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How to remove Makeup at Home? Best 4 Home Remedies?

How to remove Makeup at Home? Best 4 Home Remedies?

how to remove makeup at home

Makeup is an integral part of one’s beauty regime irrespective of whether one is a girl, woman, or other. Makeup tends to hide the flaws in one’s skin and enhances the facial features to give one flawless skin and a beautiful-looking face.

Despite all this, makeup at the end of the day is made up of several chemicals that can have harmful effects on the skin due to its prolonged use. Due to this very reason, it is important to know how to remove makeup at home.

How to remove makeup at home? 

Now, let us try and understand how these methods help to remove makeup at home.

1. Using coconut oil as a makeup remover

Coconut oil contains lauric acid that holds antimicrobial properties which are known to help kill and thus prevent bacteria and reduce inflammation. This helps to reduce the risk of infection and nourishes the skin. To add to this, coconut oil also exfoliates the skin and moisturizes it, and even increases collagen production so cleaning your makeup with coconut oil indeed has a lot of benefits.

Hoe to remove makeup at home?

It’s advised to use coconut oil in its solid form at room temperature to remove the makeup well irrespective of whether the makeup is waterproof or not. Scooping a sufficient amount of it and rubbing it between the fingers to warm it up is necessary. Apply that evenly all over your skin with your finger and then wipe it off with a clean and dry cotton pad or a tissue to remove all your makeup with just one swipe.

One tip to remember when it comes to using coconut oil as a makeup remover is that one must purchase coconut oil in its purest form, that is, organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed since it helps to build the skin’s protective layer keeping the skin supple and hydrated because if not used in this form, coconut oil is highly comedogenic which indicates that it can clog the pores of the skin and can worsen the facial acne.

2. Using tap water to remove makeup

Unlike coconut oil, water does not possess any anti-bacterial properties but can be used to remove makeup. The fact is that one will have to invest a lot of their time, effort, and energy to vigorously rub the face to take off all the makeup over their skin.

How to remove makeup at home?

The best and most advisable thing is to use lukewarm water to cleanse the face but even cold water can be used since it helps to tighten the appearance of one’s skin to give it a renewed and refreshed look. It also helps to boost the blood circulation in the skin which gives it a healthier and glowing effect.

The most effective way of using just water to remove makeup is to use it with a microfiber cloth. Wetting the microfiber cloth with lukewarm water and moving it in circular motions all over the face helps to remove the makeup really well and one does not have to use vigorous movements to take the makeup off. The microfiber cloth can then be machine washed or manually washed and later dried just like any other normal cloth to be reused again.

3. Using petroleum-based products 

Products that contain petroleum jelly such as Vaseline can be a great alternative for cleansing wipes to remove all the facial makeup very well. The oil in the petroleum jelly dissolves almost any kind of makeup gently be it waterproof or non-waterproof makeup. One does not even have to be too harsh over their skin while using such a product.

It is also safe to use petroleum jelly around the sensitive parts of the face such as the eyes, lashes, and even the lips which are not the same as using any other makeup remover.

how to remove makeup at home

Scooping a sufficient amount of Vaseline and then rubbing it in between the fingers to warm it up is necessary to remove the makeup completely. Then, one must massage their face well with it.

While moving the finger all over their face in circular motions until the whole of the makeup is removed from the face. This can then be followed by using a gentle face wash to remove the stickiness caused by Vaseline all over the face.

4. Using homemade makeup remover wipes

Want to know how to remove makeup at home? Makeup remover wipes available in the market tend to be mostly on the expensive side rather than budget-friendly. So spending a lot of amount on just a mere pack of makeup remover wipes seems to be a waste of money for quite a lot of people and they are not that wrong in this perspective of theirs.

But there is a method that can be followed to create makeup remover wipes at home that are as effective as the ones available in the market and are also budget-friendly and do not create a lot of mess while being made at home.

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To achieve such wipes at home, one must add one-fourth of a cup of distilled water to a jar and later add in coconut oil or baby shampoo with some amount of essential oils to the mixture. Once all the ingredients have been added, closing the lid of the jar and mixing all the ingredients well is absolutely necessary in order to combine all of the ingredients really well.

Later, cotton pads or even a microfiber cloth can be added to this mixture in such a quantity that they absorb all of the liquid presents in the jar completely, and in this manner, you will have your makeup remover wipes ready to be used at home within a span of just a few minutes and that too in a mess-free and budget-friendly manner.

Summing up

Hope you get an idea of how to remove makeup at home. There are various techniques to remove makeup such as using oil cleansers, makeup removers, cleansing balms, makeup remover wipes, etc. Besides these, there are other techniques that do not use chemical-based products such as using coconut oil, water, petroleum-based products such as Vaseline, etc.


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