending on your skin tone. .

7. Dark honey blonde

 Dark blondes aren’t really dark at all. These are just the deepest shades of blonde before entering light brown territory. We love this bold honey color, it works equally well for men with warm or neutral skin tones.

Honey blonde is the perfect color for a man who wants to lighten  his hair color without turning it completely pale.

This is also a great option if your hair is lighter in color and you want to blow-dry for a deeper hair color for men without turning brown or black. This will help maintain your color longer and keep it all metallic.

8. Warm blonde

The warm golden yellow is perfect for natural brunettes who want to brighten up a bit without leaving the  colour looking too natural. With a warm  blonde like this, you can even change up your natural beard color for a bit of contrast!

Blonde looks best on men with warm to neutral skin tones, so try them out if you look best with gold jewelry or find  gold and silver  equally flattering.

9. Light blonde hair with dark roots

For easier maintenance without much editing, choose a darker base or leave your naturally dark base uncolored for a similar effect. 

Hair color for men
Hair color for men : Light blonde hair with dark roots

Here, a light blonde hair color for men is painted from the centre of the hair shaft to the ends, leaving the roots untouched for a darker base color that contrasts nicely  with the lighter ends. Once your roots grow  a bit, they’ll look like  part of the style.

 You can go  3 months or more without corrections with this color scheme, which is one of the least demanding ways to maintain blonde color.

10. Impressive Platinum

Platinum blonde isn’t as common as you might think – a lot of very pale blondes with very light blonde undertones are misidentified as real platinum hair color for men.

 This dramatic platinum shade has the purple-silver undertones of real platinum and is a great choice for guys who want a bold color. Note that platinum is difficult to maintain.

 It’s harder than light yellow, but not as hard as light. You’ll need to retouch the original and do regular color correction to keep that dramatic color intact.

11. Shiny Silver with Dark Root

Grey hair color for men is really on trend right now, but getting rid of that elusive metallic color can be tricky. Don’t choose a color that’s too white gold, this  will make it look more like platinum than silver.

You need a very light purple tone and a bit of grey to get the perfect silver sheen. Regularly use purple shampoo and conditioner  to avoid yellow and brassy pigments. This will help maintain your silver colour longer and keep it all metallic.

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12. Purple dye and beard

 Even if purple isn’t the first color on your list, it’s definitely worth considering. Purple is unique and on-trend with a little less maintenance than other bright, bright colors.

Hair color for men
Hair color for men : Purple Hair color

 We like how the fade effect accentuates and accentuates colors, especially on the shorter sections above the ears and behind. Blurred areas appear brighter due to the shorter length and give  an Ombre effect. Go all pigs and dye your beard or let your mane do all the work!

13. Deep and bright red

 They say real men wear pink, and we can’t think of a better way to do it than with bold, bright red hair! This shade has blue undertones  that make it suitable for cooler skin tones, but its overall warmth also helps it work well with warmer and neutral tones.

 Apply this colour  to the roots as shown or reduce the curing process by leaving the roots natural and hand painting the colour  from the centre of the stem to the tip.

14. Ice blue with translucent purple tips

 You’ve seen (and probably rocked) the fuzzy tips, but this gives a whole new meaning to the look! This perfectly tapered cut leaves plenty of length in the top to show off a cool range of colors while keeping the sides and back short enough for easy maneuverability.

Choose icy blue for the roots and mid-stem, leaving the tops open for  bright purple streaks. This pattern would also work well with warm colors  or try platinum with a bit of color at the top.

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If you’ve decided to dye your hair,  the last million dollar piece of advice is to never buy cheap products, whether you’re buying dyes, oils, shampoos or whatever. Choosing a brand hair color for men is extremely important if you want perfect long-term results.

A branded product is not enough for reliable results, you will have to take care of the hair color yourself. So we  shared the tips above.  And now, those who hate using hair dye chemicals, don’t be sad, you can still promote your beauty magic. Even your hair color will be more perfect and natural with this option of Henna (Mehandi). When you add a few elements to it,  henna can give you a special shade in your hair. 

When it comes to hair color in general, we all need to do some research before  deciding on the perfect hair color for men. Well, there’s a lot to consider. From the right shade to your personality, your hairstyle should suit you in every way. Also, a bad haircut can always be managed, but the wrong hair color cannot be easily changed.


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