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KL Rahul Fashion: A Glimpse of Best 13 Hairstyles and Tattoos

KL Rahul Fashion: A Glimpse of Best 13 Hairstyles and Tattoos

KL Rahul Fashion

KL Rahul is one of the amazing cricketers but do you know he is one of the most stylish cricketers we have. From his fashion to his hairstyles to his tattoos, he has never failed to amaze us.

Hairstyles are the most important factor in your look. Definitely, we all love to play with our hair. Sometimes we color them and sometimes we try a new spunky hairstyle. Today’s blog is about one such man who is giving us some bold hairstyle inspiration.

KL Rahul or Kannaur Lokesh Rahul, you might have heard his name. He is the star layer of the Indian cricket team. He is an amazing opener batsman and a wicket-keeper.

Don’t worry this article is not about his cricket career but about his stunning and bold hairstyles. He has always been a fashion freak since his old days. He loves to follow the trend and never miss out on any.

KL Rahul Bold Hairstyle choices

1. Long Ponytail

KL Rahul Fashion

KL Rahul is an awesome cricketer but a funky and classic as well. He looks really good in this pony hairstyle and it suits him well.

2. Long Straight Hairstyle

He is very particular about his hairstyle and beard. There are only a few cricketers who are way too particular about their looks. One is the diamond of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli and the other is KL Rahul. This simple straight long hairstyle looks stunning on him. Don’t you agree?

3. Undercut hairstyle

KL Rahul Fashion

The undercut hairstyle is the one that Rahul loves. This haircut looks really good on him. This hairstyle came in trend during the 1910s to 1940s, but this trend comeback recently. In this hairstyle, a sharp contrast is given at the side and the back.

4. Low Fade Hairstyle

This is the most popular hairstyle among the boys and gives you elegance in your entire look. Your beard plays an important role in your entire look and KL Rahul definitely knows how to maintain a perfect balance between beard and hair.

5. Simple Side cuts

KL Rahul Fashion

This hairstyle looks simple yet super stylish on KL Rahul. It looks really well with his short trimmed beard. This hairstyle is to reduce weight and add mass to the sides.

6. High Fade Hairstyle

KL Rahul never fails to go with the trend. We saw many youngsters following this high-fade hairstyle and how can KL Rahul stay behind.

When we saw him in this avatar we really loved his looks. This short sharp cut gives you a cool and youthful look.

KL Rahul’s popular tattoo collection

KL Rahul, the name is quite popular in the cricket world. One of the youngest Indian cricketers and a youth icon of our generation. He is known for his bold hairstyles and amazing tattoos. Apart from his brilliant cricket career, he is quite known for his warrior tattoos.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about KL Rahul’s tattoos and hidden reasons. Yes, his tattoos have meaning hidden in them. The tattooed boy is giving us all the right reasons to call him a fashion freak of this generation. From his tattoos to his bold hairstyles he never fails to surprise his fans. He is not only doing really well in his cricket career but is also an inspiration for all the boys out there. To your surprise, all his tattoos have a meaning hidden in them. Yes, you read it right. But to know more about his tattoos scroll down.

7. Lighthouse Tattoo

KL Rahul Fashion

The lighthouse tattoo on his left arm is more than a piece of artistry. This tattoo is made in the remembrance of his childhood memories of Mangalore which was his hometown. He later shifted to Bangalore to pursue his cricketing dreams.

8. Zodiac Tattoo

KL Rahul wanted to have a tattoo of his zodiac sign. Being an Aries, he inked the tattoo of keys with Ram horn.  The key on his forearm depicts his versatility and he wants to learn new experiences in life each day.

9. Clock Tattoo

KL Rahul Fashion

Do you the significance of the clock tattoo stuck at 11 that KL Rahul has on his left bicep. Okay, so this tattoo basically describes the time when he was born. He was born on 18 April 1992 at 11 o’clock.

10. All-seeing eye Tattoo

This Tattoo is inked in the memory of his grandparents who he believes are watching and saving him from all the flaws and bad luck.

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11. Parent Name Tattoo


He has a tattoo inked on his wrist which is actually the name of his parents. Rajeshwari, his mother’s name is inked on the left wrist, and Lokesh, his father’s name on the left wrist.

12. 284 Roman Number   

This number inked in Roman number is really special to him and do you know why? He was the 284th cricket player to play for India. This tattoo is indeed very close to his heart.

13. Deshi Basara

KL Rahul Fashion

‘’Deshi Basara’’, okay

Don’t get confused. This is the expression that says “to rise up” which is from the 2012 Batman movie named ‘’The Dark Knight Rises”. He has been a comic lover and dies a heart fan of Superheroes, especially batman.

Summing up 


KL Rahul Fashion

KL Rahul is one of the most stylish cricketers that we have. With his tattoo choices and hairstyle, he never fails to make headlines. On the work front, he is an Indian international cricketer who is currently the vice-captain of the India national cricket team.  He is currently dating Sunil Shetty’s daughter Athiya Sethi.

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