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Best 14 Hairstyles For Black Girls To Try In 2023

Best 14 Hairstyles For Black Girls To Try In 2023

  • You can wear any of these black girl hairstyles with confidence and they will all look fantastic. It can be challenging to pick one of these fantastic hairstyles for black girls, but here we have a list for you!
Hairstyles For Black Girls

Being a parent requires you to be flexible because of things like carpools, afternoon pick-ups, and extracurricular activities. A high priority item on your to-do list may not be keeping up with trending hairstyles for black girls. However, as the mother or father of a Black girl, you want to make sure that your daughter accepts her crown and that you have the time to care for it.

These hairstyles for black girls are likely to inspire you and possibly help you save some time in the morning, whether you decide to keep your daughter’s hair natural or relaxed. These hairstyles are simple to copy, but they’ll help you teach your kid about the elegance and amazing versatility of Black hair.

There is something here for newborns, children, and teenagers, whether they are wearing short or long strands, whether you need to start the week with an age-appropriate protective style or want to switch things up for a special event. A top-notch silk hair hat is also a must-have to protect those priceless curls and braids. Also read, Hairstyles For Big Forehead

Best hairstyles for black girls ideas for 2023 

Here, are some of the trending hairstyles for black girls that will definitely elevate your look and will make you the talk of the town. 

1. Barrettes for Bubble Ponytails

Hairstyles For Black Girls
Hairstyles For Black Girls: Barrettes

For many Black girls, putting on barrettes and bubble ponytail holders is a rite of passage. A bubble ponytail holder, also known as knocker balls, is used to hold the twist in place at the top after the hair is divided into several sections. A barret is then used to secure the twist’s ends.

2. Braided Beads

Do you have any memories of your childhood self beading her hair? Beads have cultural value and are an elegant way to upgrade the traditional braided design. This is a pretty adorable hairstyles for black girls and  practically every girl may wear.

3. A box braid

Hairstyles For Black Girls
Hairstyles For Black Girls: Box Braid

The ideal protective look for your pre-teen is demonstrated by Asia Monet Ray. The hair can benefit from a break from heat, excessive styling, and sun exposure when box braids are worn for up to six weeks.

4. Knots in Bantu

Bantu knots, regardless of your daughter’s age, are ideal if you want a hairstyle that will endure the entire school week. The South African Zulu tribe gave birth to the Bantu knots, which are a simple protective technique that can last up to a week. A little bun is formed by twisting and wrapping the separated hair, which is layered on top of one another to form a spiral knot.

5. Child Bow

Hairstyles For Black Girls
Hairstyles For Black Girls: Child Bow

Do not excessively style your daughter’s hair if she is under two years old. Instead, to lock in moisture after washing your baby girl’s hair, add a little extra virgin coconut oil while it’s still damp. Given that Kaavia James Wade Union, who looks cute matching her father in this monochrome style, does not have much hair at this age, you should dress it up with a lovely red ribbon.

6. Knotted Locks

Get some ideas from Blue Ivy Carter if you’re trying to come up with a nice haircut for your little girl. Because there are only six braids, it won’t take very long to complete these beautiful braids hairstyles for black girls. Make sure to thoroughly untangle the hair after washing it before styling.

7. The Braided Updo

Hairstyles For Black Girls
Hairstyles For Black Girls: The Braided Updo

Although it might appear challenging, Skai Jackson is demonstrating how to discover cute hairstyles for teenage girls! Simply braiding the ponytail (or purchasing a pre-braided box braid ponytail) results in this chic design, giving you time to playfully arrange the edges.

8. A modern updo

It looks great and is simple to imitate Marsai Martin’s playful updo. Don’t possess a firm grasp of the technique of smooth edges? You’ll be in the lead if you pick up a soft bristle brush and your preferred edge control product.

9. Inverted Bun

A princess-inspired appearance is popular with most girls. A traditional top-bun updo may be given a contemporary twist by adding a little more texture, as Faith Herman does here. Simple braids and two-strand twists can dress up an understated style.

10. Puffed Adornments

Eris Baker dresses up her hair with precisely the correct accessories, making it one of the easiest looks to copy. Then, fasten each puff with a floral rhinestone barrette as you fluff and tease your daughter’s hair. When designing hairstyles for black girls with natural hair, especially 4C hair, it’s crucial to maintain the hair nourished using a thin leave-in conditioner.

11. Bangs with texture

If your child can’t sit still for too long, this simple toddler hairdo won’t be challenging. Her bangs are two-stranded with a light-hold gel, the front left uncovered. In two simple pigtails, gather the remaining hair. As soon as it has dried, you can unravel and play up this straightforward style!

12. Horse Twist

Faith Herman has an enviable style that is playful with a dash of ornate twists. Are you ready to step it up? You’ll have a new protective style that will endure for days if you secure her updo pony twist with a few bobby pins.

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13. Weave Updo

While D’Lila Star Combs, Chance Combs, and Jessie James Combs were the center of attention at the Diddy-honoring pre-Grammy Gala, they were also the father’s three daughters. For prom photos or birthday parties, these red carpet trends make fantastic hairstyles for black girls. The sleek ponytails worn by D’Lila Star, Jessie James, and Chance, as well as the top knots worn by Chance, are just a few of the Black girls’ weave hairstyles that are guaranteed to draw attention.

14. A Pompadour Party

A polished and uncomplicated statement look? As for Shahadi Wright Joseph, we can’t help but assume that she appreciates being the center of attention with her stylish take on the traditional bun.

It’s one of the ideal natural hairstyles for black girls; simply pull back her bangs and smooth down any stray baby hairs to achieve the look. Use a deep-conditioning heat cap to help products permeate her strands and keep her hair hydrated and healthy, especially if it has low porosity.


These hairstyles for black girls are quite simple and look extremely beautiful. Children of colour often have difficult-to-manage thick, curly hair. When considering how to minimize the difficulties of style black hair, having it braided or chopped short are the first suggestions that come to mind. Short hair and straightforward cornrows, however, often seem uninteresting. Additionally, young people seek to exhibit their individuality by wearing adorable and exotic haircuts. However, it is equally important to take care of your hairs. 

You can wear any of these black girl hairstyles with confidence and they will all look fantastic. It can be challenging to pick one of these fantastic haircuts for black girls, but they all look excellent. 


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