Best 6 Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti You Can Try

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Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti

Hair constitutes one of the most significant components of a person’s individuality, and the correct hairdo can make anybody appear beautiful and sophisticated. In reality, hair is the primary and most prominent component of a woman’s appearance. So, we came up for you with some of the best hairstyles for long hair on Kurti that you can try this season. 

Nevertheless, a large number of them ignore this element and concentrate solely on their looks and apparel. Knowing how to coordinate your hairdo with the outfit you wear is the finest method to look stunning every day. These hairstyles for long hair on Kurti will boost your confidence in your appearance.

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Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti

Kurtis are a prominent type of clothing throughout India. They are soft and come in a variety of colors, designs, as well as styles. This post discusses a few hairstyles for long hair on Kurti.

1. Straight Ponytail

Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti
Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti: Straight Ponytail

If you desire to seem formal and elegant, the Straight Ponytail is indeed the right option. When you have enough opportunity, blow-dry your hair and wear it in a high ponytail. This is just one of many looks that is impossible to resist. If you have wavy hair, simply straighten it and put it up in a high ponytail.

This is additionally ideal for those who desire to appear taller. This hairstyle works perfectly with both short and lengthy Kurtis. It is appropriate for both college-age females as well as working women.

2. Messy Fishtail Braid

Braids are just not uncommon to Indian women because they are among the classic hairstyles for long hair on Kurti of Indian heritage. There was a period when this became one of the most popular hairstyles for Indian women.

The tradition has returned, but with a lovely little variation. The braids have been purposefully left loose, as well as the band is placed at the conclusion of the braid to create the appearance of a fishtail. This is really easy to accomplish and provides a sophisticated look with just a Kurti.

3. Side Braid

Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti
Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti: Side Braid

Braids are ideal for creating an even more traditional design with kurtas, but choose a side braid to really go elegant. Side braids are much simpler than the others because they do not involve much prep time or expertise. Several Indian women are indeed acquainted with braids, with the sole difference being that they are braided here on the side. These are one of the perfect hairstyles for long hair on Kurti. 

Side braids create an easygoing and elegant appearance that is ideal for wearing with a Kurti. It is appropriate for both the office and universities, in addition to any other event, because it is simple to keep and repair in the event of a disaster.

4. Sleek Bun

When attending events, office/college activities, etc., a sleek bun seems to be the finest hairdo to wear with a kurta. A sleek bun seems to be a slightly altered variant of the standard bun hairstyle. The hair is pushed back toward the front to create a sleek look and formed into a flawless bun towards the back, right just above the neckline.

Afterward, all it takes is a nice hair spray to keep the hairstyle in place for hours. Even for individuals who have little expertise with buns, there is nothing that can go incorrect with this hairdo.

5. Waterfall Braid

Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti
Hairstyles For Long Hair On Kurti: Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are undoubtedly a few of the most popular hairstyles for the year, and they are likely to remain so because of the level of sophistication and chicness they offer to the entire look. A waterfall braid is the best way to look sleek, chic, and perhaps most significantly conventional in a kurta.

There is really no doubt that the hairstyles for long hair on Kurti demand ability, patience, and effort, but everything is worth it because the girl/woman looks stunning with this exquisite haircut.

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6. Bohemian Craze

When seeking to achieve a more laid-back and adorable style, the bohemian trend is indeed the appropriate hairdo. With such a kurta, it produces a free-spirited as well as adorable style. It has loose strands and braids which portray it as ethereal, effortless, and enjoyable.

You can play around with this hairstyle because it allows you to strengthen and produce an appearance that is unique to you. Furthermore, the hairstyle is simple to create and maintain. Aside from a few hair pins as well as bands, it doesn’t require numerous accessories.


Kurtas/Kurtis are historically worn clothes within Indian culture. Kurtas as well as Kurtis can be paired with jeans, tights, patialas, skinny jeans, and even palazzo. There are a number of haircuts for every function to pair with different clothing in this Indian heritage custom. Hope these hairstyles for long hair on Kurti helped you out! 

The most common mistake made by some of the most fashion-conscious girls is that they choose to not experiment with their hair and instead adhere to one hairstyle which appears quite ordinary on them. If you always go for a basic hairstyle, even on big occasions, you really aren’t providing your entire outfit with the greatest look.

However, there are numerous hairstyles to match each clothing. A superb hairstyle for long hair on Kurti will enhance your overall appearance and make you appear more attractive.


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