11 Best Kurti Sleeve Designs That You Need To Know

Kurti sleeve designs

Kurti sleeve designs are quite trending these day. Kurti and Suits with the regular sleeve designs are no more a trend . Girls and Women’s perception towards women’s clothing has changed a lot. And so, there are hundreds of modern sleeves design for suits and Kurtis that have arrived every now and then.

There should be upgrades in your wardrobe frequently according to the changes of the trend. A suit sleeve design you think was trendy one last month may not remain trendy next month as it keeps changing according to the newly arrived Kurtis sleeves design.

No matter if you are wearing simple kurtis, the Kurti neck and sleeve designs can change the simple Kurti look into an elegant and fabulous one.
That is the reason why most modern ladies consider wearing stylish sleeves design for suits and fashionable kurtis.
Modern Sleeves Design for Suits and Kurtis you Must Try

There are 100+ Kurti sleeve designs in 2021 that you can explore throughout the internet on different websites, But we have decided to list out only 11 as it is the most stylish sleeve designs for suits and Kurtis as well as loved by many women in 2022.

So, we stop with only eleven trending yet modern sleeves designs of suits which also we believe that won’t cause any confusion for you to choose your favorite sleeves design latest for Kurti.

11 Kurti sleeve designs for you

1. A Simple Bell Umbrella Kurti Sleeve Design


Bell sleeves for Kurtis and suits have become quite a common trend among ladies. As you may have noticed, most of the new arrival Kurtis come in a bell umbrella style sleeve design which is perfect for any age group of ladies. There is a regular three quarter sleeves type till elbow and bell type design till wrist adds a more stylish look to any Kurtis.

2. Full Length Gathering Kurti Sleeve Design

Not only on bottom wear but also you can even fix gatherings for Kurti sleeves. The full-length gathering sleeve style is the most suitable one for daily wear, Kurtis. There will be some gatherings at the end of your sleeve which look pretty beautiful to wear along with different types of girls’ bottoms such as leggings, jeans, etc. You may try the gathering sleeve design if your Kurti fabric is georgette or crepe one. It looks much prettier than other fabrics.

3. Puff Sleeve Design with Fleets


Puff sleeve designs for Kurtis actually were in good trend in the early ’90s. If you went through Indian Movies which were released during the early ’90s, the Bollywood actress used to wear Kurtis with puff sleeves most often. To date, the craze for Kurtis with Puff Sleeve designs remains the same. The puff sleeve design for Kurti is easy to stitch if you know basic tailoring works. You have to keep some fleets the same as shown in the image.

4. Criss Cross Open Sleeves Design with Center Buttons

The criss-cross Kurti sleeve model is one of the trendiest and little tough to customize sleeve designs on the list. The criss-cross kind of Kurti sleeves design can only be handled by professional and most experienced tailors.

So, that output will be like what you expected. The specific sleeve model looks perfect for both Kurtis and Suits. When you try the design, ensure to stitch along full-length sleeves.

5. Multiple Bell Sleeve Kurti Pattern


There are Kurtis with a single bell sleeve design and to add an even more stylish look to bell sleeve Kurtis, you can try to stitch along with multiple bell patterns. No matter whether you are wearing three fourth sleeves or short sleeves Kurtis, you can try the multiple bell sleeve model in both the sleeve type Kurtis. If your tailor is not sure about multiple bell sleeve patterns, show him/her this image below.

6. Keyhole Sleeve Designs for Kurtis

The kurti sleeve designs are one of the best trend of keyhole designs actually comes from the neck design of Kurtis. In the beginning, the keyhole model has been used in Kurtis and blouse sleeves as well as neck designs. Later designers started trying the same for Kurti sleeves and it works out like a charm. The keyhole sleeve designs for Kurtis became highly trending. While stitching, you can start the keyhole patterns from the shoulder and as shown in the image, possibly keep some pearls at the end of each keyhole.

7. Kurti Sleeves with Trendy Laces Attached


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Most often the lace attached style sleeve designs come in Pakistani Style suits as probably the lace sleeves are a perfect fit for such kinds of suits. You cannot try the lace models in regular wear Kurtis as it does not look good. As shown in the Kurtis sleeves design image, when you stitch Pakistani Suits or Grand Kurtis, you can try to attach the big laces above the sleeve line and some small bits of laces at the sleeve end line.

8. U Cut at the Kurti Sleeve End Line

Another simple model in the list. There are U-cut designs at the Kurti end line instead of keeping the sleeves normal. The U cut looks pretty wonderful and more stylish as well. When you wear the same U-cut neck along with U-cut sleeve lines, it would be even classic and elegant. While stitching the U cut sleeve design for Kurtis and suits, do not narrow the sleeve end line to ensure to make it broader as same as the image. The broader end U cut sleeve designs are better than the narrow end sleeves.

9. Stripes Over the Kurti Sleeve Centre Portion

Another kurti sleeve designs does not need more explanations as to the image of the sleeve design itself clearly explains to us how the design has been customized. There is an opening in the center portion of the sleeves starting from shoulder to wrist. Some solid fabric has been attached in a stripes pattern with a few inches gap in it. Looks highly modern as well the sleeve designs are better for straight cut Kurtis than umbrella type Anarkali Kurtis.

10. Kurti Sleeves made with Knots

The new Kurti sleeve design is somewhat similar to the above model as the above said one has stripes in the middle while the Kurti sleeve design has fully attached ropes by means of knot style from shoulder to wrist. The Kurti sleeve design looks promising to try for suits and Kurtis in Anarkali style which has fleets on the stomach area. You can try the sleeve designs for occasions such as college get-togethers and house parties as well.

11. Bow Cut with Ruffle Sleeve Kurti Designs

Ruffle kurti sleeve designs patterns are in no way a different one from bell sleeves. The patterns are almost the same but there will be some ruffles over the sleeves in ruffle sleeve designs.

You should try ruffle sleeves in Kurtis with three-quarter-style hands so that you can stitch a bow before the bell pattern starts. You can use the contrast color laces to attach to the sleeves end line and for the bow works.


So, these were some kurti sleeve designs for you. Yes! If you know it, the confusion will be damn high when you choose one best among a hundred. At the same time, you can seamlessly choose one among ten or a little more.

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