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Kartik Aaryan Fashion : Bhool Bhulaiyaa And Best 5 Looks

Kartik Aaryan Fashion : Bhool Bhulaiyaa And Best 5 Looks

Kartik Aaryan Fashion

Post the success of his commercially hit horror comedy film, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Kartik Aaryan is on the ninth cloud now. He is being flooded with new offers and endorsements while his fan following is only hiking day by day.

His suave looks and charming persona have driven all the ladies crazy and have made him the talk of the town. His handsome and attractive face has gotten a sudden glow after his latest release while his fashion sense seems to have upgraded for even better.

Best 5 Kartik Aryan Fashion looks

The young man keeps entertaining his fans through his social media posts and keeps them updated about his life as well. Let us quickly scan his social media account so as to analyze  Kartik Aaryan fashion and style.

1. The traditional attire

Kartik Aaryan Fashion
Kartik Aaryan Fashion pictures

Being a suave yet sexy man as he is, Kartik Aaryan’s charm is such that he can carry any outfit with an equal amount of confidence and attitude and he will always look great in it.

While promoting a clothing brand, Kartik wore a typical three-piece traditional suit along with his cuts and attractive smile to grab all the attention of the ladies.

A white floral embroidered long jacket over a white kurta and a white were all that the suit consisted of. For a pop of color, dark blue boots were also worn by the actor while his long hair was slightly side parted for the look.

2. The funky look

If there is anyone in Bollywood who can slay in a funky outfit without looking terrible or like a fashion disaster then there is only one name that hits the mind, Kartik Aaryan.

This man has gotten the exact amount of style and confidence needed to slay in such outfits along with his quirky attitude. This man is a delight to watch in any or rather every outfit that he wears.

He was seen in a denim jacket over a black printed T-shirt and ripped denim pants which he matched with funky, multi-colored shoes and cat-eyed black sunglasses. His hair here looked a bit messy but perfectly matched the theme of his outfit.

3. The man in blue

Kartik Aaryan Fashion
Kartik Aaryan Fashion pictures

This is a fact that things hit different when a man decides to don in a blazer. If that man is none other than Kartik Aaryan then it definitely is true.

This man has gotten the magic to look hot in every outfit that he wears. On the occasion of an award show, he wore a blue blazer and pants along with a white shirt a multi-colored necktie, and black leather shoes.

Well, who won’t possibly be wooed by this suave look? His hair looked charming here as he had his signature long messy sort of hairdo.

4. The vacay look

Being a superstar, traveling is a part of Kartik Aaryan’s profession and he seems to have the best of it. He thoroughly enjoys his trips while also keeping his fans engaged by posting pictures of his vacation.

In one of the pictures that he posted, Kartik was seen wearing a purple oversized T-shirt and black jogging pants along with white tracking shoes and a black leather belt wristwatch. Of course, he could not have forgotten his favorite, the black cat-eyed sunglasses on such a fun trip. He even carried a dark blue backpack as a contrast of color over his outfit.

In yet another stunning and stylish look from his vacation, Kartik Aaryan is seen soaking in the bright sunlight while enjoying a beautiful and scenic view from a bridge. What caught the eyes of his fans more than the scenic beauty was Kartik Aaryan’s stylish outfit. He wore a multi-colored sweatshirt with ripped denim jeans and swanky black leather boots.

As usual, his long hair was set in a kind of fashion messy way which is his signature hairstyle and one cannot take their eyes off this man now.

5. The promotional looks

Kartik Aaryan Fashion
Kartik Aaryan Fashion pictures

While promoting his film, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Kartik wore some super stylish looks that made him look sensational and super cute.

He wore a blue sweatshirt with white strips over it and matching blue pants along with brown leather shoes and his signature hairstyle. This man can literally slay in anything and make even the simplest of outfits look cool and super stylish.

In another look, he was seen dazzling in a multi-colored jacket, a white T-shirt, and rown-colored sweat pants. This time he went in for brown-colored round sunglasses but stuck to his usual hairstyle.

While in Kolkata, Kartik chose to go for a traditional look while promoting his film, and mind you this man will get sparkles in your eyes.

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Being a bright star, this man has definitely got the looks and the confidence needed to pull any damn look. He wore a dark blue kurta with silver embroidery and the exact same shawl with white parallel pants. Brown shoes were quite a good match for this outfit of his. His hair remained the same here as well.

A printed white classy sweatshirt and light blue ripped Jean pants are something that has become very iconic these days. But when Kartik Aaryan decides to wear it, the temperature around you just rises to the maximum level. He even paired it with red and white shoes and black round sunglasses.

Summing up:

An unusual outfit that Kartik wore was a black printed T-shirt u Der a black leather jacket along with baby pink colored sweat pants and white shoes. This man can literally slay in any color combination and outfit even if it is a miss matched one.

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