6 Gorgeous And Trending Lipstick Shades You Need To Have

Lipstick Shades

A small solid stick that lets you apply a coloured and pigmented cosmetic to your lips are lipstick shades. Probably, the most used makeup product ever since no person doing makeup can live without using lipstick. Its different shades, textures and feels tend to attract people towards it and create new looks with them.

There have been different and probably weird shades of lipsticks that have been launched in the past few years and people know very well how to work with them. So, now let us have a look at some of the most trending lipstick shades.

Before getting started, one must know the fact that there has been no person whatsoever who has ever declared that one can own only a certain number of lipsticks. Lipstick shades are like a beauty weapon for most people out there and the different lipstick shades are the ones that strengthen the core of those weapons.

6 Different trending lipstick shades 

A simple pout in a selfie or a picture that is of a red, brown, coral, pink, nude or any other colour just instantly provides an ace look to the person’s face and even the picture for that matter.

No now is the time to get some knowledge and to get your hands over the latest and the most trending lipstick shades.

1. The Cherry Red

Lipstick shades

The red colour is the one that attracts the most amount of attention. It is known to having created a strong and bold impression about a person and their personality. It has been said that a red colour reflects a person’s characteristics as well as their inner self. One of the trending lipstick shades when it comes to red colour is the cherry red shade.

Be it a simple and plain outfit such as a white T-shirt or a dress or even an over-the-top outfit, cherry red will always have the back of a person to match an outfit on any occasion. This shade can instantly turn your makeup into a super attractive and beautiful one. People will go crazy about it as well.

2. The Fuchsia Pink

The pink colour has been associated with and has been regarded as feminine and cute. Pink can have various shades and all those shades represent something or the other. Be it a cool tone light pink shade or a bold and dark shade of pink, it looks good on any and every skin tone. So, owning one of the pink lipstick shades has become sort of a basic necessity now. 

The trending lipstick shade of pink in the year 2022, is the fuchsia pink shade. Mind you it is one of the coolest lipstick shades in town. It can be carried by any person with elegance and grace and can instantly give your lips and your whole face a freshness. Be it formal or casual outfits, the fuchsia pink shade can be friends with any of it and so it is like a go-to lipstick shade for ma

3. The Nude Brown

Lipstick shades

Well, well, well brown lipstick is like a mandatory lip colour in any individual’s bag. One cannot imagine having a makeup collection and missing out on brown lipstick. Well, that will be a kind of a nightmare which might be very horrifying and nerve-wrenching. That is the reason a brown shade is a basic and much-needed shade as it too goes well over any skin tone. Its subtle shade sticks to the lips so well that it looks like a natural lip colour but just a bit better.

The most trending lipstick shade of brown is the nude brown shade. It gives your lips an enhanced look. Flaunting such lips will leave people dazzled. As they will not be able to figure out whether you are wearing a lip colour or not. Well with that going on you can act as if it is your natural lip shade and that you do not put in a lot of effort to maintain.

4. The Coral Shade

The cool-toned coral shades of lip colours are probably the most amazing discovery ever made in the history of makeup. It is one of the best trending lipstick shades in the past few years that have been dominating the makeup world for quite a while now. It doesn’t seem to go out of fashion for at least the next few years now. Coral shades are basically a mixture of orange and pink colours in different proportions that create a wide range of lip colours.

Be it the terracotta shade or the Malibu shade or any other pale shade of lip colour. Some shades tend to perfectly match your natural lip shade. So these are perfect for a no-makeup makeup look while others may seem to be a great option for creating a soft and subtle makeup look.

The advantage of using a coral lip shade is that it does not look over the top and can balance well with your natural skin tone and your facial makeup while it also can blend well with your outfits despite them being modern or traditional in most situations.

5. The 90s Brown Shade

Lipstick shades

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If you are a person who is active over social media platforms, especially Instagram then you might be well aware of the 90s brown shade lipstick trend that has been making the rounds of the reels over Instagram. A trend that was started by a beauty influencer has taken the social media platform over the storm and people seem to be loving it.

This shade of colour is actually a combination of brown and brick red shades that create a dark and bold shade of brown that the actresses in the 90s wore for their grand appearances.

For people who are more into the darker shades of lipsticks, this shade might be a perfect match for your expectations and can end up becoming your go-to lipstick shade.

But this colour usually looks good over heavy outfits since it will balance things well. If this shade is worn over plain and simple clothes, it might be the centre of attraction and might not necessarily end up matching well with the outfit.

6. The Mauve Shade

The mauve lip shade has been in the makeup industry for as long as one can remember but it had never been able to gain a huge amount of fan following as it does now in the year 2022, people have all of the sudden become obsessed with it and is perfect for almost any event or occasion.

A mauve shade when applied over the lips with the slightest amount can appear as if it is barely there and end up giving you a natural-looking lip colour. But when applied over and over again, it turns into a darker shade of a mixture of purple and brown and it is the perfect party wear lipstick shade that one could have ever possibly imagined.

Summing up:

So, these were some of the trending lipstick shades that you can get your hands on. Next time, whenever you go out shopping don’t forget to buy these lip shades and upgrade your cosmetics.

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