9 Best Indo-Western Saree Draping Styles To Try

  • Styling and carrying the saree is one of the most tedious tasks. But at the same time, it is fun-loving as well. Saree is one of the most versatile fabrics that you can wear in multiple ways.
indo-western saree draping styles

Do you want to style your saree in a different way and are looking for some indo-western saree draping styles? You have hit on the right page, my friend!

Today, we are going to talk about indo-western saree draping styles that you can try out next time when you carry a saree.

9 indo-western saree draping styles

Here, we have listed some 10 indo-western saree draping styles that you can try. Apart from these if you want you can be a bit experiment and try out your own ideas.

So, quickly scroll down and no more about the same.

1. Dhoti style saree draping

This indo-western saree draping style is quite common these days. You can pick up cotton and cotton silk saree to try this one. Please make sure that the blouse is fitted in the right manner.

If you are looking to create a Bohemian kind of look then this style is just perfect. All you have to do with drape the pallu around your neck like a scarf and the rest of your saree is worn like dhoti pants.

2. Turning saree into a dress

Another common indo western saree draping style is to turn your saree into a dress. This absolutely 5looks amazing and gives you a perfect appearance.

5indo western saree draping styles

In this type of saree, the pleats are from the centre and two parts are joined together behind the neck to cover the upper portion. You can wear fitted jeans and a belt or other accessories around the waist to keep it fitted.

3. Pant saree style

If we talk about the new western saree draping styles then, we cannot just miss out on this one. This is one of the most popular saree styles trending among celebrities. In this type of draping style, you pick up contrasting or similar colour pants. This saree is draped around the waist. This saree is a style is quite comfortable and looks absolutely beautiful.

4. Lehenga style

If we talk about the new and unique styling saree then, it is this lehenga-style saree. In this type of outfit, the saree is draped like a lehenga and tab inside using a pleated pattern. After that, the remaining last part of the saree is draped on one of the shoulders so that it can create a cowl effect.

5. Saree looks with a shrug

indo western saree draping styles

Here is another indo-western saree draping style. You can drape the saree with the shrug to give it a more elegant look. This saree look is just perfect for a wedding outfit or a party. You can pick a plain Georgette saree which has a pleated lace border.

Now, pick up a blouse matching that same colour which has some very work on it. Finally, pick a shrug that has heavy zari work. This saree look was carried by Masomi Miniwala and is quite trending nowadays.

6. Saree with waist belt

Another most common saree draping style is quite popular among the young generation and teenagers. In this look, you style the saree like a lehenga and the pallu is carried from the back to the front. To make it look even more interesting you can add a waist belt.

7. Saree with trousers pants

indo western saree draping styles

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Next up, we have a styling a saree with the trousers pants. You can pick a saree and pair it with similar or contrasting coloured trousers pant. This saree look is perfect for any party or wedding reception.

The best part about this saree look is that it is quite comfortable and if you want a dance on DJ this is just perfect to carry and flaunt.

8. Mermaid saree style

The next one we have is a mermaid saree style. This look is absolutely adorable and perfect for a party occasion. You can drape this saree in a different manner. This particular saree look gives you a curvy effect on the hip section.

9. Saree with skirt

Last but not the least, you can pick up a funky skirt and pair it up with a saree of your favourite choice. This saree style is quite attractive and the perfect choice for fashionistas.

Summing up

Saree is a perfect choice for any occasion. From party to pooja to wedding reception, experimenting with the saree is one of the perfect ideas. Saree helps you to bring out your beauty. There is no denial that sarees are one of the most versatile fabrics and picking them up for any occasion can never be wrong.

So, next time try out these indo-western saree draping styles and do let us know which one was your favourite.


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