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The Best 10 Kerala Saree Blouse Design For You

The Best 10 Kerala Saree Blouse Design For You

  • Are you having trouble deciding which blouse patterns go best with a Kerala saree? So, here is a complete list for you! These Saree designs will help you in finding a perfect choice.
Kerala Saree Blouse Design

Are you having trouble deciding which blouse patterns go best with a kerala saree? If so, don’t worry; you’ve come to the correct place. Read on to learn more about Kerala sarees and their ideal blouse patterns.

The Kasavu or Kerala saree is another name for it. Malayalis, especially those who reside in Kerala and the lower south, find this to be highly popular. Kerala sarees are white in hue and have a sandal border.

Malayalam speakers around the world celebrate Onam, a well-known festival, in Kerala. Sarees from Kerala are also known as “Onam Sarees.” On Onam Day, many women who are not from Malaysia also enjoy donning Kerala sarees.

10 Elegant and Trendy Blouse designs for Kerala

When it comes to wearing a saree, the blouse is crucial. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate your saree’s full beauty if you didn’t pick the best blouse for it. Choosing the ideal blouse patterns for your Kerala saree creates a stunning appearance.

1. Simple Blouse Design for Kerala Saree

Kerala Saree Blouse Design
Kerala Saree Blouse Design pictures

Kasavu saree looks great with a vibrant orange blouse. The hand and front and rear necks of the blouse include small embroidery. Any time of saree looks stunning with 3/4 hand. This design is perfect for any shy girl who doesn’t want to go sleeveless. This Kerala Saree blouse design is quite trending these days.

2. Boat-neck blouse in style

Do you like to know about the newest Kerala saree blouse neck designs? next, here we go. The neck of the blouse has a lovely mango pattern. A modern design is created by placing stones in the border. This design is quite loved by all the fashionista all over. What is the major highlight in this blouse design is the boat neck cut which looks perfect with any saree.

3. Samantha Boat Neck Blouse

Kerala Saree Blouse Design
Kerala Saree Blouse Design pictures

Samantha is a famous South Indian actress who wears a boat neck blouse with a kerala saree. Every woman loves to look like a star, so she will search online for apparel to wear that is comparable to celebrity attire. Why not utilise this contemporary blouse pattern with your onam saree?

4. Stunning Epic Style

Wow! What a stunning saree and blouse you have there. You cannot even get these kinds of combos online, which is really astonishing. Simply stitch a straightforward blouse like this using the saree border.

5. Kasavu Saree with Bridal Blouse

Kerala Saree Blouse Design
Kerala Saree Blouse Design pictures

A hefty bridal blouse would look great with a onam saree, which is a basic white saree. Consider this blouse design if you enjoy wearing heavy labor clothing. For many women, this will be the ideal most recent design of Kerala saree blouse.

6. Blouse in Flowers

Florals are the love of every girl. If you are looking for a floral design blouse or saree for your Haldi or any other ceremony this design is just perfect. The design of a gorgeous blouse with flowers is absolutely stunning. With the Kerala set saree, this blouse is included. A Kerala set saree can be found online.

7. Trendy girls need a modern blouse

Kerala Saree Blouse Design
Kerala Saree Blouse Design pictures

Are you interested in trying anything new or contemporary for this Onam in 2022? Try these contemporary blouse patterns for your Kerala saree from this collection. You look great in a green saree and boat neck blouse. A lot of women choose blouses with embroidery. In today’s market, machine embroidery designs for blouses are offered as an alternative to hand embroidery designs. The ideal embroidery for your blouse can be chosen by you.

8. Mirror Work Blouse Model

Online searches for blouse designs with mirror work are extremely popular. Wearing a blouse with mirror work with a kerala saree is a favourite among women. Wedlockindia has a large selection of blouse designs with mirror work featured because we are aware of your preferences.

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9. Patterned Blouse in Maroon

Kerala Saree Blouse Design
Kerala Saree Blouse Design pictures

Simple, lovely clothing adds a fresh look. For a onam saree, maroon and green work best. If you enjoy blouses with patterns, you could choose this style.

10. Navdeep 

South Indian actress Nayantara is dressed in a Kerala saree and a crimson mirror blouse. With this blouse, she looks gorgeous. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for 2022 designs for mirror work Kerala saree blouses.

Summing up: 

These three words won’t be sufficient for this garment. Simple mirror work on the blouse’s hand and neck creates a fashionable appearance. For all saree types, the most typical blouse color is gold. You can get a golden blouse online or buy a piece of gold fabric and sew a lovely pattern onto your Kerala saree.


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