Bigg Boss Fame Hina Khan Fashion: The Best 10 Looks

  • Hina Khan is a complete fashion freak and it's quite evident in her dressing sense. She was the first actress in the history of television to attend the Cannes Film Festival where she looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
Hina khan fashion

Hina Khan fashion has always been the talk of the town. The king of Khans‘ Hina Khan, a name that became a brand due to her sheer handwork and a queen mindset. She looks like a goddess and dresses like a diva. Her outfit has become a trending trend and she can even pull off everything from a minimal white Salwar suit to Manish Malhotra’s exorbitant Saree with such ease.

So, Hina Khan popularly known as Akshara debuted as a star in plus daily soap ‘ Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai’ where she played a character of a dotting daughter-in-law beautifully. And not to forget she made history in Biggboss, she never repeated a single outfit in Bb House and no contestant has ever done this before. So, this itself talks about her love for fashion and clothes. Hina Khan is a complete fashion freak and it’s quite evident in her dressing sense. She was the first actress in the history of television to attend the Cannes Film Festival where she looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Hina khan fashion: The Top 10 looks of the diva

Here are some of Hina Khan fashion looks that make her truly the queen of fashion.

1. Her Cannes Film Festival outfit 

Hina Khan fashion debuted at her first Cannes festival in 2019. She walked the red carpet wearing a grey embellished beautiful fish tale gown with dramatic and floor touching sleeves, designed by Ziad Nakad.

The deep V-neckline added to the beauty of the gown. The gown is bedded with blue and purple stones that give her the goddess vibe. Nothing better than a bun with a curled strand falling exactly in the right place on her face could vibe more.

2. The Formal Chic

Hina Khan fashion is about formal looks. A skirt can never go wrong when dressing for formal attire. Everything with a power sleeve, we’re up for and this one is certainly perhaps the coolest top of all time. The unobtrusive glow, the construction, and the off-shoulder are for the most part the elements we love. Add to that a basic yet layered white skirt to take care of business and resemble a chief! The blue-winged eyeliner added to the beauty.

3. Denim love    

When in doubt wear Denim. We’ve all seen denim dresses however this one nails it with its particularity. The crisscross example made of various shades of denim not only gives the outfit a dressier vibe, it gives you a different range to work with- – be it for frills or for shoes. Besides power sleeve FTW.

4. Styling Saree

Hina khan fashion
Hina khan fashion : Indian Avatar

Women cannot feel more beautiful than in a saree. A  saree is a very deadly combination of femininity and boldness. A decent creamer saree is VERY challenging to drop by. You’re bound to adore one half and disdain the other yet this one is an exemption. The Pallavi Jaipur number works with print and difference like a fantasy, and how shocking is that shirt? Full focus on the smooth bun and articulation studs.

5. Co-ord coding

The high contrast co-ord set is plain lovely. We love the tank top and skirt mix which is very new as most co-ord sets are in the pullover and gasp blend. Once more, the white coat helps in cutting the print from the set beneath which is shrewd. The layer of the white jacket makes it a unique blend of cuteness and boldness. The top bun steals all the limelight tough.

6. The co-ord Ethical

Hina khan fashion
Hina khan fashion : Bold prints

The love for cord sets is ever raging and making it ethical is just adding a cherry to the cake.  Hina’s set from the Sugar Label is basic yet staggering for any day wedding occasion. It very well may be a haldi or a sangeet, this set can be styled up and styled down, contingent upon the event. It’s the perfect proportion of provocative and Hina’s beachy waves make it glitz AF.

7. Prints and denim

A classic combination bound to give you that desirable chic look. It’s the world of social media and Instagram is ruling it. The trend of wearing a scarf as a top went crazily viral and Hina Khan can’t resist following this trend too.

We’re fixating on this scarf top! Matched with this offbeat thin-fit denim, the entire look shouts charming. We’re thoroughly down to wear this regular, no cap. Those cute pink flats are to die for.

8. Variety impeding like an ace

We love this highly contrasting saree from Raw Mango and how Hina’s variety impeded it with a dazzling yellow shirt. It’s a particularly powerful method for looking sharp while you’re going on the ethnic course.

It’s colour-blocking on another level. With a yellow blouse, the zebra print saree wouldn’t look better if Hina would not pull it off. Those earrings and especially the bindi complete the look.  

9. Women’s true mood is saree

The olive green printed saree probably won’t be the most fun saree around however when joined with this sheer power-sleeved pullover, it changes into an outfit we’d very much want to wear to our ex’s wedding. We’re serious about this one. The nude makeup complements the saree.

10. Leather on Leather

Hina khan fashion

When you are on the quest to make it look bold and yet chic, go and pick up a leather skirt. A leather skirt can fix all your problems. Hina Khan’s leather skirt over a leather top steals all the camera’s gaze. 

Her black ruffled leather top with a tight mini skirt tells us the modern queen that she is. Not to forget to have a look at those perfect beach golden curls that set in completely with the tone of her outfit.


Hina Khan got an incredible fan following and shined like a diamond and has never looked back since then. Biggboss Season 11, a big changing turn in the road of her career where probably a typical innocent girl turned into a diva.

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The hidden diva in her got a front seat with Biggboss where her outfits and fashion style became the talk of the town.  Her outfits particularly her night suits got more attention than some of the Bigg Boss contestants.


Currently, the actress is going through tough times. She was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3 one month ago. She is currently going through breast cancer treatment and chemotherapy. she has put on a positive face and is fighting the battle. We hope and pray for her speedy recovery.



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