Best 16 Holi Outfits And Styling: Let’s Celebrate In Style

  • Here are some trending Holi outfits to be the centre of attraction of your Holi party. Enjoy the festival of colours with some amazing outfit ideas!
Holi Outfits and styling

Recall Bollywood Holi songs of praise. Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali, Jo Tune Mujhe Maari? There is not an Indian or NRI who can’t recall these lively and coy tunes just before Holi. That is the point at which the tomfoolery starts and continues. So, this Holi 2023, let’s celebrate the festival of colours in style with some popular holi outfits

We all understand that Holi is a festival that adds colour to our lives after a long winter. Style-wise, Holi elevates the spirits in the accompanying ways: through the standard Holi celebration clothing, an adorable hairdo for Holi, assistants to wear on Holi, and footwear for Holi.

Do you think scents are expected when everyone is looking for an opportunity to spread gulaal on you? No, but some cosmetics should be available when Holi arrives to make you look your sassy best. To assist you with the popular Holi outfits, here are a few intriguing stunts and ways to dress beautifully yet serenely.

It is undeniable that Holi this year won’t be the same. We’re moving away from massive gatherings and towards more specialized, intimate communities eager and happy to celebrate the festival of colour. But this year, individuals aren’t just looking to alter the world after the outbreak. People are choosing to be more thoughtful this year with their choices, and this list also includes their Holi outfits, as opposed to squandering enormous amounts of water and resources, playing with colour pigments that contain hazardous chemicals, and permitting mindless consumption of power.

This year’s Holi celebration is expected to be one of the most joyful and environmentally responsible ones in recent memory thanks to the abundance of natural colour pigments that are readily accessible on the market and the avoidance of plastic guns and squirters as games.

After all, friendships, ties with family, storytelling, delicious food, fantastic music, and of course, ultra-stylish Holi dress and other costume ideas are the things that matter when it comes to this colourful celebration! No, water balloons.

For Holi in 2023, we’ve designed a selection of smart and fashionable Holi outfits for both men and women to stick with the hippest atmosphere! Continue reading for seven wardrobe suggestions that will make your celebrations stand out.

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1. Best Holi Fabric

Without a doubt, it is cotton. It keeps you cool while partaking in the open-air fun that the celebration brings. To add a jolt of energy to your bubbly festivals, dress up in a dynamic cotton dress rich in tints and prints for Holi. So, when you pick Holi outfits make sure to go for breathable cotton clothes. 

2. Accessories for Holi

It is important to pick the right Holi outfits but it is equally important to pick the right accessories. On Holi, you must get muddled with colours and water while also looking fashionable. Furthermore, accomplices to wear on Holi have roles to play to help you nail the look. How it’s done:

Holi Outfits and styling
Holi Outfits and Styling: Accessories for Holi
  • Shades: You can’t go partially blind on Holi, yet you can add that additional style to your clothing by wearing shades. When you wear shades while playing with variety on Holi, it ensures your eyes are shielded from brutal synthetics.
  • Oxidised jewellery: Coordinate a piece of oxidized jewellery with the colour of your holiday dress. Besides, silver-oxidised gems are an ideal pair with white easygoing. If you’re wearing an ethnic dress to a Holi celebration, try matching a simple silver oxidise bangle with a small stud.
    To amp up your completely casual look in an easygoing style for a Holi party, pair a neck-choker with your white outfit and effectively add elegance to your look.
  • Flip flops: To complete your Holi outfit, simply pair back-peddles with your out-of-control garments. Other footwear choices include shoes, floaters, ballet dancers, loafers, or straightforward shoes.
  • Caps and bandanas: Overwhelm your loved ones when you wear the best headgear (either a snappy cap or a printed handkerchief) with your clothing this Holi.

3. Hair styling for Holi

Saturate your hair with coconut oil ahead of time. Draw out the hairdresser in you and go for a meshed bun or a twofold French plait integrated with a high pigtail. It is an awesome and trendy method for saving your braids from the invasion of varieties and synthetic compounds.

4. Nail Art for Holi

To protect your nails from Holi tones, paint them in certain brilliant shades. They can be vibrant and distinct colours or a nail craftsmanship arrangement enlivened by Holi.

Holi Outfits and styling
Holi Outfits and styling : Nail art

Add a sprinkle of variety to your nails by utilising a few energetic shades as opposed to allowing the synthetic tones to wreak havoc with your nail trim.

5. Choose Comfortable Patiala Suits

The Patiala, the ideal Holi dress for ladies, otherwise called Punjabi salwar, gives the highest level of solace and a snazzy look. There isn’t anything more perky and impressive than Patiala suits.

6. Ladies’ White Holi Outfit

These days, wearing a white dress for Holi festivities is not something major. A long while back, Bollywood entertainer Rekha styled herself in a white gathering to the most well-known tune of Holi, “Rang Barse.”

Besides, it turned into an evergreen styling pattern for Holi, and without a doubt, it will make you more polished. You can go with an all-white chikankari salwar suit or a red and white mix salwar suit.Matching a Leheriya or Bandhani (Bandhej) odhani with a white salwar suit is likewise optimal clothing for the Holi festival. You might pick a white kurta with stockings or leggings.

7. Casual Outfit for Holi Festivity

Holi Outfits and styling
Holi Outfits and Styling: Casual

If you would rather not conventionally go to this Holi, Then, at that point, select. A white shirt with bits of denim is an ideal outfit for a Holi party. Simply pair a white shirt with denim for a laid-back look that captures the entire festive spotlight. Complete your look by wearing a flip-flop and handkerchief. Remember to wear a basic hoop with a long neckpiece.

Moreover, you can upgrade your look by choosing a Bandhej dupatta. Simply attach it to your waistline and accept me; it will draw attention to you. Besides, you can tie a scarf on your head; it will safeguard your hair with a blended compound variety.

Holi, which takes place around the time spring transitions into summer, is the ideal occasion to unwind and enjoy a traditional cotton kurta for guys. For maximum style, pair your white cotton kurta with a coordinating cotton churidar.

White fabrics with a faint texture or design are an alternative to plain white fabrics. This kind of holi dress for guys is elegant and unmistakably desi-dapper in design, so you may wear it on regular summer days as well. This Holi attire is guaranteed to add an extra unique touch to your celebrations, so break out the bhaang and gulal.

8. Printed Holi Outfit for Ladies’

Choosing a printed ethnic outfit for a Holi party is likewise an optimal decision. Inconspicuous, a printed white salwar suit will make you look chicer. You can also wear a tie and a coloured dupatta or scarf in a contrasting colour.

A tank top and skirt are likewise ideal outfits for a Holi festival. Draw out your hairdo in an untidy bun style or a twisted bun. Wear a printed white palazzo suit with a small stud to complete the look.

Saving your hair with synthetics and varieties is a wise decision. Matching level shoes or shoes will make moving and enjoying easier.

9. White Net Kaftan for Holi

Holi Outfits and styling
Holi Outfits and styling: Kaftan

Here, we will be sharing the most recent plans for Indian outfits for this celebration. The tones of this celebration are energetic to the point that it is difficult to say no to them.

You will track down various shades of outfits in this assortment. Best of all, these kaftans are all within reasonable reach. You don’t have to spend a tonne to look perfect at this celebration. This stunning white net kaftan style salwar kameez is the perfect Holi outfits.

10. A Holi Sharara Outfit

The Celebration of Varieties is here, and everybody is caught up with picking their outfits for the celebration. We are confident that by this point, you have decided on a traditional brilliant sharara salwar kameez for the Holi celebration.

Consequently, the sharara salwar kameez is essentially a mid-year outfit worn in winter, yet additionally in rainstorms and, surprisingly, in pre-winter as well.

11. Going Vibrant in a Shirt Dress

This year, do you want to celebrate Holi indoors while maintaining a cosy sense of style? You may achieve the ideal look with our help! An eye-catching, oversized shirt dress will keep you comfortable and stylish while also keeping you looking polished and put together throughout the festivities.

Will you be celebrating Holi this year with coworkers? Never fear! The attire you’re wearing for Holi strikes a good balance between a somewhat more formal appearance and a laid-back, airy feel. Go pastel with this look to give it a high-fashion vibe, or go with the traditional Holi hue of white.

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12. Sharara in style

Do you desire an extravagantly theatrical style for Holi that emits a sense of refined flamboyance? Spinning in a stylish sharara outfit! Instead of going for the traditional sharara appearance, choose a sharara and crop-top combo that will keep you active and vibrant while you enjoy the colours and participate in the Holi frenzy.

The most fashionable and eye-catching appearance at any Holi party can be achieved by wearing a full sharara. For women, this holi outfit is a must-try.

13. Chilling In Chino Shorts

This Holi, do you need to keep things understated but fashionable? For males to emanate a too-cool-for-school feel, choose a pair of ultra-chic chino or khaki shorts and match them with a timeless white t-shirt. Choose light-beige or white shorts if you want to retain a clean slate for the vibrant Holi celebrations. Choose shorts in a vivid brick-red, glaring green, or burgundy colour if you want to add a burst of colour to your Holi attire right away.

Put on a vibrant dupatta to give this Holi costume some desi flamboyance by being daring with ethnic fashion. Choose a traditional phulkari dupatta, one in crepe or georgette, or one with a border that is elegantly embroidered to give your outfit a standout flair.

14. Looks Great with a Kurta and Jeans

This Holi, look no further if you want cotton gowns that combine Indian flair with a traditional Western twist. An elegant, comfortable, and traditional attire for Holi. To seem elegant, put on a long, white ladies’ kurti with side slits that have a straight or columnar silhouette. To update this outfit and add a touch of modernity, swap the churidar for a pair of stylish, slender denim jeans. With this outfit, you’ll be effortless and fashionable while generating all the correct reactions.

Put on a vibrant dupatta to give this Holi costume some desi flamboyance by being daring with ethnic fashion. Choose a traditional phulkari dupatta, one in crepe or georgette, or one with a border that is elegantly embroidered to give your outfit a standout flair.

15. In a Bandhgala, feeling dapper

Are you searching for a Holi outfits that exudes luxury and flair to the hilt? To win the fashion game during holidays, go flamboyant and ethnic in a chic bandhgala with a hand-block design or a subtle digital print and layer it over a timeless kurta set in a light neutral tone. This incredibly fashionable choice is a no-brainer!

Holi outfits 2023
Holi outfits 2024 : In a Bandhgala

A traditional turban or pagdi can give this Holi dress, which is already a classic example of ethnic attire, an extra touch of chicness. This is the choice to make if you want to give your appearance a posh feel and is ideal for large ceremonies and occasions.

16. Creating a Stir in Biker Shorts

Want a sleek, contemporary, and fashionable outfit for Holi that includes white t-shirts for women? You can choose an elegant and attractive large white tee and mix it with a cosy and cutting-edge pair of biker shorts to project an active and energising mood thanks to the abundance of options available on any online shopping app.

With this Holi outfit, you may play and frolic to your heart’s content while being warm and comfortable. Flaunt this combo as a young Holi outfit for girl bosses and go glowing for a laid-back Holi party with your buddies!


Nothing can wash away the magic and enigma of the white salwar kameez and dupatta for women and nearly doodh-hued kurta nightwear for men. Go ahead and follow these holi outfits and styling thoughts. Try not to be bashful, somewhat go out and get doused in the shades of delight which come just one time each year. Blissful Holi to all you peruse and your relatives! Hope these ideas on Holi outfits helped you out, wish you a very Happy Holi. 

You may wear a desi-casual like Geet from “Jab We Met” by switching out your motorcycle shorts for a pair of Patiala for an ethnic touch! Use this ethnic clothing concept to reflect her cool and vibrant millennial mood. These Holi outfits gave you some idea about what to wear on the occasion of Holi.


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